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My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites

My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites

My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites

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More specifically, you want help with My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites?

nine years nine years I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and some keto and this and that but I’ve been around the block with it and in that time I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve established my own processes for fasting so today I want to share with you what I would say if I go back in time are my five favorite meals to break a fast with and I mean this from a scientific perspective I don’t just mean it like these are tasty foods I’m gonna eat a Butterfinger bar no this is like what I would actually recommend you eat based on scientific literature but also based on what I’ve experienced now there’s some very very important things to know about breaking a fast before we even begin breaking a fast is not about gorging yourself on a big meal breaking a fast is about being very strategic with at least one relatively small meal if you can be powerful and strong with this one strong meal it’ll make it so that later on and you’re eating window you can eat more and have more flexibility right when you break a fast your body is so sensitive you have to be very wary of what you put in your body at that point in time so you’ve gone 16 18 20 24 36 hours in your fasting window when you break that fast you need to be eating the right things okay so this breaks it down into something a little bit more practical I’ve done videos on what not to eat and stuff like that but I figured this is practical this is a little bit more fun to hey in case you haven’t already please hit that red subscribe button you got new videos coming out almost every single day and then hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications so you know whenever I go live alright one of the most important things you need to know is that you should never mix fats and carbs when you break your fast okay your body is highly insulin sensitive at that point in time when you eat carbohydrates you spike your insulin that means you put your body into absorptive mode if it wants to absorb those carbohydrates that’s one thing but don’t let it absorb the fats along with the carbohydrates because those fats are going to go right into storage now additionally we have this thing called a SP in the body a SP oscillations stimulating protein spikes the insulin from fat so when you eat fats you still get an insulin spike just a little bit less and indirectly so if you eat fats with carbs you have a double insulin spike so double problems plus cup that with the fact that you’re at the end of a fast where anything you eat is going to have a huge impact it’s like a triple whammy negative effect so the way that I’ve broken this video down is into ultimately three categories I have options for non keto intermittent fasting what you should break your fast with or my recommendations for breaking your fast if you are not on keto and then I have keto options and then I even threw a vegetarian or vegan option in there that will work for either party but it’s just a matter of just giving you an option to because I have a good degree of followers that are vegan vegetarian all right so despite all the benefits of intermittent fasting we still have to understand that our gut is very sensitive at the end of a fast hour mucosal layer kind of wears down a little bit our guts been going through a lot of janitorial work cleaning and all this stuff so we want to make sure that what we eat is still easy to digest masticate ultimately absorb so although there could be some better options in terms of profiles of food I’m trying to get ones that are going to be easy to digest as well so let’s dive right in to the first one which is a non keto option now I still think whether your keto or not you should hear me out on this because there’s some good science with it this is gonna be organic rice cakes a couple of them along with some seaweed snacks and lean protein okay hear me out on the reasoning behind this okay we’re talking a small meal remember this isn’t like your dinner it’s a small meal than an hour later in your dinner okay rice cakes are very high glycemic okay so what that means is you have rice that has had air injected into it which means the starch molecules that were like this bound together all the glucose molecules excuse me bound together in a starts chain just had air injected into them poof all the glucose molecules are no longer attached they’re now separated as individual glucose molecules which means they absorb way faster I want an insulin spike right when you break your fast because if you’re going to spike your insulin I want you to do it in a controlled fashion not with a bunch of fats and mix anything like that so rice cakes are super lean it just it ends your fasting period the stronger the controlled operative word controlled insulin spike the better the imports which which means it flips you out of fasting mode and into muscle building mode okay all these things that we want to pay attention to so we don’t lose my so right again insulin is not a good thing we just want to control it with this I can’t overemphasize