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Hidden Reasons for Plateaued Weight and a Slow Metabolism

Hidden Reasons for Plateaued Weight and a Slow Metabolism

Hidden Reasons for Plateaued Weight and a Slow Metabolism

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so today we’re going to talk about troubleshooting because at some point you’re gonna run into a plateau you’re gonna run into a situation and you need to know how to fix it and so we’re gonna talk about like what to do the principle that I want to talk about is it’s and this is something I kind of just stumbled on and I had a lightbulb go off it’s not lose weight and get healthy it’s get healthy to lose weight that might sound like a real simple little principle but it’s very very vital because if you try to lose weight to get healthy you may not end up being healthy people try to lose weight unhealthy you lose muscle mass and you feel like crap so if you’re trying to lose weight and you you feel like crap you’re not doing it healthy so what does this mean getting healthy well you’re going from an unhealthy state to a healthy state so you’re actually repairing certain things you’re in a repair mode when your body repairs it fixes structural part of the cell the cell membrane and what does it use it uses protein to repair if you have a if you’re a hoarder and you have this house filled with stuff and the walls are caving down the smartest thing to do would be to make sure your structure is stabilized first before you move everything out and sometimes with the body it doesn’t just mobilize fat as a first priority it tends to go into healing a repair mode and it fixes the structure of the body but when that happens protein comes in which is heavier than fat per volume I know one time I did a video and I said well one pound of fat one pound of fat is lighter than one kind of mile so I’m like now one pound is equal to one so we’re talking about per volume that’s a whole different thing so when I get this thing we’re like oh I’m not losing weight well your body’s probably in repair mode so we want to look at other factors like your energy your strength your fight tality is your cravings go away are you less hungry those are the things that you want to focus on more than the weight the weight is this one indicator the way there’s a side effect of getting healthy so it’s a real simple principle but a lot of people don’t really know about that and then when you’re trying to solve a problem you have to evaluate you have to need more data because if you just said oh I can’t lose weight what do I do I mean like I don’t know I have to find out from you a lot of data it’s just to sort this out one of the most important questions that you can ask that I wish was asked more is perfect on cue I just wanted that leading the best question is okay when did you start gaining weight what happened just before that I’m talking about a stubborn metabolism like let me just ask you how many of you started gaining weight after a pregnancy that you had boom right there right how many of you gained weight maybe as a child you were just always overweight well we’re not really necessarily born that way there’s something that happens maybe when you’re five you had a surgery or something or asthma and then you took steroids boom that that gives us great data or let’s say you had a stress event I’m sure that’s not any of you but if you had a severe loss of a loved one all these things are behind and you have to pull and find out what happened just before that problem started it’s a simple question no one asks it and you need to to get well so the first barrier is to make sure that you’re doing it healthily and the last thing I want to do is give up when it actually is working so all people that are like there yeah it’s not working but it really was and they give up and I’m like boy you just you should have just gave it given more time the next point I want to bring up is you also have to look at the duration of how long you have this problem insulin resistance doesn’t happen overnight it takes years to develop into diabetes by the time it shows up it’s already been brewing in the oven ami was talking about Alzheimer’s it takes how many years like 30 years before it even shows up yeah years I mean it starts here and then it develops and all of a sudden you end you don’t just end up overnight so these things take years to develop so it’s brewing in the oven cancer takes a long time by Roy problems take a long time dream will gland problems there’s one piece of data that I talk about it’s like night almost 95% of the adrenal gland has to be unresponsive before even shows up clinically in some cases so you’re dealing with problems that develop over a long period of time a fatty liver takes a long time before it even shows up on enzyme tests you’re you in your mind you’re going hey my friend lost 20 pounds I’m not losing 20 pounds and all of a sudden it doesn’t work and you get frustrated so the duration of time you have the problem you need to actually increase your estimation of how long it’s going to take and that could be off by a big factor so some people to really get over the insulin resistance could take a year or two years so just don’t give up have patience that’s why we call you a patient and that’s why you sit in a waiting room the other thing I want to differentiate is the difference between fat and atrophy how many of you have are going through or been through this thing called menopause okay so you may find that things start shifting it’s like wait a second what is going off my body I’ve had people come in