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8 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping – Dr. Berg

8 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping – Dr. Berg

8 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping – Dr. Berg

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with 8 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping – Dr. Berg?

Today we're going to discuss how to burn more fat while you are sleeping now the first thing to know is that if you're going to burn fat it's going to happen at night now during the day if you weigh yourself before you go to sleep and then compare that to when you wake up versus when you wake up and compare that to the end of the day .

You are going to find if you use a special scale that you are going to lose a little bit more at night and hardly anything during the day you burn fat when you're relaxing when you're resting when you're repairing but what i want to talk about is how to turn that dowel up how to burn more fat while you're sleeping so when you go to .

Sleep at night you actually go through four different waves of sleep from a superficial level to a much deeper level and there's like four different waves that you go through it's in the deeper delta wave where you're burning the fat and what triggers that is this hormone called growth hormone and growth hormone is the main fat burning hormone it's the .

Hormone that helps to mobilize fat from the fat reserves and help you use that for energy and repair so then the question is how do we get more of delta wave sleep so you can get more growth hormone well there's many things you can do related to sleep but one is making sure that your room is not too hot if you're slightly cooler you'll .

Get more into a deeper restful sleep so i keep my temperature about 65 to 68 degrees now the next thing is you want to make sure your room is very very dark so there's no light coming in because darkness stimulates melatonin and melatonin triggers growth hormone okay and that's going to help you sleep so this is why you .

Wouldn't want to be on your cell phone or your computer right before bed you don't want to expose your eyes to blue light so the best thing before bed is to maybe read a book or you know if you're going to watch tv make sure it's comedy it's not the news or some thriller or some action movie that's a big mistake if i watch a comedy by the time it's .

Nine o'clock i am like ready for bed now i know that might sound early and that's just me but as long as you're getting to bed before 11 o'clock you'll be in much better shape because the way these circadian waves work is that if you miss the first wave 90 minute wave and you go to bed after 12 o'clock now you have to kind of .

Wait until that wave catches you for the next wave so in other words if you're tired and you don't go to bed and you you push through it and now you're awake then you have to wait 90 minutes before you can catch the wave and get back into the next wave of sleep so there's various hormones that are triggering sleep that are in a kind .

Of a wave pattern there's a couple other things i'm going to mention about sleep when you go to sleep a lot of times what keeps you up is thinking about things right you're you're solving problems i recommend taking vitamin b1 before you go to bed you can do it through nutritional yeast or a b1 supplement but .

That will greatly help kind of turn off that conversation that is going on and on your brain a couple other really good nutrients to take right before sleep are vitamin d3 like 10 000 international units that is going to help you reset your circadian wave it's also going to get rid of pain .

If you're trying to sleep at night and you have pain that's going to inhibit your ability to sleep also zinc before bed is a really good thing as well now if you get up at two o'clock in the morning and you can't get back to bed that means your cortisol is too high so one thing you do is focus on your breath make sure .

That your the inhalation is the same as the exhalation and so whether that's five seconds four seconds three seconds just make sure the timing of the inhalation matches the exhalation you can focus on your breath as you're laying there as you're trying to get back into sleep and pretty soon you'll be waking up .

Realizing that you just slept okay so that's what i would recommend and then if you do get up at two that means you need to focus more on your stress and work on that i have a lot of videos on that i'll put some links down below if you have that problem so if sleeping enhances fat burning insomnia inhibits .

Fat burning and the number one thing that makes you not sleep is stress probably one of my best tips for stress is to get outside get in nature and do physical work of some type some type of productive work that you can use your whole body and you can actually get tired that would be something i .

Would highly recommend if you can't do that then do some type of exercise that will counter the stress now if you have pain i already mentioned this vitamin d is the best remedy for pain especially if it's in your lower back if you have leg cramps that means you need electrolytes because leg cramps can keep you up as well so any leg cramps check .

Out the link down below i have a very specific video on that now the next reason why people can't sleep is they're getting up urinating several times a night uh that means you have insulin resistance in which case you need to go on keto and do intermittent fasting but the main thing with that is the snacking late at night that is the killer .

You need to stop snacking at night in fact i wouldn't recommend eating past 6 30 and i wouldn't recommend drinking any liquids past 6 30 just drink a lot of liquids during the day but not past 6 30 that will give you plenty of time to make sure your bladder is not filled so you can go to bed and sleep with the whole night it's going to help you lose .

