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Official Fast BREAKING Checklist – How to Break a Fast Safely

Official Fast BREAKING Checklist – How to Break a Fast Safely

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Official Fast BREAKING Checklist – How to Break a Fast Safely?

if a picture is worth a thousand words then a checklist is worth a million words so I’ve given you a visual representation of a fast-breaking checklist you see intermittent fasting is really easy but when it comes down to breaking the fast it can get a little bit complicated and I’ve spent a lot of time doing in-depth videos that really really get granular and you could definitely check those out I’ll put them in the description but I figured let’s just do a simple video that gives you the basics of breaking a fast in terms of a checklist so we’ll just go ahead and dive right in now I do ask that if you haven’t already you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon we have new videos coming out all the time we are really pumping out really good high-quality content and I really would appreciate if you would hit that subscribe button and also turn on notifications all right so the number one golden rule that everyone needs to follow no matter what diet you actually do within intermittent fasting for example if you’re vegan vegetarian and ketone on keto whatever the one rule that still applies is do not mix your fats and your carbs when you break a fast so that means no combining a rice cake with almond butter that means no combining a greasy steak with a piece of bread no fats and carbs combined and this reasoning is simple when you eat carbohydrates you spike your insulin okay but when you eat fats you spike your insulin via another pathway and I’m gonna make it very simple it’s it’s called the oscillation stimulating protein process so what that does is it compounds the insulin spike from the carbohydrate basically when you combine fats and carbs you get a really large insulin spike and you run a much higher risk of storing fat so it’s just not even worth messing around with it when you break it fast so just don’t combine them you can combine them later on if you want to but definitely not when you break a fast okay got that out of the way if you are non keto ok non keto I want you to break a fast with lean protein or a lean protein shake generally recommend a pea protein shake or a hemp protein shake instead of way I’m not anti whey protein but right when you break a fast can be very hard on your gut mucosal layer so be very cautious there I want you to have a high glycemic index carbohydrate which sounds crazy but if you’ve ever heard the old thing about after a workout how you should have a high glycemic car because it helps you absorb glycogen it helps you absorb the carbohydrates better well that’s essentially what we’re after here okay you have to almost envision the end of your fast as being like a workout okay you need your protein in and then you actually need your carbohydrates in to restore glycogen but you want to do it with a high glycemic index carbon example of that would be something like a rice cake or perhaps a puffed rice organic puffed rice cereal or something like that that doesn’t have any sugar added to it just a straight up high glycemic carbon another good example is a potato that has been baked with no butter anything on it because the baking process the heating of a potato separates the starch molecules to make it very high glycemic okay then bone broth is okay you don’t have to have it but a lot of people ask about it so bone broth is definitely okay there’s no fat in Mon Roth you’re good to go fructose a small amount now what I mean by that is like a half of a small orange or a half of a nectarine something like that or some berries okay in fact berries you may want to even be careful with because we want to keep the fiber content pretty low okay we don’t want to slow digestion we want to just make it nice and simple what fructose is gonna do is it’s going to combine with this carbohydrate here to enhance absorption regular carbohydrates have a different transport system than fructose carbohydrates so you can actually increase the absorption of carbohydrates by having maybe 20 grams of carbohydrate or 10 grams of regular carb and 10 to 20 grams of fructose okay and then I usually recommend a couple Omega 3 tabs okay so like couple capsules of Omega 3s because it’s going to help with protein synthesis okay it helps with the potential absorption of this protein here okay now let’s jump over to keto if you’re doing keto and you’re breaking a fast also lean protein I mean chicken I mean fish I highly recommend you don’t use lean red meat right when you break a fast and trust me I’m still cool with red meat I love it I just don’t have it right when I break fast as digestive lis it’s tough and usually it has a fair bit of fat in it you can get lean chicken or you can get lean whitefish and make it really easy again when it comes down to the shake I recommend doing a pea protein shake or a hemp protein shake I went ahead and I put a link down below for Sunwarrior they have this blend called the warrior blend which is a blend of pea and hemp protein and it’s perfect for breaking a fast it’s not gonna have the dairy it’s not gonna have the way in there but it gives you the complete abundant amino acid profile that you need that’s really easy for your body to break down so special link down below with a discount for anyone that wants to check it out okay then we have again bone broth makes the cut good to go there low fat now this so is against the grain of what you’re thinking right your keto you want to break that fast with fat but you need to control it okay you break that fast you keep it lean protein just your shake or just your chicken or just your fish and low fat couple tabs of omega-3 three or four maybe at the most okay that’s the only fat that you’re gonna get in is coming from your omega-3 capsules period okay then remember with any of these categories 60 90 120 minutes later you have a regular meal which again lots of videos down below in the description that explain that thoroughly I’m trying to keep it simple for this video we have to have a cortisol reduction protocol here’s what happens cortisol is elevated when we fast cortisol is okay cortisol helps us burn fat okay it is good the only time cortisol is bad is when it is combined with insulin and when is insulin prevalent in our body when we are eating so case in point we need to reduce our cortisol levels prior to eating because if we are eating and our cortisol levels are still high a lot of what we eat is going to get stored so we need to exercise best efforts to control and reduce cortisol before we eat so cinnamon having a little bit of cinnamon before we break our fast has a big effect so cinnamon does something very interesting in your body it mimics insulin okay so when it mimics insulin it triggers your blood sugar to drop a little bit but it also has a cortisol modulating effect so a little bit of cinnamon goes a long way about a half an hour before you technically break your fast add some salt to your water you know pretty liberal amount a couple teaspoons before you break your fast what this does is it backs off of aldosterone a little bit within your body long story short when aldosterone is spiked up you’re going to have a cross reaction where you have cortisol spike depth so actually salt can potentially lessen cortisol so go ahead and give that a shot and then a fun one take a couple of magnesium tabs a couple hours before you break a fast because magnesium has been shown to control cortisol a little bit so the Journal of neuropharmacology found that magnesium deficiencies increased brain cortisol levels so when you’re deficient in magnesium which by the way studies have shown that for whatever reason fasting tends to deplete magnesium at astonishingly high levels compared to other minerals more so than potassium sodium whatever I don’t understand why but the studies have shown that so when you’re fasting you can expect to be deficient in magnesium which is going to drive up your cortisol so if you have some magnesium you can lessen that but it activates what’s called a pair of an tickler hypothalamic nucleus when you’re deficient in magnesium which makes you feel more stressed out point is have a little magnesium women-specific okay so if you are a female and you’re breaking a fast lean protein or a shake again Sunwarrior down below in the description if you want to check that out seaweed why iodine support iodine is a mineral you lose it and it’s very very essential okay you need it for your thyroid tyrosine combined so with iodine that you get from your diet to of course make active t3 thyroid hormone and when you’re fasting I don’t want your metabolism to slow down I don’t want your thyroid just slow down I want to keep it amped up I want to give it everything it needs so I have a little bit of seaweed snacks now I have some other tips for you here no gluten no gluten I don’t care who you are if you are a female you really need to stay away from gluten especially when you break your fast gluten can be very very cross contaminating when it comes down to the immunoglobulin affect within your body okay it triggers the release of a protein known as zon Ulan and this zhonya ‘ln triggers basically what’s called a TPO antibody to release which can attack your thyroid gland which sounds really aggressive and scary it’s not quite like that it’s just basically you potentially have something standing in the way of your thyroid operating it’s best and studies have shown that gluten definitely does cause some these issues it’s just hard to tell who it does it with and who it doesn’t and do you have to have an autoimmune condition etc etc the point is don’t risk it okay no dairy inflammatory and difficult for women especially because of the hormone effects right we’re very sensitive when we break our fast because have to be careful there and then lastly I know it got a little bit scraped up there but a bonus would be shellfish you can break your fast with like some shrimp or some scallops why because yes you get the protein and you get less connective tissue with the protein so it absorbs better but then you’re also getting the iodine that you would normally get from the seaweed but you’re also getting zinc and you’re getting copper which is going to further help your thyroid so shellfish really works well for women but I know not everyone can do that so any help kept it simple take a screenshot do whatever you got to do but please also give this video a share because I really want to get the word out and making it simple for people as always to keep it locked in here on my channel and I’ll see you soon [Music] you [Music] 

