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Turn Off Your Anxiety With This…

Turn Off Your Anxiety With This…

Turn Off Your Anxiety With This…

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More specifically, you want help with Turn Off Your Anxiety With This…?

let’s talk about anxiety and how to turn
off anxiety like a switch now the term anxiety comes from the Latin word which
means to strangle now that makes sense if someone’s trying to strangle you
you’re gonna feel anxiety right I remember about I don’t know probably
twenty eight years ago sitting in an audience okay
on a stage and there was a speaker and the speaker asked me to come up and
speak now there was no preparation I had a fear of public speaking and so I was a
little bit forced to come up there and speak and I was devastated when he
mentioned my name and so everyone’s clapping yes go up there so I get up in
pure terror and as I’m walking to the stage my
throat starts closing up my mouth gets dry I get dizzy I walk up on the stage
and I look out and I’m completely about ready to pass out I can’t even speak I
was in the state of terror in fact I had the fear of public speaking so bad in
college I was this close to dropping out because we had to do a speech in front
of class so it was a big fear so I said that’s it I have to overcome this fear
so I went back to my practice and I started doing seminars just small groups
with a slideshow that I use with this little projector where I had these
little slides I don’t know if you remember those little slides that you
put in the projectors now it’s all digital so I would go through the
slideshow in the dark sitting down okay so that way they
couldn’t see how nervous I was so then I built up to turning the light on but for
those seminars I would actually bring alcohol like champagne and cookies that
was way before keto and that way they would actually laugh at my stupid jokes
and then I progressed and I started doing more seminars and more seminars
and after about 4,900 seminars in a row I no longer had the fear of public
speaking so that was my little side now about my anxiety okay
flight-or-fight this is the book that I’m going to show you
it’s called autonomic nerves okay it’s a fascinating book and this book is all
about the autonomic nervous system which is composed of the sympathetic nervous
system which is the flight or fight I’m going to read something to you
what is the flight or flight reaction the flight or flight reaction is a
physiological response to a real or perceived threat to one’s safety
depending on the nature of the threat the person either mounts a defense fight
or attempts to escape from a threat flight runaway right both
fight-or-flight require sudden vigorous muscle action the body prepares itself
for action in the following ways and it’s right here you’ll start having a
racing heart the blood flow goes to the muscles start sweating shaking throat
constricted breathing changes blurry dizzy you feel nauseous irritation worry
which is the feeling that something bad is gonna happen poor concentration mind
goes blank that’s what happened to me in front of
all those people you focus on the negative right now on the positive and
one of the problems with being in a chronic state of flight-or-fight is it
screws up your sleep then you’re tired and then your memory goes okay and then
you lose your focus and you’re just not productive at work it can really affect
a person on many different levels now over the years in practice I’ve noticed
some really interesting things about certain people that have anxiety the
diet is nearly always not right okay they’re usually consuming things that
are stimulants that are they’re depleting them of certain nutritional
factors especially vitamin b1 and by the way if you have anxiety you need to be
taking lots of b1 you will notice relief within three to four minutes after
taking b1 in fact you should probably get all the B vitamins as well and make
sure that they’re natural not synthetic I recommend doing nutritional yeast that
provides the best quality so the B vitamins are one of the most
important things to counter this okay now probiotics now your microbes
actually make B vitamins they make a lot of b1 b2 b3 b5 b6 b12 also folic acid
biotin they make a lot of different nutrients and not only that they make
amino acids that then can be turned into neurotransmitters like gaba dopamine
noradrenaline serotonin melatonin all of these neurotransmitters that help you
feel calm help you sleep at night so if you have any problem with your gut let’s
say you have some damage in your gut you’re celiac or you’ve taken
antibiotics before and you just don’t have all the flora or you consume foods
like regular normal foods that are GMO which by the way to destroy the microbes
that block the ability to make this now if you think about the problem with GMOs
you have this chemical called glyphosate glyphosate destroys certain mechanisms
that make amino acids in insects and microbes but apparently they say it
doesn’t affect humans but guess what you have microbes that make a lot of
nutrition and actually make proteins so when you consume GMO foods you’re
interfering with the flora the gut microbes which are indirectly going to
affect these and the microbes that make B vitamins causing you to end up being
deficient in certain factors and then now your moods going to start to kind of
go south after that also artificial sweeteners can have a negative effect on
your microbes in your gut one of the best ways to get probiotics is through
fermented foods like sauerkraut or other similar fermented type foods and then we
have magnesium magnesium is a really good mineral to help calm the adrenals
down and counter anxiety very very important and I would take magnesium in
higher amount if you have anxiety also you want to
avoid the environmental triggers so you know there’s certain things in your
environment you have people you have your work you also have what you watch
on TV on the internet you just want to make sure that you’re not constantly
reminded of things that stress you and this is why watching the news is very
bad with people with anxiety so reverse that get outside take long walks
exercise get lots of oxygen adaptogens are herbal products that really will
help to increase the tolerance to stress so you can actually deal with things a
lot better if you want more information about this I put a link down below check
it out all right well thanks for watching and before you go if you
haven’t seen my video on the stress webinar that’s a really important one
to watch it’s quite long but I put it right here check it out when you have
some time 

This Post Was All About Turn Off Your Anxiety With This….
Turn Off Your Anxiety With This...

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Wishing you could turn off anxiety like a switch? It might be possible. 


Stress Webinar:

0:05 What is anxiety?
0:16 My experience with anxiety 
2:06 Flight or fight 
3:43 What I’ve noticed in people with anxiety
4:04 How to stop anxiety 

Today we’re going to talk about anxiety and how to turn off anxiety like a switch. The term anxiety comes from the Latin word “angere” which means “to strangle.” 

An interesting book called “Autonomic Nerves” describes fight or flight as: “The flight or fight reaction is a physiological response to a real or perceived threat to one’s safety. Depending on the nature of the threat, the person either mounts a defense (fight), or attempts to escape from a threat (flight). Both fight or flight require sudden vigorous muscle action.” 

What having anxiety feels like:

1. Racing heart 
2. Sweating 
3. Shaking 
4. Throat constricted 
5. Breathing changes 
6. Blurry vision/dizziness 
7. Nausea 
8. Irritation 
9. Worry 
10. Poor concentration 
11. Mind goes blank 
12. Focus on the negative 
13. Sleeplessness

I’ve noticed many people with anxiety have a poor diet filled with stimulants. In many cases, they also seem to be depleted of vitamin B1. 

How to control anxiety: 

1. Probiotics 
2. B-vitamins (especially B1)
3. Magnesium 
4. Avoid environmental triggers
5. Adaptogens 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! Consider trying these tips to help turn off anxiety.

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