My weight all right number two exercise not just any exercise but vigorous exercise will help you burn more fat because it's going to increase more growth hormone what is the term vigorous what does that mean it means done with force and intensity so i wouldn't do a little light thing .

Very quick you want to actually do something high intensity a lot of force that will cause your body to get sore the next day so whatever that is that's what you need to do you see when you exercise you don't burn any fat right away what you're doing is you're tearing your body down you're stressing it out .

And then in the recovery phase when you're sleeping is when you burn the fat and if you want to burn more fat you want to do more vigorous exercise full body intense short duration lots of rest try not to over train high intensity .

Interval training it's called hit is another great uh pattern of exercise i have videos on that i'll put the links down below but exercise will definitely help you burn more fat while you're sleeping now one nullification that will completely nullify your workout here you spend you know half hour or an hour putting all this effort in .

And the last thing you want to do is to pretty much cancel out your ability to burn fat you want to make sure that you don't nullify that and one big thing that will nullify it is consuming food before during or after the workout as in a protein energy bar as in a protein .

Shake as in a carbohydrate sugar shake okay so you don't want to consume any of that stuff around the workout now you can do electrolytes if there's no sugar but don't do any protein amino acids it's not going to help you you have enough protein in your body to repair at night it's not going to happen anyway during the day so why are you going to .

Waste your time the purpose of exercise is to stress the body break down everything so you can heal the next night or the next few days so don't eat anything before or after the workout and in fact if you combine number two exercise with number three fasting this is the next topic you can create some serious uh weight .

Loss when you're sleeping fasting is probably the most potent thing to help you lose weight especially when you're sleeping because you can increase growth hormone by a factor of 2 000 percent when you're working out you're only increasing growth hormone at a max of 700 percent so fasting is way more powerful and i would .

Practice intermittent fasting as well as periodic prolonged fasting to really spike that growth hormone so you can lose more weight while you're sleeping now a couple cool things about fasting it's very cheap in fact it costs nothing it's free you're not eating you're going to save a lot of money if you reduce the .

Frequency of meals like i'm going to recommend you'll save at least 500 a month just on food and you'll probably have some of the biggest health effects that you've ever had in your entire life one being fat loss but there's a lot of other benefits cognitive improvements improvements in .

Mood decreasing risk of cancer and other diseases but a really important thing to combine is to exercise while you're fasting okay if you can do it that would be a very good thing but what would determine that is if you work out and you still can maintain the level of .

Intensity without that food that means you've fully adapted the fat and you should be doing that but some people they lose their strength when they work out while they're fasting simply because they haven't adapted yet so that does take some time in which case i would work out .

Around the meal either right before or right after you eat when you do fasting you stimulate something called the parasympathetic nervous system and another name for the parasympathetic nervous system is rest and digest you're going to be able to feel calm .

You're going to be able to rest much better and you're going to be able to burn more fat you don't burn fat when you're in the sympathetic flight or fight mode when you're in stress mode you don't you burn fat when you're in a relaxed state so if fasting improves fat burning while you're sleeping then frequent .

Eating is the killer in burning fat while you're sleeping and it is so you don't want to do that you want to do intermittent fasting what will turn off fat burning faster than anything is carbs even a little bit of carb also eating in general will turn off your fat burning simply because eating triggers insulin all right as far .

As your macros go what do you do with your carbs well i would not count your vegetable carbohydrates i would have big salads i would try to count the other carbs and make sure they're below 20 grams per day not per meal but per day that's going to be very very important .

Now as far as the fat goes i would recommend not adding additional fat to your your diet i would only have the fat that is with your meats okay that means not adding additional fats from some keto dessert or your bulletproof coffee or mct oil you can put a little cream in .

Your coffee but don't add additional fats why because we're trying to go after weight loss and if you add additional fats your body is going to burn that for energy and not your own fat reserve so in other words keep your fat kind of in the moderate amount not excessive all right what about .

Protein 20 of your calories should be protein so i would recommend anywhere between like six to seven ounces of protein per meal if you are a female and you're younger and you're smaller maybe three ounces of protein and of course i want to hammer this home .

All it takes is a little bit of carbohydrate to block a lot of fat burning all it takes is a little snack before bedtime or a half a glass of wine or a handful of nuts or maybe a little bit of ice cream before bed to completely cancel out all the things .