that don’t hate on me here in fact there was a study that was published in the journal nutrients that found that insulin causes that the post prandial insulin causes a big spike in mammalian target Efrat myosin fasting otto fuji mTOR the opposite of fasting it clicked it’s the switch there’s no gray area we’re flipping the switch out of the fasting mode into the eating mode okay then the reason that I have seaweed in there is because you have a suppression of the thyroid a little bit during a fast your body needs iodine from seaweed in order to actually process inactive t4 into t3 well in these selenium but it also needs iodine to combine with tyre seen to make t1 t2 t3 t4 so we need the thyroid function we need your metabolism back which means I like having seen meat in there plus it just tastes really good on rice cakes then a lean protein why lean well remember we’re spiking our insulin with the rice cake so the protein we better have better be really lean okay so I want lean chicken okay it’s like not chicken thigh I don’t care you know what the situation is lean lean lean lean steak preferably like a white fish or something like that that’s really lean and we’re talking a couple ounces okay I’m wasting a lot of time here let me go ahead and let’s go on to the next one non keto option number two okay this is good if you’re not on keto and you’re breaking a fast I call it my fast break thought okay you’re making Vietnamese pho but you’re making it at a super abbreviated easy way get some gluten-free noodles usually they’re rice noodles okay like the Asian rice noodles same kind of concept as what you would have with rice cakes high glycemic I’m not a big fan of grains and don’t like don’t put me in a corner based on other content that I’ve done that kind of poo-poos grains and stuff okay like I’m trying to help you here all right so you got rice noodles and then what you can do is take a little bit of shrimp okay just a couple ounces of shrimp a small amount and easy enough to break down piece now you can also use scallops okay but I like using a shellfish or something like that you don’t have to do this you could use lean chicken but super high in iodine super high in selenium so we get the thyroid benefit from those fishes okay or I guess you can’t really call them fat but whatever they are right you get that iodine and selenium benefit just tremendous for your thyroid then the rice noodle spikes your insulin then pick up some grass-fed bone broth right some grass-fed beef bone broth or you can use chicken if you want and use it as a stock as a broth then you get the mucosal healing effect coming off of your fast you at the rice noodle insulin spike and you get the tyrosine selenium effect and the protein from the shrimp or the scallops pretty awesome stuff okay so that’s honestly one of my favorites super easy if you’re not on keto now I want to move in to a keto option okay this one’s a little bit different if your keto we’re not spiking your insulin right we don’t want to have the carbs in there we don’t want to have the rice and stuff like that we don’t have the rice noodles so what does it look like this one is all about making a small amount of bolognaise okay like I got any kind of beef bolognaise or pork Bolognese where you’re mixing it up with a little bit of no sugar added marinara okay you can get like Costco has some marinara that has like four grams or five grams of carbs and for like a half a cup serving the amount that you’re having is gonna be so small anyway it’s perfect you’re gonna need just about a quarter cup to a half a cup of marinara cook it up with some fairly lean ground beef or ground pork or even a lean pork chop if you wanted to put it on there and just mix it up in some marinara okay the acidity from the marinara actually helps kick-start digestion again but we want the good quality protein here high Omega threes the Omega threes are going to trigger protein synthesis so it’s gonna kick you out of that fast and kick you into muscle building mode again now what’s probably the most important thing here is with the marinara or with the tomato sauce no garlic no onion why because it’s too high in the fruit tans and all ego saccharide content we don’t want those because it’s going to bloat you and you’re gonna have a heavy prebiotic affect that’s gonna just wreak havoc on your stomach you’re gonna end up just gassing up the whole place like a couple hours later so just keep the garlic and onion out of it that includes garlic and onion powder okay if you go for good-quality meat I recommend you go for grass-fed grass-finished here’s a really interesting study that just came out this is really new stuff okay this study took a look at semi-free grazing in this case it was pigs but it still gets the point across versus feedlot indoor pigs and they found that they wanted to take a look at just the overall content how it affected flavor and density of the meat this is what’s wild grass-fed stuff and free-range actually ends up tasting better so what happened is the myofibrillar fat content increase which means there’s little bits of fat throughout the muscle fibers moreso in the free grazing kind than the non free grazing showing that you’re gonna have more flavor and more of the healthy omegas that are in the actual tissue versus having to get big old globs of fat right so we don’t want those big uncontrolled globs of fat we want small little amounts in the muscle