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Ghee Health Benefits

Ghee Health Benefits

Ghee Health Benefits

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More specifically, you want help with Ghee Health Benefits?

hey guys today we’re gonna talk about ghee and intestinal health first of all what is ghee basically it’s something called clarified butter which you’re heating butter and you’re separating out the solids the proteins from the butter so you’re left with this pure oil and that’s what ghee is it has great benefits for your colon because it’s loaded with something called butyrate or butyric acid in fact he has the highest concentration of butyrate than any other food including butter now in other videos i talked about microbes actually making butyrate from fiber but here’s the thing if you have colitis irritable bowel syndrome some bowel problem damage to your colon the capacity to make and absorb looter 8 goes way down okay this is why taking ghee could be very beneficial to people with a GI problem so geek can also help you increase your bile production to help you digest fats bile is like the detergent that helps you break down fats and extract the key nutrients from fat also it can improve insulin resistance okay thereby normalizing your blood sugars it will decrease inflammation it will also increase your energy because the colon cells prefer butyrate as their primary fuel source he also has omega-3 fatty acids omega-9 fatty acids which are healthy fats MCT fat that’s medium chain triglycerides which is really easy on the liver and gallbladder it doesn’t actually stress the gallbladder and liver out too much it has vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E vitamin K these are fat soluble vitamins it also has something called CLA which is a healthy fat that helps performance if you’re an athlete it also helps you with weight loss it helps build lean muscle mass but make sure if you’re going to consume gave that it’s always grass-fed and organic if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About Ghee Health Benefits.
Ghee Health Benefits

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed about Ghee and intestinal health. Ghee is a clarified-butter or pure oil from heating the butter and separate out the solids. It has great benefits for the colon because it loaded and has the highest concentration of butyrate or butyric acid than any other food. If you have colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and any bowel problems, the capacity to make and absorb butyrate goes way down and taking ghee is very beneficial to people with GI problems. Make sure to consume ghee that is grass-fed and organic.

Benefits of Ghee:
• Helps increase bile production.
• Improve insulin resistance by normalizing blood sugars.
• Decrease inflammation
• Increase energy

Ghee Nutrients:
• Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Healthy Fats)
• Omega 9 Fatty Acids (Healthy Fats)
• MCT fat (Medium-chain triglycerides)
• Vitamin A, D, E and K (Fat-soluble vitamins)
• CLA – a healthy fat that helps performance for an athlete and weight loss.
• Antioxidants

Hey guys! Today we’re going to talk about Ghee and intestinal health. First of all, what is ghee? Basically it’s something called clarified butter. Which you’re heating butter and you’re separating out the solids, the protein from the butter so you’re left with this pure oil and that’s what Ghee is. It has great benefits for your colon because it is loaded with something called butyrate or butyric acid. In fact, ghee has the highest concentration of butyrate than any other food including butter. Now in other videos I talked about microbes actually making butyrate from fiber but here’s the thing, if you have colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, some bowel problem, damage to your colon, the capacity to make and absorb glutarate goes way down. This is why taking ghee is beneficial to people with a GI problem. So ghee can also help you increase your bile production, to help you digest fats, bile is like a detergent that helps you break down fats and extract the key nutrients from fat. Also it can improve your insulin resistance, thereby normalizing your blood sugars, it will decrease inflammation, it will also increase your energy because the colon cells prefer butyrate as their primary fuel source. Ghee also has omega-3 fatty acids, omega 9 fatty acids which are healthy fats, MCT fat that’s medium chain triglycerides which is really easy on the liver and the gallbladder. It doesn’t actually stress the gallbladder and the liver out too much. It has vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, these are fat soluble vitamins. It also has something called CLA which is a healthy fat that helps performance if you’re an athlete, it also helps you with weight loss, it helps you build lean muscle mass, but make sure if you’re going to consume ghee that it’s always grass-fed and organic.

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