and there’s like their whole body just falls apart right after menopause so with the adrenal glands there they kind of act as a back up to the ovaries so they produce the same hormones so if the adrenal glands are going into menopause fatigue then everything is exaggerated and then you end up with all sorts of problems especially atrophy which is a loss of a muscle you lose your muscle and so it looks like fat but it’s just a loss of muscle it’s flabby its loss of collagen and then you do the keto in a minute fasting and it doesn’t get you don’t lose the weight right away it’s like what’s going on so you may have to build up those muscles and that takes a good amount of time it could take months even a couple years FYI and you do have to add extra sighs to that you have to work those and give it a long time just realize if it is atrophy it’s going to take some time but you can undo that also you have to work on the adrenal glands I will touch on that a little bit but I have a lot of videos on adrenal gland but atrophy is a real key thing okay we have this thing called stress one thing you need to know is that a lot of stress accumulates pretty much all stress accumulates in your body you’re one big bucket of stress and so it builds up and then it it wears down the ability of your adrenals to handle and tolerate stress how do you know if you have an adrenal problem well one way is how is your tolerance to stress can you handle babysitting a lot of small children and a day care center over 8 hours without wigging it out if you can’t handle that we know you have a problem with your drain holes it’s basically the adrenal strength well is a good indicator of like how much stress you have in your body now there’s a couple things that you may not associate with why you’re not losing weight one is old injuries the accumulation of old injuries and I have videos on this but it’s something a lot of people don’t talk about I talked to some people I talked to you last night and there was a couple of the people one lady had a whiplash where is she ok great I’m sorry to hear that can you come up here can you come up here and can someone bring that chair up here I want to do a little demonstration of what we can do for an old injury one of the things that I did my clinic is I did a lot of manual work on people and want to give you some pointers on what to do so you had an injury a car accident right and it was a whiplash right and so what happened someone hit you from behind and so the first thing that happens when you get hit from behind is a your neck goes back and that tears the ligaments in the front part ok so if I’m doing acupressure or any type of manipulation I don’t want to be doing this motion to put her into the injury I want to go the opposite way so and then you have some sleeping problems right so if you can’t sleep then you’re not going to lose weight because it’s gonna increase stress so there’s a couple little things that you can do and you can actually I show this in the webinar it’s on webinar and stress but I’m just going to give you some tips ok so if if someone has a whiplash from behind you can basically do a stretch and reverse it by pressing up this way and I’m just going to just stretch underneath here a little bit forward I’m just reversing the whiplash and again I just wanted to show you a couple little things because last night when I was talking to people there are so many people that how cold injury is especially to the head and there’s some cool things that you can do so I’m just pulling up it’s called the occiput and I would normally do this you know a couple minutes but what happens it actually gives the person a sense of relief I don’t know what do you feel like right now feel a little better so that’s something there’s a little tool that I have that you can do this on yourself you could have someone do this but you’ll find that just a little bit of work like that will actually just relax the body because when you go to sleep at night there’s certain parts of your body that won’t turn off like either your Nexis stiff your head’s stiff or energetic or your your head is your chest is like energetic or your legs are restless and you’re trying to go to sleep and you’re trying it’s not working like Saturday no Friday night I’m trying to sleep I wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning going through and my mind is like going through what I’m going to talk about right from 2:00 to 6:00 but that’s different this but old injuries can actually keep your body in a state of tension and stress and heaviness and it can prevent you from going to sleep so I have people write out all your old injuries and then we kind of do some work on them so that would be one thing have you ever had any head injuries yeah now okay so here’s the principle of what to do with old injuries it’s really cool like let’s say she one of the gals I won’t bring her out but she got hit with a baseball right here well guess what I found over the years that can really keep people from relaxing and sleeping old head injuries to the skull injuries so like hit by a baseball that’s traumatic so what you do is there’s a principle you work on the opposite some of you already know this because you saw my videos but you work on the opposite you can actually release it I’m not gonna get into why it works you just need to try it so if she got hit right here with a baseball I will press on the mirror image side right here and I’m gonna massage it what’s interesting about this is when you press on this it’ll hurt twice as much so go light and like what is this side here this is the