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Break the Carbohydrate Addiction Habit and Increase Your Willpower Now

Break the Carbohydrate Addiction Habit and Increase Your Willpower Now

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Break the Carbohydrate Addiction Habit and Increase Your Willpower Now?

[Music] Eric don’t do it you’ve worked so hard don’t wreck it now come on dr. Berg do it dr. Berg put it down what are you doing come on you don’t know that this is gonna cause a long slow painful death take your chances dr. Berg you know that’s gonna be bad for your sleep and you know how much you need your sleep come on we’re all gonna die a something that’s gonna interfere with your fat burning’ for the next 72 hours do it you’re gonna be craving it again in the morning just a little bit this one time don’t fall for the trap put it down just know it so I know this might be hard to believe but some people are actually addicted to carbohydrates I know it’s it’s pretty strange isn’t it well I want to talk about what happens in the brain when someone has an addiction to carbs okay there’s a little Center it’s a little nucleus a tiny little cell body called the nucleus accumbens and it’s deep in the brain if you were to kind of just go right in this way at this level it’s way deep inside there right in the center and this nucleus is part of the reward system of the body it uses dopamine as its main neurotransmitter also gaba and serotonin and these neurotransmitters are intimately involved with creating this pleasure sensation so when this nucleus is stimulated through certain recreational drugs alcohol tobacco sex exercise and sugar we’ll come back to this one these are the triggers that cause this little cell body to release these neurotransmitters to give you the sensation these do not give you the sensation directly they do it indirectly through this system right here so the pleasure that you feel from any of these is really your own body’s chemicals okay now sugar is a really big trigger for this nucleus right here on an MRI when people take sugar this Center lights up like a laser okay so it’s a it’s involved in the release of dopamine in pleasure and people get pleasure by consuming refined carbohydrates because the refined carbohydrates turn red and sugar pretty quickly now the problem is too much of this the stimulus downgrades the receptor for dopamine and now you’re not satisfied so you need a little bit more you need a little bit more until eventually you create an addiction all right now the difference between an addiction and a craving is in the addiction the consequences don’t bother you much anymore you’re just going to go ahead and do it without the thought of the consequences so some people have high willpower and some people have low power I’m going to talk about how to increase your willpower and part of it is improving this physical structure in your brain all right so number one you want to avoid certain environments that expose you to sugar okay so I’m talking about restaurants mainly or even if you go to Disney World into these other places there’s like there’s so much sugar around so you want to limit your exposure to environmental sugar okay so that’s number one and number two you don’t want to keep any sugar in the house if your spouse if your kids like sugar you’re gonna have to all come to a group agreement and if they’re gonna keep it you know in the house they’re gonna have to hide it very well because you just don’t want to be exposed to it you don’t want to have it in the cupboard waiting for you and talking to you and in calling out to you at late at night okay number three get your pleasure from being healthy and looking healthy and with that you want to do healthy keto and then a fasting I put a link for those of you that are new but many of you are already on that and you are getting a lot of pleasure from being healthy when you do healthy keto in a minute fasting your mood elevates your cognitive function improves okay so you are gonna be generally happier compared to when your blood Sugar’s are crashing you want even sugar you’re like roller coastering all the time with low blood sugar problems and I already talked about keto and I have being essential but because this will reset the nucleus accumbens because you’re taking away the thing that’s creating the receptor problem and so now the receptor will go back to normal and then when your body starts burning ketones your brain loves it and these ketones will help heal the damage in the brain because this is located in the part of the brain called the limbic system where the body can regenerate that that brain tissue so that’s that’s fortunate and lastly a vitamin b1 has a potential to increase your dopamine levels by taking b1 within minutes you’ll just feel like a huge stress relief and calmness part of that is because the increase in dopamine alright guys thanks for watching dr. Berg you know how that gave you rumblies in the tummy and that was embarrassing oh this is gonna work lunch meat lunch loaf luncheon loaf no one’s gonna want to crave that so we’ll just put this away hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg calm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About Break the Carbohydrate Addiction Habit and Increase Your Willpower Now.
Break the Carbohydrate Addiction Habit and Increase Your Willpower Now

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There are some people that are actually addicted to carbohydrates. Here’s a video where Dr. Berg talks about what happens to the brain when someone has an addiction to carbs. A tiny cell body located in the brain called nucleus accumbens is a part of the reward system that uses dopamine, GABA, and serotonin as its main neurotransmitter. These neurotransmitters are ultimately involved with creating the pleasure sensation.

Triggers to Release the Neurotransmitters
• Drugs
• Alcohol
• Tobacco
• Sex
• Exercise
• Sugar

Addiction versus Cravings
• In the addiction, the consequences don’t bother you much anymore.

How to Increase the Willpower
1. Avoid certain environments that expose you to sugar.
2. Don’t keep sugar in the house.
3. Get pleasure from being healthy and looking healthy.
4. Keto with intermittent fasting – Essential
5. B1 – Helps in production of dopamine

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