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How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys

How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys

How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys

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More specifically, you want help with How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys?

okay guys so today we’re talking about how to do what’s called a kidney detox flush so many people detoxify their colon their liver but they really don’t focus on the kidney and the kidney filters out a tremendous amount of waste through the body so basically what the kidney does is it filters the blood it recycles a lot of the different nutrients but it gets rid of the waste all right you’re going to be using three different vegetables parsley dandelion greens and celery you can either juice them you can blend the powder you can get an actual powder of each one of these and just blend together as a shake or you can consume them as a whole plant in the salad raw all right so why would you use parsley parsley is extremely nutrient dense it has vitamin C vitamin A even though it’s a precursor to the active vitamin A it still has a lot of different types of what’s called carotenoids which are phytonutrients and it contains a natural chemical called apigenin which is really good to lower uric acid levels in the body it’s also diuretic so it flushes fluid out of the body that excessive amount of fluid that people are holding parsley can actually help flush that out okay then we have dandelion greens this is really good for the liver and by the way all three of these are good for the entire body but they’re especially good for the kidney it can also decrease uric acid levels and acts as a diuretic provides for a lot of other nutrients celery you can also decrease uric acid act as a diuretic then actually a lot of times I recommend it for blood pressure to help people lower their stress levels help them go to sleep at night and it has a lot of things so there’s really four things that these three ingredients will provide number one it helps flush out the things that turn into kidney stones high levels of uric acid as well as oxalate stones they will also help pull out the toxins and detoxify because they’re loaded with certain types of enzymes that help support that process number two provide tons of final new treants which will lower something called oxidative stress and by doing that you will help reduce inflammation and protect the cells against the toxic environment the kidneys are very sensitive to chemicals in the environment and pesticides insecticides and all that number three increase urine flow now for men over the age of 50 a lot of times they have a prostate problem and when the prostate enlarges it can obstruct the flow of urine and then the urine starts backing up into the kidney and you have congested kidney and you can even see it on certain diagnostic testing we have the kidneys and these little things called the ureters they’re dilated they’re enlarging because the fluid is not going through because the prostates obstructing that and so when that happens you get a buildup of a lot of urine and waste in the kidneys and it can’t flush out and so men typically take certain type of flow agents and medications increase the flow when in fact they can do this is a natural way to increase the urine flow and remove some of this waste and then number four in addition to the final nutrients we have a lot of vitamins we have a lot of minerals a lot of trace minerals which will also protect the kidney and help heal the kidney and like I said before the three different ways you can do this is in your salad or as a powder or as an actual juice all right so now let’s talk about the quantity if you’re doing it as a salad what you’d want to do is create a salad of let’s say three maybe four cups of equal amounts of these three right here okay new to consume that every day for three to four days every two months if you’re doing as a powder you can actually buy these online and have about 2.5 grams of each in a shake and you just drink that down now if you want to do it as a fresh juice you would actually take these three ingredients an equal mixture that would normally make up the salad three cups and just juice them and drink the juice and again you’d want to do this for three to four days every couple of months and of course more frequently if you actually have a problem with your kidney oh and one last little point about this if you have advanced kidney disease if you’re on dialysis you if you have an actual disease with the kidney check with your doctor because they may not let you do this because it could provide too much potassium in which case that could become a problem so just check with your doctor before doing this cleanse All Right see you later hey guys I’m not sure if you have my app yet dr. 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This Post Was All About How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys.
How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys

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Dr. Berg talks about how to do the kidney detox flush. The kidney filters out a tremendous amount of waste through the body. It filters the blood and recycle a lot of nutrients but gets rid of the waste. Consume these vegetables for 3 – 4 days every two months. If it is a powder, have about 2.5 each in a shake.

3 Different Vegetables to Use: (Juice/Blend or Consume as a Whole Plant/Salad)
1. Parsley – This is extremely nutrient-dense. It has vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids, phytonutrients, diuretic and Apigenin (lower uric acid).
2. Dandelion Greens – This is good for the liver and kidney. Diuretic and good to lower uric acid.
3. Celery – Diuretic and good to lower uric acid, blood pressure, lower stress level and good night sleep.

Benefits of this Detox Flush
1. Flush uric acids and oxalate stones / toxins
2. Provide tons of phytonutrients – will lower oxidative stress, decrease inflammation and protects the cell against toxic environment.
3. Increase urine flow
4. Supply vitamins and minerals

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