good side but you would massage it and maybe a couple minutes each day and you’re gonna find that it releases the tension in the head just have to try it it does work so I just want to show you that little thing thank you for coming up okay and then another thing and I won’t spend too much time but I want to I want to see who is it does anyone have any pain okay you a pain where where what what’s that okay come up here alright so I just want to show you a really cool very cool technique on pain and you can do this to yourself if you like to put yourself in to more pain I have a lot of videos I probably have a video in every part of the body and how to do this you can just search it but I just want to show you a really cool thing that is not taught in school but it works and yeah take your boots off make yourself comfortable so what kind of injury did you have how ok so does that kind of affect your ability to walk yeah so that will stop exercise so this is a really easy one because what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna press on the opposite side ok so if I grab her foot here and I press right here now I’m gonna press really light because this is gonna be very tender the more damages on this side the more tender is gonna work on that side tell me when I find you find it good morning I’m barely touching I try to get a job as an interrogator but I press too hard so I became a health care practitioner now one of the things that you would do is I would just work on this to her tolerance I’m watching the eyeballs make sure it doesn’t pop out and just work this out we’re just like this is just something you can do to start stripping down like old injuries and kind of clearing those out now the other thing is you want to do is I know that she’s been limping probably on the opposite side so she has a lot of tension in the calf on this side here so you’d also relax you want to really work on the calf and this is going to be like like that so I’m just going to very gently just kind of work through that for about an hour just tell me that’s why I’m standing over here since you can’t kick me on that’s it so you’d work on the calf so anytime you have like a foot problem you work on that the calf on the opposite side it’s a great little trick but it works like magic if you have a knee problem you work on the opposite muscle on the up cycle that’s limping so any problem here you can work on this these are all the videos but it’s a great technique to quickly give the person relief so I just did a tiny little bit I don’t know if it’ll feel better but we’ll we’ll see good thank you you are healed so you got you a pain you have old injuries and a lot of people had old injuries I’ve had old injuries and that’s why I developed a technique what about what about people can people stress you out occasionally people stressed out especially the one that’s called the like the passive aggressive they call them under miners they’re the person that gave you a compliment but they followed up with a sharp critical comment how many of you know anyone like that these guys everyone knows these guys really jack up your adrenals okay they really get you they’ll say hey you got a haircut that’s really nice did you get to that cheap cuts they bring you up and they bring you down oh that’s a nice sweater it wasn’t on sale my ID this guy who said oh you graduated congratulations why didn’t you want to become a real doctor I was like ooh so what these peoples they try to make nothing of you they try to make you feel like you’re a criminal so that’s just realized is the two types people bring you up and the other people bring you down those guys you seem to avoid them but there is a technique that I used to get even get revenge you guys want to know it okay it’s a great just makes me feel better so if they start going in onto that because they’re usually kind of critical and then they think oh now I’m your best friend right so that that whole thing so I will quickly want to get them out of my space so what you do is you just don’t respond don’t answer them just look closely on their face and go is that been growing is that how long how long have you had that that little blemish there yeah you should get that checked out to be the liver so they’ll be in the bathroom for hours looking at this and you get them out of your space it works like a charm I’ve done it many times [Applause] when people have losses for example they actually can gain weight ooh it’s called sad fat and in Germany they call it grief fat I don’t know the word for it but grief fat I don’t if you’ve heard of that but you have losses right and loss of loved one don’t you start gaining on this way because the spike in cortisol so if someone is stuck in a a loss or they’re basically stuck on a problem a chronic problem it’s worried about it oh my gosh that’s gonna raise cortisol so the best thing to do is go for long walks like I’m talking an hour and a half because walking is increases oxygen with low stress and you get space don’t like have your friend here that’s the Underminer with you walking was there you’re being constantly being chopped down chopped liver so be by yourself just walk and just get space it’s good that’s the best thing because when you’re stuck in that trauma it’s like it’s just kind of like your space kind of goes in so that’s really important the other thing is um there’s a couple places in your body where you tend to hold stress and I need to find someone who just can’t sleep okay let’s bring you up don’t worry I’m going to show you this and you can do it in the person next to you when we’re done