That you're doing right during the day the previous day let's see you worked out you ate healthy and then you had this little carbo snack guess what all those great potential benefits are nullified unfortunately i'm sorry i'm just the messenger okay so .

Next point is stress in cortisol when cortisol goes up your weight loss goes down stress alone is probably equivalent to eating sugar okay because stress increases cortisol cortisol another name for it is called glucocorticoids because it helps you regulate glucose and so if your cortisol .

Goes up your fat burning goes down you have to avoid stress some of the best things you can do for stress like i already mentioned would be physical work outside you know in nature that would be great long walks very very very important all right .

Number six there are other things you can do to trigger more fat burning while you're sleeping and this mainly is focusing in on triggering growth hormone okay number one niacin that's vitamin b3 can help you trigger growth hormone arginine which is an amino acid can help you trigger growth hormone and lose more .

Weight zinc increases testosterone and increasing testosterone will then increase growth hormone okay zinc is a good one oysters have the most zinc red meat has zinc two creatine from red meat also can trigger growth hormone okay so don't think red meat is bad but just make sure consume a .

Moderate amount not high protein because that can inhibit weight loss as well there's another natural thing you can take to help increase growth hormones called dhea this is good to take when you're getting older menopausal or just over the age of 50 when your dhea is going down because the adrenals are weakened you can even take it as a .

Supplement to increase growth hormone all right the next thing to take to help you not just with sleep but with a growth hormone is vitamin d vitamin d3 can help make sure you take at least 10 000 international units all right and then lastly we have potassium and magnesium two powerful electrolytes that can help .

Calm your body allow you to get into a restful sleep and burn more fat potassium and magnesium are both natural physiological tranquilizers they're they calm the nerves they help your muscles repair very very important to take that especially if you exercise during the .

Day but just make sure you don't take that in electrolyte form right before you go to bed because it's going to make you urinate because it's going to get rid of excess fluid all right then there's two last points i want to bring up there's things that inhibit growth hormone one is xenobiotics that would be like the pesticides insecticides .

Herbicides fungicides so you want to eat more organic because all those things can stimulate things like estrogen and lower your growth hormone and your testosterone and create problems so you want to eat really clean and if you're on medications okay that's a real big blocker for growth hormone .

And fat burning there are quite a few people that just can't lose weight because they're on medication i've done about five thousand videos on various topics and a lot of these topics include overcoming health problems you can do a search and find out the best remedies for that all right if you haven't seen my video specifically on growth hormone .

I put it up right here check it out

This Post Was All About 8 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping – Dr. Berg.
8 Ways to Burn More Fat While Sleeping - Dr. Berg

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Learn how to burn fat while you sleep!

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0:00 Introduction: How to burn fat while you sleep
0:10 When do you burn the most fat?
0:37 How to burn fat: tip #1
5:35 How to burn fat: tip #2
7:50 How to burn fat: tip #3
10:30 How to burn fat: tip #4
12:25 How to burn fat: tip #5
13:05 How to burn fat: tip #6

Today I’m going to cover how to burn fat while sleeping. You actually burn more fat at night than during the day. But, we’re going to talk about how to burn even more fat while you sleep.

How to burn fat:
1. Get plenty of sleep
• Sleep in a cooler room
• Sleep in a very dark room
• Don’t expose your eyes to blue light before bed
• Don’t watch something like a thriller or the news before bed
• Take vitamin B1, vitamin D, and zinc before bed
• Lower your cortisol by focusing on your breath
• Lower your stress by doing physical work or exercise
• If you wake up to urinate, get on the keto diet, do fasting, and don’t eat or drink after 6:30 pm

2. Exercise
• Do vigorous full-body exercise
• Do HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
• Don’t eat right before, during, or right after your workout

3. Do fasting
• Do intermittent fasting as well as periodic prolonged fasting
• Exercise while fasting (if possible)

4. Adjust your macros
• Don’t count vegetable carbohydrates (eat large salads)
• Keep your other carbs below 20g per day
• Consume a moderate amount of fat (only consume fat that’s on meat—don’t add additional fats)
• Consume 3-6 oz. of protein per meal

5. Keep your cortisol low
• Do physical work
• Take long walks

6. Trigger growth hormone
Things that trigger growth hormone:
• Niacin
• Arginine
• Zinc
• Creatine
• Vitamin D
• Potassium
• Magnesium

Avoid things that inhibit growth hormone, such as:
• Xenobiotics (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides)
• Certain medications (if possible)


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand how to burn fat while you sleep.

