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Basic Keto: Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

Basic Keto: Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

Basic Keto: Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

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More specifically, you want help with Basic Keto: Net Carbs vs Total Carbs?

hey it’s Thomas de Lauer here and we’re gonna talk about net carbs versus total carbs and what you need to be paying attention to on a low-carb ketogenic diet because it’s more than just what you hear out there on the Internet so first we’re gonna have to break down what exactly a net carb in a total carb is and I know this might be very simple for a lot of people watching this video but it’s going to help the overall understanding of this video in the first place okay so when you look at a label a nutrition label you’re gonna see carbohydrates and then you’re going to see net carbohydrates and sometimes you’re going to see things like fiber you’re gonna see things like sugar alcohols on that label well those are subtracted from the total fiber content so what that means is if you have a label that says 10 grams of carbohydrates but it has 7 grams of fiber your net carbohydrates are going to be 3 because you take 10 – the fiber and you’re left with 3 of course when you look at sugar alcohols it does the same thing it can really throw you off sometimes because you look at a label of maybe a keto treat or a low-carb cookie or something like that and you’ll see wait a minute it says 22 grams of carbohydrates isn’t this going to kick me out of ketosis what the heck well then you look a little bit further and you see okay well there’s 5 grams of fiber that counts for something but then you see sugar alcohols and that’s going to be anything ranging from a rifra tall xylitol maltitol sorbitol you name it and that might show up as 15 grams well technically it’s a sugar alcohol but it’s technically a carbohydrate but it’s not processed in the body the same way as it doesn’t contribute to your overall blood sugar so when we look at overall total carbs versus net carbs what we’re altima tucking at is what carbohydrates actually affect your blood sugar and only the net carbohydrates affect your blood sugar just because something doesn’t contribute to blood sugar doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t affect your overall ketone levels okay you can still indirectly get affected from that you see for example sugar alcohols still have calories so they’re still going to demand some kind of insulin load they’re still going to demand some kind of processing which in some sort of anecdotal case studies we have seen that effect ketone levels so usually what I recommend doing is when you look at things like fiber or you look at things like sugar alcohol count them as half of what they are now I know that sounds a little confusing so let me explain a little bit more detail and just lay it out for you if you have a label that shows 10 grams of carbohydrates and it shows 5 grams of fiber so technically you’d beat at 5 grams of net carbs well what I recommend you do is count half of that fiber as a fiber let the other half potentially be a net carb so that means that you’re left with rather five net carbs you’re actually left with seven and a half and some of you might be watching this video saying but that’s just wrong that’s not how we see it on the label but the reality is our gut microbiomes are so different from one person to another that we actually break down fibers differently for example one person might have the intermediary bacteria there in their gut to break down some of the starches that another person doesn’t which means if they break down these fibers they could end up with the actual monosaccharides that effectively change our blood sugar so the only way you can truly tell is to test yourself but we can’t look at the big general picture and trust that all fibers are going to be totally guilt free because they do play a part and then we have to ask ourselves well what sugar alcohols should we be concerned with honestly you should be concerned with all sugar alcohols if it ends in O L then you have to be paying attention to it ok even a riff result is technically a sugar alcohol by definition but it does respond a little bit differently in the body you see studies have shown that even erythritol a little bit still gets absorbed and doesn’t necessarily register as blood sugar but it’s doing something which triggers a different hormonal cascade that might affect ketosis although it’s negligible then you look at xylitol about 10% of xylitol actually does affect bugs so if you have copious amounts of xylitol you could very well ultimately affect your blood sugar that does affect your ketone levels so when you’re looking at net carbs and total carbs whether it’s from sugar alcohols or from fiber always count the sugar alcohols and the fiber for half of what they are if it says 10 grams of sugar alcohols count 5 of it if it says 10 grams of fiber count 5 of it and I will go ahead and say for those of you that are watching this channel you know that thrive market sponsors a lot of the content here I have been able to assemble keto boxes through thrive markets so online membership based grocery store allows you to get things delivered right to your doorstep things that I would recommend things that I would endorse groceries that I recommend so if you use the link that’s down below you can access thrive market and check out Thomas’s intermittent fasting boxes Thomas says keto boxes hormone optimization boxes you name it and all those things are going to be foods that are keto friendly so make sure you check them out down below in the description now an additional note on fiber something very very very important if you’re questioning whether fiber is going to potentially kick you out of ketosis or not your best bet is to have more in the way of soluble fiber versus insoluble fiber insoluble fiber is more powerful because it draws water into it and the reason it’s a fiber it’s purely indigestible and it has an osmotic effect where it draws water so you have less risk of it actually affecting your blood sugar then you would with took a typical fibrous fiber that’s still gets broken down into saccharides gets broken down into sugar within your gut if you’ve ever been gassy after having a fibrous food well it’s simply because your body is trying to break it down and you have off gases that are produced because you’re not digesting it but once again if you’re using soluble fiber you end up drawing water into it and that’s what forms the bulk rather than just the gas and the overall fiber itself so anyhow net carbs is not this big daunting thing but you do have to look at it a little bit more conservatively if you’re trying to optimize your ketone levels plain and simple it’s better to err on the side of caution so when you look at the label take it for what it’s worth be very very cautious as always make sure you keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Basic Keto: Net Carbs vs Total Carbs.
Basic Keto: Net Carbs vs Total Carbs

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