this is a technique that looks really simple but it’s really effective for sleep Wow can we have an easier case now let me just take these so I can see what I’m going to do to you now what happens there’s two parts of the nervous system it’s called the autonomic nervous system you have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic the flight-or-fight or the rest rest and digest okay so the parasympathetic nervous system is controls rest and the sleep centers are located in the brainstem so there’s some cool little pressure points that you can work on to just kind of relax those points okay and so what you do is you take your hand I like to take the thumb and my middle finger I’m not flipping you off right here and there’s a tool that I have that is I built that looks like my hand it’s a little tripod a lot of you have it and you can use that to lay back on a tall back chair I wish I would have brought one and that’s just that’s why I use that every night don’t I care yeah I pretty much use that thing and I go to sleep like within like 30 seconds I’m out you know so what you do is you got the back of the skull you take your two fingers and take these two fingers and just drop them below the skull you can do this as someone or you can use that device and then you apply pressure symmetrically right underneath the skull without messing up their hair and then what you do is you just yeah you just hold this these points for like a minute and the person will feel really relaxed the only time you wouldn’t want to do this is if they have a like a whiplash injury from behind like you you want to go the other way so if you had a rear-end collision this is the one that you probably don’t want to do have you ever had a rear-end collision okay so I’m just holding this and I used to do this all the time in my clinic and people just like literally start snoring and I’m just relaxing the muscles underneath the top of the the top of the neck underneath the skull and I’m about kind of needs someone that is kind of bold so I can show you back here yeah I just want to show people the location of this because they need to see this now is this feeling any any different yeah you’re gonna feel like a wave through the whole body this is what this is great right before you go to sleep okay thank you thank you so much so you didn’t need them we can kill two birds one stone handled okay this one right here look at my thumb and my fingers coming right underneath here and I’m pressing this way I’m just holding the forehead and pressing in this way this is all on video guys so you can it’s called a stress webinar but you press this and you hold that so let me just have you sit right here and I just kind of come in here and I just hold this for two minutes but it kind of takes the tension I mean a lot of people have stress in their upper part of their neck but this is great for sleep it’s a great sleep technique also the breathing centers are there too does it feel any different good okay I just want to do a little bit cuz of time but thank you for coming up you’re welcome so there’s a there’s that technique there’s you would also you can work on the abdomen through these points there’s some techniques there there’s about seven different things you can do I do them every night before I go to bed Karen might be watching TV I’m already out I’m just and she does massage my shoulders and by the time I start I’m like oh so stress is a really key point to overcome so you want to do various things you want to do handle any cause for the stress if it’s a that personality for people some problem you have to improve that somehow also physical old injuries pain inflammation one of the best remedies for inflammation is intermittent fasting but as a coping mechanism stinging nettle root is one of the best herbs for inflammation fYI I’ve given you guys a chart on some good remedies and a checklist as well you can look at that later now also people that had like severe losses and things you have a 21 times increase of getting a risk of getting a heart attack so it really affects the body it increases the risk of getting an infection and the gain weight and then develop insulin resistance virus has come out of remission when you go through stresses I interviewed a lot of people that autoimmune diseases and I said what happened just before it nearly most of the time it’s either some stress loss divorce or some traumatic thing so there’s that huge connection that no one’s really addressing so here you are trying to fix it nutritionally when it’s really a stress trigger you got to work on the Drina ‘ls so I’m trying to expand your viewpoint there’s other other things to look at what happens when you’re stressed what do people eat when they’re under stress this stuff right well so they eat sugar right because stress sugar makes you feel better sugar actually increases beta endorphins beta endorphins are 30 times stronger than morphine for pain relief and they reduce stress sugar also increases dopamine maybe for just a minute but it makes you feel better so the combination of eating sugar for a beta endorphin and bilk mean will increase make you feel confident decrease pain stress socially connected you’re going to feel hopeful and you can have a pleasure sensation and feel a little motivated this is why people are eating sugar they’re trying to solve a problem with a certain sensation but it’s kind of crazy because you’re out you’re gonna add sugar for a solution like it’s like I’m gonna put gasoline on a fire to get rid of the fire because the problem is the rebound effect you feel temporarily better