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5 Ways to Burn More Fat DURING Sleep (by Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate)

5 Ways to Burn More Fat DURING Sleep (by Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate)

5 Ways to Burn More Fat DURING Sleep (by Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate)

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with 5 Ways to Burn More Fat DURING Sleep (by Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate)?

hey everyone Thomas de Lauer here and in today’s video is all about helping you burn more fat while you sleep but I have to be very very honest here we can’t magically burn that while we’re sleeping but what we can do is improve our metabolic rate and our resting energy expenditure which will ultimately allow us to utilize more calories while we sleep I’m a science nerd so I have to make things somewhat correct here and can’t just make it gimmicky but we’re gonna cover some interesting things we’re gonna cover a specific kind of fat that you can add to your diet that’s going to help you out with burning a little bit of fat well I guess while you sleep then we’re going to talk about some spices that you can add then we’re gonna talk about the occasional cold plunge now it can make a big impact on your fat burning but then we’re gonna talk about a specific mineral in fact zinc and why you may want to be adding it to your diet then we’re gonna move into some sleep tactics because hate to break it to you sleep still plays a big role and I’ll give you some specific pieces that you can implement to sleep better to ultimately burn more fat so without further ado let’s jump in but first hit that red subscribe button and then hit that Bell icon so you never miss our daily videos ok jumping right in the oil that you need to add to the diet every now and then is going to be MC t oil but it’s very important that you get it in what is called a c8 form ok c8 MCT oil you’ll see it on Amazon you see it everywhere ok it’s relatively inexpensive the point is you shouldn’t be replacing other fats with MCTS you should just add a couple tablespoons of MCT throughout the course of the day you don’t even necessarily need to do it before bed here’s what’s going on there’s a really interesting thing that was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition they took a look at 8 people ok and they measured their resting energy expenditure like how many calories they burn at rest and then they also measured what are called catecholamines catecholamines it’s a fancy word but it’s basically just adrenaline and epinephrine and things that ultimately stimulate the fight-or-flight response which by the way burns fat okay so what they did is it divided them into a few groups and they gave them different ratios of medium chain triglycerides MCT oil alongside other fats longer chain fats like olive oil things like that so some groups had a lot of MCT some groups had a little bit of MCT well they found at the end of this study that the subjects that consumed or MCT had more catecholamines had more adrenaline and ultimately led to a higher resting energy expenditure in fact the groups that had more MCT had as much as a 5% increase in their resting energy expenditure a 5% increase in metabolism just by adding MCT oil why because mc2 oil digests so fast that it actually triggers a fight-or-flight response the body’s like whoa so that means you may not want to have it right before bed but if you have it earlier in the evening you can at least up regulate your metabolism at least based on some of this research and it could be one of many pieces that you can apply all right now let’s jump into the next piece which is quite frankly adding some cayenne now cayenne pepper works in a very similar fashion cayenne pepper will stimulate the beta adrenergic activity so it is a beta adrenergic stimulant so it means that it’s going to increase adrenaline you don’t want to have that right before bed but you add a little bit of cayenne to maybe a beverage or maybe a meal few hours before bed and once again it’s all about that just upregulation of thermogenesis up regulation of the metabolism a study that was published in the american journal Clinical Nutrition took a look at subjects that consume to 9 milligrams of CAP c8 okay they did this for a few weeks and they found that they had a decrease abdominal fat compared to control now it was a pretty small amount but the point was is they saw an improvement okay and it again it all had to do with the fact that they were stimulating more epinephrine so one of the things that I like to do is make a little beverage so I like adding cayenne pepper to bone broth so that’s a really simple way to do it right you can add some cayenne to bone broth you sip on that around dinnertime it’s a really delicious simple tree right really easy to do now the next thing that I want to talk about is something that you can implement into your life I don’t know maybe once or twice a week maybe you know a couple times per month and it’s something that I’ve grown to like quite a bit it’s being talked about a lot it’s the occasional cold plunge okay occasional cold shower the occasional ice bath see what it does is once again back to that common theme here catecholamines it causes a shock to the body so you have a spike of adrenaline that spike of adrenaline does a couple of different things though a spike of adrenaline causes a liberation of fatty acids ok catecholamines like adrenaline cause fatty ass to liberate into the body it’s a simple process okay when we are going through fight or flight you get something shocks us our body will a lot of times spurt glucose but a lot of times a little spurt lipids into the bloodstream for quick fuel okay over time and consistently doing this along with a healthy diet can have a big impact on certain things okay in one particular case PPA our alpha PPA our alpha is something that increases when we have fats liberated into the bloodstream and basically what it means is your body gets more fat adapted so what does fat adaptation do for you well it makes it so that your body is used to using fats so then while you are sleeping and you’re not eating there’s a higher likelihood that your body could start using those fats but I would honestly say the biggest benefit to doing a cold plunge is the fact that it makes you a calmer person I notice that if I’m stressed out and I consistently take cold showers or do cold plunges it ends up bringing my overall stress levels down and that’s because I’m activating my sympathetic nervous system so much to the point that when