fiber it’s gonna make it taste good plus more in the way of type 1 muscle fibers which are smaller and have a higher IMT G content in termina cellular triglycerides so when you cut through like a steak or when you cut through something you bite into ground beef and it’s like not grisly and it’s smooth and it’s just you can tell it’s higher quality that makes a big difference in the overall flavor profile now we’re also looking at higher amounts of naturally occurring glutamate which is gonna satisfy the brain so you’re actually getting kind of a new mommy effect to that new mommy effect that chefs will know about is very very important kind of how the brain lights up when it tastes something good so at the end of the day though the small amounts of fat that we do get in we want to be good quality omega-3 and if you’re being fed grass and not grains and feedlot garbage you’re gonna have a higher degree of omega-3 and honestly this is where exactly where I would insert butcher box because I talk about them all the time so if you guys don’t know about them check them out down in the description below this study made me think of them because they’re all about grass-fed grass-finished all the time right so you can literally get grass-fed grass-finished meat high quality high quality meat delivered right to your doorstep for less price than you’d pay at the grocery store so please do check them out not only are they a sponsor of this channel but like I said I thought of them when I read this study because in fact I even reached out to them said I want to mention you and I talked about this study because it’s just interesting stuff I think it really just summarizes how important grass-fed grass-finished is outside of just just the health side it tastes better too anyhow I digress check them out down the description special link down below the next thing is a keto option as well this one is if you want to have a little bit of fats added in normally I say keep it lean no matter what right because the ASB the oscillation stimulating protein you just want to spike insulin right at the end of a end of a fast even if it’s with keto right more even with it’s just with that’s my point in saying that is if you’re going to have fats they need to be coming in the way of like ncts they’re shorter chain they’re gonna absorb quicker but here’s the big reason MCTS are now being shown to increase tryptophan availability in the brain on keto we suffer from not having enough tryptophan because tryptophan can’t get into the brain when we’re on keto what ends up happening is because we have low levels of insulin there’s this competition that has to occur for other aminos so a long story short the brain doesn’t absorb the tryptophan like it normally does and trip the fans important because it converts into eventually serotonin and ultimately even melatonin so you don’t feel good you can get the press you have a hard time falling asleep MCTS will help kind of kickstart that process in your brain because MCTS have been shown to increase tryptophan content into the brain so that is very powerful now I want to combine that with just something really lean again like a lean fish so like a little piece of cod like 3/4 ounces of cod with a little bit of coconut oil or a little bit of MCT oil and maybe a little bit of pepper and salt guys I’m not saying this is five-star cuisine here I’m saying these are strategic ways to break your fast lastly I want to talk about the vegetarian option here the vegetarian slash vegan option is going to be death which is a really interesting grain it’s a gluten-free grain that has unique Pro lemons in it that doesn’t kick-start the same kind of cascade from an autoimmune respect that any kind of other grain could rice can even do it but gluten we want to avoid right so teff I highly recommend teff with a little bit of salt pepper and then a quarter cup of berries okay so you’re gonna make like a grain berry salad like you’ve seen it with quinoa quinoa and some berries okay I’m talking like a quarter cup of just blueberries or maybe some blackberries mixed in with this teff season it up a little bit of salt a little bit of pepper then if you want take a little bit of egg white and mix it in there and make like kind of a fried rice I know it sounds weird with berries but trust me the flavor profile is good so maybe just a couple egg whites we don’t want the egg yolk in this case normally I’m all about the egg yolk but in this case we want the white because we don’t want the fats with the carbs if you are totally vegan and you don’t want to do the vegetarian egg option AP protein shake just half a scoop small amounts of protein pea protein can still be hard to break down on an empty stomach so you want to combine it with the with the teff and you want to just do a small amount and then everything an hour later you can go ahead and you can eat your full-blown dinner or your full-blown bigger meal where honestly just have flexibility within the realms of what you are eating keto vegan non keto you name it and also just a quick note for those of you that are gonna try the fast break that I talked about if you’re doing scallops butcher box now has wild cut no chemical added scallops to so I thought that I’d make a mention of that so check them out again down in the description anyhow if you like videos like this and you want more just give me ideas down in the comment section as always see you soon