and then you feel a lot worse and the longer you do it the more that these effects go away so it’s a bit of a trap so again we want to use the tools keto and then fasting to overcome these problems vitamin b1 will really help especially if you’re kind of in that trap because you’re depleting b1 as you’re eating the sugar and you put that in there it gives you some nice relief pretty quick there’s a really great book Kindle it’s very expensive it’s like $79 Kindle book but it’s worth it dr. Derek long snail MD Derek long snail and this whole book is on thymine unbelievable book fascinating if you’re into by me which I’m into so I knew you can ask the name just go under Amazon and type his name and you’ll find it it’s under thymine time deficiencies that’s b1 Derek long still Derek yeah now a higher fat diet will also help with stress reduction it’s gonna feed the hormones it’ll help give you DHA omega-3 fatty acids so this is why keto is great this there’s some other techniques with acupressure that you can just watch us online but if you actually go through this you are going to sleep really good there’s something else that I also have done that I’ve never talked about until now because I didn’t want to create a video and just tell everyone all the secrets but let’s see who there was a diabetic there was a type one there was where was she okay let’s come up here I wanted to show you this technique if you take someone that has like a known blood sugar problem I’m going to show you what I’ve done with great success but I’m gonna have you experiment yourself and I’m just gonna have you sit right here don’t try this at home no so if you think about it and I’m going to show you something about visceral massage you know you work on your muscles but really rarely anyone works on the organs right yeah you don’t massage your pancreas every day do you so I had a just a crazy idea I said what would happen let’s just check your blood sugar so the scale comes in this is many years ago and I said let’s check your blood Sugar’s is well over 200 I said I’m just gonna massage your pancreas which is under the left ribcage I just later down I just started massaging it for like two minutes i rechecked the blood sugars it came down to 120 and I’m like what I try their gun now there’s not any Studies on this that I know of but it’s just something if you’re a diabetic or a blood sugar problems experiment yourself with your keto mojo testing strips and you just go on there and see if it doesn’t help you it kind of activates that plan you can do the same thing with – but you would basically take your hand and just kind of press through here and I’ve noticed that the person has this great sense of like their doing and also they just so get this Wow I just feel really relaxing so I’m like why not the pancreas is like working like crazy because it has 150 pounds of sugar per year to deal with you just work on that and it actually gives the body a sense of relief it’s just something I would recommend to try out an experiment and to see if it helps you but you’re just increasing the communication into that organ that’s what massages this you’re getting the getting more circulation into the area it’s real simple it might sound weird but it works so try it the other thing you can do for pain a lot of people have pain that’s referred from something else I found the top thing is the gallbladder I’m not talking about a stone in the ball but are just a irritated gallbladder that’s congested where is the pain gonna go on the right side right through here and the back of the scapula how many of you have tension right here yeah look at that let’s use the gallbladder when you do health Aikido and intimate fasting that should go away but you’d want a massage on the right side underneath the right ribcage I have a ton of videos on this if you hold pressure cuz I had a gallbladder for 12 years I didn’t know I called about a problem I didn’t know what it was so I would get this thing hammered and because there was a chiropractor I would have that thing adjusted probably over adjusted everything everyone and just would keep coming back because the pain was referred so once I of course then I years later I changed the diet and then it totally solved but you could massage the gallbladder points and give a lot of relief up through here so very important point for pain especially people that say I have fibromyalgia but you ask them is it on the right side only they go yeah how did you know because you don’t have fibromyalgia it’s the gallbladder so the problem is people eat six times a day and they’re they’re not giving in the gallbladder a chance to reset so I just wanted to show you that just to kind of give you a little tip thank you very much also thank you [Applause] especially headaches on the right side too that’s all gallbladder even stuff that shoots down here I actually invited like six people from my city to do a video and I’m gonna I’m gonna do a video in pain I think it was like five out of six it came from the gallbladder cuz I was working on the pain it didn’t work and I work on the gallbladder and bam completely went away so very common all right so sleep how many of you have a sleep problem Wow sleeping is a barrier to a lot of problems especially recovery and healing what causes sleep problems well it could be your bladder and that’s insulin resistance because diabetics usually have problems with fluids at night and they pee a lot more frequent so that’s another issue that’s going to be solved when you do healthy keto and in fasting stress all the techniques that I said from stress aerobic