I’m not in the cold shower I’m a calmer person and guess what I sleep better that way and sleep leads to more fat loss right I will say though some of the things that I talked about like the oils like the MCTS the spice is the bone broth all those things are things that you can get at thrive market so there is a link down below in the description after you finish this video I’ve been able to assemble basically these little boxes like fasting boxes Kido boxes that are grocery boxes through thrive market they’re an online membership based grocery store that way you can get the groceries that Thomas de Lauer recommends based on my specific videos and things like that so anyhow whether you use my boxes or not it’s just a cheaper way to get your groceries and they get right to your doorstep you don’t have to go to the grocery store let’s go ahead and check them out there’s a link down below in the description but make sure it’s after you watch the rest of this video because you’re gonna learn some other tips so big thank you to thrive market for making this possible and for extending the special pricing and everything out to my viewers this next piece we have to talk about is zinc zinc is a mineral that is so vital for the thyroid it is vital for a lot of cellular functions it’s vital for a lot of cells that have faster turnover but one of the things that’s overlooked is that our cells that receive the thyroid hormone need zinc in order to actually have that thyroid connect what that means is that if we’re deficient in zinc our cells don’t communicate with the brain to talk about how much thyroid is in the bloodstream therefore the brain doesn’t signal the thyroid to produce more or less if you’re familiar with the thyroid you know that the thyroid is a big regulator of the metabolism so we want to make sure we take care of it and a lot of people will say just boost your iodine levels this and that that’s good for your thyroid that’s important but I like to take a different approach I think that a lot of us aren’t getting enough zinc because so much of our veggies and so much of our food source in general is demineralized from just over harvesting so shellfish red meat nuts all these things are high in zinc which can have over the long term a better effect on your thyroid which in essence is going to make you ultimately burn fat and burn more calories all the time not just while you sleep again a lot of these things are things you can get it thrive to just FYI the nuts and seeds and stuff I’m talking about now we jump into a piece that’s not going to be exciting for a lot of you but it’s probably the most important piece you have to sleep better and this is coming from a guy that has a crazy toddler in the house and has a newborn coming and probably doesn’t get enough sleep himself point is gotta sleep and if we look at the science we see some interesting stuff but I’ve got a really cool trick for you if you don’t sleep well that’s going to help you at least stay the leaner even if you don’t sleep well so there’s a study that’s published in the journal sleep way back in 1997 ages ago right so this study took a look at individuals that were getting eight hours sleep four hours of sleep or total sleep deprivation for one night okay interesting results the group that had four hours of sleep deprivation had a 37% increase in cortisol the group that had total sleep deprivation had a 45% increase in cortisol it’s not even that big of a difference the reason that this is kind of funny to me is there’s been so many nights where I cannot sleep so I just get up and I just stay up all night it’s a terrible thing to do but the funny thing is this gives me a little bit of peace because I’m like wow there was only an 8% difference in the cortisol levels for not sleeping at all versus struggling for four hours it’s kind of funny anyhow point is you don’t want your cortisol levels to be super-high however cortisol levels are really only a problem with fat accumulation when they’re in conjunction with insulin okay so if your cortisol levels are high and then you go and you eat some carbs you’re gonna have a big problem yeah you’re have a big big problem so what I usually recommend is if you for whatever reason are not sleeping well okay on the off chance that you just go a night without sleeping much fast the next day why because cortisol levels are going to be elevated but cortisol levels can help you burn fat if they’re not in the presence of insulin it’s kind of a way of making I don’t know something good out of something bad right you don’t sleep well at least fast the next day so you reduce the potential accumulation of fat at least that’s my theory based on the different hormone science that I’ve seen right but we need to help you sleep better overall because that’s a really important piece and one of the tricks that I like to do is mess around with taking glycine a very very cheap simple supplement you can get it anywhere get it on Amazon okay glycine is powerful at helping you fall asleep because it triggers vasodilation via the activation of the NMDA receptor okay what that means is that blood flow increases and it increases to our extremities when blood flow increases to our extremities it causes a cooling effect on our body that cooling effect allows us to calm down and fall asleep it’s a natural diurnal process that it gets cooler in the evening time and our body’s cool down and it triggers the release of melatonin which helps us gently fall asleep glycine can kind of help push that along take it one step further and combine glycine with a couple hundred milligrams of magnesium and you’ve got a cocktail that can help you sleep and I know this was all about how to burn fat while you sleep but guess what you’re not burning fat if you’re not sleeping so burning fat while you sleep is completely irrelevant if you’re not sleeping so let’s sleep anyhow this is the gist of it add the MCT oil okay two three four tablespoons throughout the course of the day but don’t replace your good healthy fats with it just at it okay add the Cayenne okay mix it bone broth something like that then we move into the occasional cold plunge once or twice a week then we move into adding zinc like some nuts some sprouted seeds things like that and then we talk about sleep alright so as always make sure you’re hitting that red subscribe button make sure you’re seeing the daily videos I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About 5 Ways to Burn More Fat DURING Sleep (by Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate).
5 Ways to Burn More Fat DURING Sleep (by Increasing Resting Metabolic Rate)