This Post Was All About My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites.
My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites

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My Top Foods to Break a Fast With | Intermittent Fasting Favorites – Thomas DeLauer

1) Organic Rice Cakes NON KETO along with lean protein

During a fast you’ll be insulin sensitive, and upon breaking a fast you can capitalize on this is these ways:

Insulin shuttles protein into muscle cells and carbs spike insulin

Adding carbs to protein will increase the amount of protein absorbed
Increases in insulin are associated in increases in mTOR

Per a study in the journal Nutrients, “a postprandial increase of insulin and glucose acutely activates mTOR within metabolic tissues”


Fasting decreases the concentration of T3 thyroid hormone while thyroxine (T4) and free T4 levels stay the same or only decrease slightly – thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) does not increase

Fasting does change the level of the most active thyroid hormone (T3), but T4 (the precursor to T3) and the hormone used to test for thyroid function (TSH) are unchanged

2) Lean Gluten Free Noodles with Ground Turkey or Shrimp NON KETO


Astaxanthin is a red pigment molecule that is a member of the carotenoid family found in certain marine algae (when eaten by shrimp and crustaceans, the pigment lends its reddish hue to their shells)

Astaxanthin increases the numbers and activity of white blood cells called lymphocytes and natural killer cells

Astaxanthin crosses the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to saturate and protect brain tissue – been found to decrease the accumulation of amyloid-beta on red blood cells

The antioxidant action of taurine produces taurine chloramine (TauCl) and bromamine (TauBr), which also have anti-inflammatory properties

Taurine supplementation enhances the formation of TauCl and TauBr in the body and may be effective in treating inflammatory conditions

Diminished TauCl generation in the body may worsen inflammation-related joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis

TauCl promotes cell death via ‘apoptosis’. Apoptosis is when cells undergo programmed cell death. Because dead cells are immediately consumed by white blood cells and not left to release toxins, inflammation can be greatly reduced

TauCl can also turn on genes that reduce inflammation

High concentrations of TauCl reduced inflammatory cytokine (IL-1B and IL-6) production

**Shrimp’s also a good source of iodine and selenium**

Concerns Study – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

3) Coconut Oil + Lean Fish or White Meat (KETO)

MCT’s & Tryptophan

So it’s feasible that keto could, in some instances, cause depression, or at least reduce the amount of tryptophan delivered to the brain, a study from Neuroscience found that certain fatty acids, octanoic and decanoic fatty acids (FAs), the main components in the MCT, can increase brain levels of tryptophan

The effects of a ketogenic diet in controlling seizure activity have been proven in many studies, although its mechanism of action remains elusive in many regards

Researchers conducted this study as they hypothesized that keto may exert its antiepileptic effects by influencing tryptophan (TRP) metabolism

The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of octanoic and decanoic fatty acids (FAs), the main components in the MCT diet, on the metabolism of TRP

They observed that the administration of FA increased the brain levels of TRP and the central and peripheral concentrations of kynurenic acid (KYNA), as well as caused significant changes in the brain and plasma concentrations of BCAA and AAA.

They found that the administration of FA clearly increased the seizure threshold and induced sedation.

Furthermore, they demonstrated that blocking TRP passage into the brain abolished these effects of FA but had no similar effect on the formation of ketone bodies

Given that FAs are major components of a ketogenic diet, it is suggested that the anticonvulsant effects of a ketogenic diet may be at least partly dependent on changes in TRP metabolism.

We also propose a more general hypothesis concerning the intracellular mechanism of the ketogenic diet.

4) Grass Fed Meat with No Garlic or Onion KETO

Grass-Fed – Study

5) Vegetarian Option


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