exercise walking b1 the manual type work massage all are great for sleeping because they get rid of that issue and also the acupressure point in the back of the neck you should sleep like a baby when you do that of course babies are crying all night but now as far as sleep goes I found that you may want to try sleeping on your right side that seems to work better for a lot of people why because the liver is on the right side and if you have a fatty liver it may just be heavier than it should be so if you’re sleeping on the left side with a fatty liver that’s compressing the heart you might feel uncomfortable so try to sleep on the right side so the heart can sit on the liver and it seems people seem to do better on the right side when they’re sleeping not everyone avoiding excess protein how many find that when you eat a texas-style steak before you go to bed that may interfere with your sleep yeah too much protein can act as a stimulant and you might just want to adjust that as well because you know sometimes if you that’s why I’d like to consume the vegetables first then the protein because if you have the chicken wings first like my son will just eat like a whole egg like a ton of them and then there’s no room roof room left for the salad so you want the salad and then the chicken wings but the too much protein will act as a stimulant I also found that there’s a technique that you can do breathing when you’re when you’re sleeping so let’s say you’re laying there and you’re not able to sleep and you’re just thinking about stuff focus on your breathing and I’m going to show you how to do that you can actively affect the autonomic nervous system by breathing consciously was five seconds slowly in and five select seconds slowly out people that have stress they tend to breathe like this the exhalation is a lot shorter than inhalation so if you slow that down just by focusing on the breathing slowly in through the nose and then slowly out and keep those even I find that works for sleeping you’ll next thing you know you’ll be waking up in the morning it’s just another little thing that you can do Oh also avoid watching the news before you go to bed or in general actually don’t even watch the news I like to dim the lights before I go to bed so I don’t have all those lights around the best light actually is candlelight I mean this that the yellow and orange that’s really good for the receptors and also the melatonin stimulation which it actually stimulates sleep so darkness stimulates that so if you’re in a bright light and then you try to go to bed like you didn’t give you a chance your melatonin to kick in there also EMF like keeping this when you’re sleeping right here is bad so all these electrical devices get them out of the area of your body when you’re trying to sleep because they can affect you how many of you do a lot of computer work yeah so do I so if you’re sitting for them computer and then you try to go to bed it’s like it doesn’t work so you need to break it up and go outside and go just get some space sometimes I have a really good sleep aid that a lot of you are on that works good that works on the adrenal but sometimes you need a little extra calcium so if you’re a head doesn’t always turn off you might want to add a little calcium I like calcium or at 8 that’s a really good one I take it only you know a few times a week if I need it but it tends to help you go to sleep I don’t normally recommend calcium supplements but for that one occasionally I do also caffeine if you’re doing too much caffeine or tea that is going to keep you up at night so try to cut down if you have sleep and see if it doesn’t help you I do coffee but just a small one one I do one because I abused it in college I used to have Cuban coffee lots of it this is why I’m doing this Eman right now because I got I got burnt out I think most of you probably have had experienced we you you had a health problem that actually motivated you do keto it in a minute fasting right yeah it’s like there’s something that you just didn’t you just weren’t feeling great and decided to do it something like I was very very sick myself if you were a past athlete how many of her past athletes athletic okay and then all of a sudden you you do this intense with exercise I was a wrestler and then you don’t work out in your 30s 40s and 50s then you decided to work out when you’re 60 right the the mitochondria generate this huge machine and then you stop depleting the energy so for you athletes you need to continue to exercise to get that energy out you can’t just like work at the computer and try to go to bed you have to workout to get the energy extracted from your body macros hidden carbs yogurt 10 grams of sugar that’s some plain that’s too high alcohol could definitely provide too much sugar and carb for your your liver coconut water way too much sugar fruit I’m sorry and sugar alcohols could interfere with your ability to really get in ketosis especially maltitol that’s the worst it is a glycemic index of like 55 that’s just underneath sugar you want to play with your vegetables sometimes if you have too much vegetables you don’t have enough microbes that’s gonna create fluid retention and bloating and that’s gonna figure with your sleep and also you’re gonna feel like you’re just bloated all the time so adjust them lower or higher depending on your ability to digest them but I do consume I find the days that I consume enough vegetables I sleep better it’s I think it’s the potassium and magnesium so potassium is a physiological tranquilizer it relaxes you so does magnate magnesium as far as your protein you