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Best and Worst Keto Bread – What to AVOID (and what to choose)

Best and Worst Keto Bread – What to AVOID (and what to choose)

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More specifically, you want help with Best and Worst Keto Bread – What to AVOID (and what to choose)?

so it seems like everywhere you turn around these days you’re gonna find another keto friendly or low carb bread and it’s great to see this stuff coming out there it’s great to see people putting their best foot forward when it comes down to living a lower carbohydrate lifestyle but let’s be real just because it’s keto doesn’t mean that it’s healthy or that it’s clean or that it’s truly even keto friendly okay a lot of people can easily jump on a marketing bandwagon and slap a keto label with no real regulation nothing’s really defining if it’s keto or not so i’m seeing a lot of these keto breads and this started a while ago i did a video when i went to costco and i found that they had keto bread and i uncovered keto bread there and i took one look at it and i was like whoa is this what’s out on the market right now so i figured i’d put together a little shopping guide to help you understand what you should be looking for on a label if you’re shopping for true low carb bread because there’s a few things you really need to just be careful of hey if you like these kind of videos you like consumer reviews you like keto you like low carb you like fasting this is the channel for you so please do hit that red subscribe button down in the bottom right corner and then hit the bell icon to turn on notifications after this video a little bit of a spoiler alert if you do want to check out a company called unbun foods i put a link down below in the description these guys have really nailed keto bread and i know it might seem biased because this is a how to shop for keto bread video but truth be told really is a stellar product so check them out down below they’re made with almond flour made with psyllium just a really cool thing they’ve got tortillas they’ve got buns they’ve got all kinds of stuff so down below in the description but let’s also arm yourself with knowledge so you know how to shop because they’re everywhere okay the first thing you want to look for is net carbs this sounds very elementary to someone that is an avid keto person right but it’s important to note because i’ve seen a couple of particular brands i’m not going to name names that claim high fiber and therefore implying it’s automatically low carb net carbs are what matters not the fiber content if the net carbs are still going to be 5 6 7 10 grams of carbohydrates even if the fiber is exponentially higher that does not mean that it’s keto friendly so disregard fiber at the end of the day and look at the net carbohydrate number that being said there’s a curve ball so if that net carbohydrate number is factoring in sugar alcohols it throws a pretty big wrench in things because as far as what the fda requires on a label sugar alcohols can technically be subtracted from the net carbohydrates so that means you could have a bunch of sugar alcohols in something and it’s going to tell you that it’s low carb even though those sugar alcohols may contribute to your overall carbohydrate load not necessarily blood sugar but still carbohydrates okay so these are not necessarily always bad but there’s something you want to be cognizant of okay xylitol maltitol mannitol isomalt even glycerin in bread you have to be careful of because there’s a study that was published in the canadian journal of diabetes it looked at xylitol and they found that about 50 of xylitol is actually absorbed meaning 50 of the carbohydrates from xylitol were actually affecting the person as way of carbohydrates so a general rule of thumb is to not follow what the net carbs say when it comes to sugar alcohols take the sugar alcohols divide it by two and that is the true carbohydrate effect so simple math here if you have 10 grams of sugar alcohol in something you’re gonna count five of those carbohydrates you’re gonna count half of those because it’s safe to assume that 50 will get absorbed so in other words be very cautious with sugar alcohols a lot of times i’ll load them into a product to add flavor to something that might be a little bit bland another thing is the types of fiber okay chicory root is commonly used in keto breads or low carb breads small amounts of chicory root is fine but the amount that is needed in bread to really give it the volume and the texture that they’re after is quite a bit and there’s quite a few studies that demonstrate that chicory root can cause some pretty severe gastric upset another thing you might see is inulin which is going to be an even more concentrated form again inulin can be used as a prebiotic fiber and not always bad but if you’re consuming two slices of bread you’re gonna have a lot of inulin which is probably gonna make you feel fairly uncomfortable but when it’s combined with some other things then it gets really sketchy okay so now we’re talking about the oils here this is the big piece i need you to be careful about okay do not turn off this video listen to this piece okay first of all anything that says hydrogenated run the other way okay i don’t want to just call out a brand but the one that i saw in costco that time is totally shelf stable doesn’t need to be frozen and the reason that it’s shelf stable is because they hydrogenated soybean oil fully hydrogenated soybean oil oh no hydrogenation is where you take an oil that is normally fragile and you add hydrogen to it to make