This Post Was All About Official Fast BREAKING Checklist – How to Break a Fast Safely.
Official Fast BREAKING Checklist - How to Break a Fast Safely

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Official Fast BREAKING Checklist – How to Break a Fast Safely – Thomas DeLauer

Get your pen and paper ready (or take it down in your notes on your phone, lol) because it’s checklist time!I’m going to give you a checklist that provides you with everything that you need in order to correctly break your fast. This is applicable to all types of diets, including a non-keto, keto, female-oriented, and a special cortisol-reducing protocol checklist! It’s gonna be fun and hopefully it help making breaking a fast easier for EVERYONE! Let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

Golden Rule: Do not pair Carbs & Fats


– Lean protein/protein shake
– High GI carb
– Bone broth
– Fructose
– Omega-3s


– Lean protein/shake
– Bone broth
– Low-fat
– Omega-3s

Cortisol-Reducing Protocol

– Cinnamon – acts like insulin excess blood sugar gets into the cell, lowers cortisol
– Add salt to back off production of aldosterone
– Still break fast with lean protein (not as big of an insulin spike)
– Magnesium:
A 2012 report, published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology, found that magnesium deficiency caused an increase in the production of cortisol in the brains of the mice, specifically by activating the paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus, a part of the brain that controls responses to stress and anxiety

Concluded: Magnesium calms your nervous system and prevents excessive cortisol by restricting its release and acting as a filter to prevent it from entering the brain

Women Specifically:

– Lean Protein/Protein Shake – lowers blood sugar so cravings are less
– Seaweed (iodine)
– No Gluten (thyroid)
– Avoid dairy
– Bonus: Shellfish

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