have to try experiment if you do too much you can affect your sleep if you do too little you can might feel weak and tired so personally I’m 180 pounds I need about 8 ounces per day and that’s my optimum number you got to play around that until experiment could be a little less a little bit more but everyone’s a little different fat macros when you would get into keto and you’re adapting to fat burning for a period of time and you’re not losing weight if you plateau it’s probably because you’re doing too much dietary fat and your body doesn’t have to burn its own fat because you’re turning the ketones from the dietary fat so you may want to just cut down the fat so we can force your body to burn its own fat and that includes the the exogenous ketones because that’s gonna kind of replace what your body should be burning if you’re trying to lose weight and so I found a good number to go below as 75 gram maybe 60 to 75 grams if you cut it down right around there you’re gonna find your weight loss will kick in there the transit time for your digestion the time that the food goes all the way through your system is between 36 and 40 hours so by the time your stomach takes 4 to 5 hours to get the food through so no one will very few the average person does not they don’t give their stomach a chance to let the food go through so you’re crammed and food down there down the pipe when the food doesn’t even get through the stomach right so we never get a system the system to reboot that’s why in a minute fasting is so helpful for the digestive system so there’s a thing called prolonged fasting and then I’ll I know I’m going a little bit too long but this is important prolonged fasting is a really important tool to jumpstart not just weight loss but health problems I’m talking about going 48 hours 72 hours or 21 hours right or 21 days so what’s that 23 days yeah so you can create some really cool effects on your body with stem cell with healing with weight loss with metabolism with growth hormone but here’s the thing I would recommend letting your body tell you when you’re ready for that just kind of go as long as you can and just don’t going there thinking I’m gonna go 21 days when you’re dying at the day – because you have to work up to it so you gradually work this out maybe once a month or once every other month you do a prolonged fast and you keep working in that because you want to build up your your nutrient reserve because you’re drawing from your nutrient reserve and I do recommend not just doing water I do recommend supplements electrolytes when you’re doing fasting because I’ve had a couple people just pass out and hit their head on something because they didn’t have enough electrolytes so we want the potassium we want the sea salt I would recommend that when you’re doing prolonged fasting and when you come off prolonged fasting you want to do refeeding slowly so you want it you don’t want to just eat a big huge meal after 21 days have a little bit of food wait a little bit a little bit of food wait a little bit and then gradually introduced the food or you’ll feel that you’ll be sick because your system is not ready for that if you have a fatty liver that can prevent your ability to get rid of insulin resistance so choline is a really good supplement to handle fatty liver I mean you can actually pull the fat off within a couple months with choline some other things that are good for insulin resistance apple cider vinegar is really good cinnamon vitamin D all this is in your notes by the way I’ve given you guys a checklist to follow so you don’t even need to write it down a couple last things and then I’ll be quiet I’ve had people add a probiotic and also they started losing weight because they need to they that was people that are actually overweight and thin they have different microbial balances they have different types of microbes in their gut but adding a good-enough microbe and I like the one that I like is it’s called effective microbes I’m gonna be doing a video on it so I can give you more data but the effective microbes is kind of a unique non-dairy type of flora that really fortifies the intestines and I’ve had many people lose weight just by adding a probiotic some people you have to add a prebiotic like the sauerkraut fermented that gives you the probiotic and the prebiotic at the same exact time last thing and then I’m done hidden antibiotics they find that when you when you’re at an antibiotic that kills out the bacteria you gain weight that’s why it farmers give antibiotics to help fatten up the chickens and the cattle things like that so you want to consume organic foods or animals that have not been given antibiotics but one of the biggest hidden antibiotics is glyphosate which is the Roundup Ready from GMO it’s patented as an antibiotic so we’ve all been exposed to that so again organic food because the GMO stuff is like you just taking antibiotics and that could be the reason why a lot of people are getting fat and then one last thing because I must forgot dr. Berg app I just released it you can download it it’s if you haven’t downloaded and then one no thank you so much you know and we’ll be doing a Q&A after the next two speakers thank you [Applause]

This Post Was All About Hidden Reasons for Plateaued Weight and a Slow Metabolism.
Hidden Reasons for Plateaued Weight and a Slow Metabolism

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the hidden reasons for plateaued weight and a slow metabolism. I’m going to cover why a weight loss plateau happens, and what you can do about it.

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