it shelf stable well this makes it a trans fat this trans fat cannot be broken down in your body we know from even mainstream media stuff that trans fats are not good okay so avoid those at all costs soybean oil in general something you want to avoid low quality very fragile omega-6 that denatures has strong estrogenic properties that we don’t want canola oil still like 28 to 40 percent omega-6 depending on how it’s been processed grape seed oil 70 polyunsaturated fat that is very low quality okay so we just have to be very careful with these and then another one that’s thrown in the mix a lot is corn oil that does not belong on your keto diet so remember we need to have the proper ratio of fats if we have so much in these low quality fragile oils what happens when you heat them is they denature and they cause a problem i mentioned unbun foods i’m just going to show you an example really quick okay let me just read out these ingredients water almond flour egg whites flax coconut flour psyllium husk that’s what they’re using to give volume instead of chicory root and inulin okay whole egg apple cider vinegar cream of tartar salt sodium bicarbonate which is basically baking soda super clean stuff and they also have tortillas which is a first on keto so yes i know what you’re thinking you’re probably saying okay thomas this is a pitch you’re talking about no i’m giving you information but i will honestly say these are the best keto breads and tortillas i’ve ever had so make sure you check them out down below in the description or get them at your local retailer which will also be in a link down in the description i want to extend a big thank you to them for being a part of this as well just awesome awesome stuff make sure you check them out so let’s continue on a little bit more with some other things you want to look for again i don’t want to sound contrived i want you to be able to make a decision for yourself the big piece that i get concerned with is wheat okay so people will use wheat gluten or companies will use wheat gluten or they’ll use wheat protein we’ve got a bread base that has modified wheat starch wheat gluten we have to be careful with wheat especially on a ketogenic diet on a ketogenic diet one of the main premises that we’re doing this is for the modulation of inflammation there’s science that shows that wheat triggers the release of a protein called zonulin within your body and the zonulin allows for things to get into the bloodstream passing through the small intestine it makes the junctions that are usually tight in your small intestine much more open when these proteins and when the zonulin goes through and passes into the bloodstream it can trigger an immune response that can cause all kinds of issues okay we have t-gaze too which can have an effect overall on tpo or anti-tpo antibodies with the thyroid long story short we don’t want to have this okay there are multiple different ways to go through with this coconut flour almond flour other sources of flour psyllium husk even to give volume where you don’t have to use wheat or wheat gluten a lot of brands use it because it’s cheap we’re looking bread so when most people or most companies go out to make bread they’re already in the game of high margin with bread okay keto is different we don’t subscribe to the same philosophy that we should with most bread companies okay we’re looking for things that are going to give us a better fat content a lower carb content not just random empty ingredients combined together so i’m going to outline a couple just so you have an idea okay the costco keto bread that i talked about hydrogenated soybean oil is in it also wheat gluten also chicory root okay so kind of a triple threat there then there’s a brand out there called sola which i thought was good at first until i started looking at stuff soy flour soy oil no hydrogenated stuff in that which is good and then of course pure wheat gluten to give it texture again that’s where psyllium husk would come in and a good cleaner brand right then there’s a company out there called choppies which i’ve seen a lot of people talk about in the keto world again comes under the court people get excited about it because it’s a keto bread come on we don’t have to go this route we’re looking whole wheat soy flour and soy oil all about the margin very fragile okay fragile soy oil going to trigger an issue so to recap just when you’re going to the grocery store because they’re going to start popping up in the freezer section and in the regular section you want to avoid the sugar alcohols as much as possible okay you want to watch those net carbs okay you want to watch that don’t just pay attention to fiber it’s not the end all be all you want to be paying attention to the types of fiber chicory root inulin how far down the ingredient list is it you want to pay attention to the oils okay look for oils that are going to be more like coconut oil or egg as a fat versus soybean oil canola oil grapeseed oil corn oil okay avoid the wheat gluten look for things like almond flour coconut flour even some of these other flours or some out there with hazelnut flour you want to have a higher quality more dense bread on keto than you do a fluffy bomb of different ingredients anyhow keep it locked here in my channel and if you do want to check out unbun foods i don’t think you’ll be disappointed this stuff is awesome as always i’ll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Best and Worst Keto Bread – What to AVOID (and what to choose).
Best and Worst Keto Bread - What to AVOID (and what to choose)

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