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Burning fat while you’re sleeping sounds like some kind of magic skill learned in the high mountains, right? It all has to do with improving your METABOLIC RATE.


Study – European Journal of Clinical Nutrition


24-hour EE increased significantly with increasing MCT:LCT ratio, with the diet providing a total of 15-30 g MCT per day stimulating 24-hour EE by 5%

Sleep & Fat Burning

Sleep, the crust of the fat-burning pie.

Sleep is foundational to nutrition and exercise! Therefore, sleep is actually the foundation of the fat-burning pie… it’s the crust underneath! Let me elaborate…

(i) Sleep reduces ghrelin and hunger.

Journal of Sleep Research, 2008

This means you need sleep in order to be able to maintain your healthy diet.

(ii) Sleep reduces cortisol.

Sleep, 1997

In this study, healthy normal-weight men were subjected to three sleep protocols: 8 hours sleep (11:00 pm to 7:00 am), 4 hours sleep (4:00 am to 8:00 am), and total sleep deprivation (SD). After 8 hours sleep, plasma cortisol levels over the 18 hours were “normal.” After 4 hours sleep and SD, plasma cortisol levels the next day were higher by 37% and 45%, respectively (p = 0.03 and 0.003). In conclusion, even one night of sleep deprivation increases cortisol.

Because chronically elevated cortisol leads to hunger, fat-storage, and impairs recovery, this means good sleep will support your nutrition, low body composition, and exercise capacity.

(iii) Plus, we all know you need good sleep to otherwise recover from a workout and be prepared to smash it the next day

Researchers concluded that relatively low-to-moderate intake of MCT (15-30 g per day) as part of habitual diet may play a role in the control of human body composition by enhancing daily EE, and that this effect is mediated at least in part through activation of the sympathetic nervous system

Spices (Cayenne)

Over the 12 weeks, the capsiate group, on average, lost 0.4 kg of weight and 1 cm of waist girth beyond that achieved with placebo – not an effect of much practical importance unless it persists and increases over time

Capsaicin is known to stimulates β-adrenergic activity, which causes catecholamine (adrenaline) release from the adrenal glands – so potentially might not be the best thing right before bed

Study – Public Library of Science: Medicine

Subjects suffering a lack of sleep had 16% less leptin and nearly 15% more ghrelin than those who were well rested did

Impaired Insulin Signaling

It’s also been found that a lack of sleep can affect weight due to impaired insulin signaling

*And lack of sleep can give you the munchies (from the journal Sleep):

Improving Sleep


Glycine helps lower body temperature – glycine works to increase blood flow to the body’s extremities, which reduces core body temperature via vasodilatation (through the activation of NMDA receptors in the SCN shell)


Magnesium aids the sleep process by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed


Boosts levels of GABA and other calming brain chemicals


Do your best to avoid blue light
Don’t eat too much right before bed

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:

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Thomas DeLauer LIVE Q&A: Fasted Workouts and Timing

Thomas DeLauer LIVE Q&A: Fasted Workouts and Timing

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