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Will a Liver Cleanse Help Cirrhosis and a Fatty Liver

Will a Liver Cleanse Help Cirrhosis and a Fatty Liver

Will a Liver Cleanse Help Cirrhosis and a Fatty Liver

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More specifically, you want help with Will a Liver Cleanse Help Cirrhosis and a Fatty Liver?

i had a question recently that i wanted to answer and this was the question will a liver cleanse help my cirrhosis or will it help my fatty liver my ammonia is high and is the liver cleanse gonna help me so let’s just talk about that now the first thing you should know about cirrhosis it’s an advanced situation in fact your risk for cancer goes way up uh 80 percent of people with liver cancer have some type of cirrhosis going on because cancer tends to grow in damaged tissue and as you damage the liver certain things don’t work anymore there’s an enzyme called arginase this is an enzyme that is involved in something called the urea cycle see when you break down protein into amino acids the extra amount of it uh has to go through as waste nitrogen waste so arginase is necessary in making sure that happens making sure that there’s a complete breakdown so it can exit the body without any toxicity if there’s not enough arginase in the liver we get an incomplete breakdown of arginine this is the amino acid then we get higher amounts of ammonia in the blood which can travel up to the brain and that can create a lot of different side effects like coma dementia all sorts of brain problems seizures tremors so ammonia is very very toxic and too much ammonia that builds up into the brain or the tissues really is there because there’s not enough this enzyme because there’s damage in the liver so the body cannot go through its normal urea cycle and um clean up this extra amount of protein going on now just as a side note when i’m talking about damage to the liver i’m not just talking about cirrhosis which kind of leaves your liver cells dysfunctional it can also be a severely inflamed liver so you can have hepatitis which leaves your liver dysfunctional you can have a fatty liver which stops the function or scar tissue and sometimes the fat in the liver creates inflammation that develops in the scar sometimes inflammation in the liver leads to insulin resistance which then creates more fat in the liver then you have a situation we have inflammation in the liver which directly turns into scar tissue that’s cirrhosis now the big question is will a liver cleanse help this well the problem is your liver is not dysfunctional because there’s toxins in it necessarily this is a progressive chronic condition that has developed over years that a liver cleanse probably is not going to even touch it may instead stir up a hornet’s nest it may make your symptoms worse it could actually release certain bacteria certain chemicals that are lodged in your fat cells and then actually recirculate through your blood end up in your thyroid and create all sorts of problems so i don’t recommend a liver cleanse what i do recommend is this number one i know this might shock you but i’m going to recommend keto why because keto is a much cleaner fuel it creates less inflammation than carbs it’s very beneficial to your liver and it can help you in reducing a fatty liver number two fasting what is that good for inflammation it’ll help you drop inflammation it’ll give your liver a chance to heal and that’s what we’re trying to minimize is the inflammation here to allow it to heal so these two are essential you want to make sure that you do not consume too much protein three ounces per meal would be perfect why because the problem is that we have an incomplete protein breakdown so why would we want to add more protein to your liver it’s already damaged you don’t have enough of this enzyme next thing to do is to take a product that has l-arginine and manganese manganese is a good trace mineral to help detoxify you and the amino acid which is a non-essential one l-arginine as a supplement it’s usually in a powder you can get it in capsules can help reduce ammonia if there’s not enough arginase there’s not going to be enough arginine so manganese is a precursor or a building block for arginase and it can help to increase the ability to detoxify the body number five we want to increase vegetables and celery that gives us chlorophyll and other natural phytochemicals to help the liver function a lot better so instead of a detox cleanse the best way to clean the liver is through the natural phytonutrients that comes from food and chlorophyll will help as well the phytonutrients in plants are enzymes that help different phases of detoxification and without side effects so these are very very important in the detoxification number six tocatrinals this is a type of vitamin e that comes in handy and it’s a very powerful antioxidant in fact the tocotrienols version of vitamin e is 50 times stronger than the tocopherols and it can greatly and help inhibit inflammation so if you have the start of cirrhosis or you have cirrhosis in the liver which is scar tissue vitamin e is going to help in this form talk adrenals but if you think about it vitamin e is good for scars right helps break down scar tissue well why can’t it work for scar tissue on the inside of the body as well very important and number seven probiotics there’s some great research on probiotics that can help decrease ammonia in the body as well i put a link down below but this is the protocol that i would recommend uh way better than a liver cleanse by itself before you go if you have a question about a product or you’re new to keto and you want to know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the us hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the number down below so you can call and get some help

This Post Was All About Will a Liver Cleanse Help Cirrhosis and a Fatty Liver.
Will a Liver Cleanse Help Cirrhosis and a Fatty Liver

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Should you do a liver cleanse for serious liver problems? Here’s what you need to know!

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the question, will a liver cleanse help cirrhosis or a fatty liver?

Cirrhosis is an advanced situation—your risk for cancer goes way up.

First, let’s start by talking about an enzyme called arginase. Arginase is involved in the urea cycle. When you break down amino acids, the extra amount of it passes through as waste.

Arginase makes sure there’s a complete break down so this waste can exit the body without causing toxicity. Without arginase, you have an incomplete breakdown of arginine. In turn, you get higher amounts of ammonia in the blood.

Ammonia is not good for your brain and other tissues. It can cause a lot of very bad side effects—like coma, dementia, seizures, and tremors.

Fat in the liver can cause inflammation, scar tissue, and fatty liver.

Will a liver cleanse help these issues?

Unfortunately, a liver cleanse will hardly even touch these problems. Instead, it could even stir up more problems and make symptoms worse.

Instead, there are 7 things you can do to promote a healthy liver…
1. Keto – a cleaner fuel source
2. Fasting – reduces inflammation
3. Reduce protein – less than 3oz a meal to reduce stress on the liver
4. Plenty of L-arginine manganese – helps reduce ammonia
5. Increase vegetables – 7-10 cups a day
6. Tocotrienol – this is a powerful antioxidant-rich form of vitamin E
7. Probiotics – these can help reduce ammonia in the body

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped clear up why a liver cleanse may not be a good idea for liver cirrhosis or a fatty liver. See you next time.

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