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What Will Break Your Fast? (Big Confusion Clarified)

What Will Break Your Fast? (Big Confusion Clarified)

What Will Break Your Fast? (Big Confusion Clarified)

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More specifically, you want help with What Will Break Your Fast? (Big Confusion Clarified)?

so I had this question presented on my live show and I wanted to just clarify a couple things because I think there’s a lot of confusion between fasting and ketosis okay so let’s first talk about fasting when you’re fasting you’re not eating anything okay you’re drinking water and you’re fasting if you consume supplements that are not like bone broth or branch amino acids like protein type stuff or carbs especially like any type of shakes and things like that then you’re you’re fasting okay so if you’re just taking some vitamins and minerals that’s not going to necessarily break your fast it may not be a true fast okay a true fast is just water I’m pointing this out because I don’t want people to do fasting without sea salt in certain nutrients electrolytes and B vitamins because I’ve had people like faint and have side effects and issues so I want to make sure they have enough nutrients especially if they’re new to it but the point is that anything that you eat is going to break fasting except drinking water and most supplements okay so does that make sense so is eating some celery gonna break fasting yes chocolate gonna break fasting yes chewing gum gonna break fasting yes so now let’s switch over here to I think what people really want to know which is not necessarily is it gonna break my fasting is it gonna break my ketosis okay and by the way when you’re doing fasting you are definitely in some hardcore ketosis but people want to know what foods specifically or what drink will stop my ketosis so let’s just cover this right here what you need to know is that there’s something in your small intestine but every time you eat anything you are going to have a spike in insulin the more carbohydrate it is the more it’s going to spike insulin the more fat pure fat it is the less it’s going to trigger insulin okay but it might trigger it a little bit so what’s gonna bump you out of ketosis pretty much any meal is gonna bump you out of ketosis but there’s a huge difference between consuming a refined carbohydrate and sugar and starch meal and a low carbohydrate meal okay if you consume a large carbohydrate meal or even like fruit for example like an apple that has 19 grams of sugar that has the potential to increase insulin and knock you out of ketosis for a pretty long period of time like 48 – potentially 72 hours okay so if you’re eating like bread pasta cereal crackers candy even a lot of fruit that can knock you out of ketosis for two or even three days or longer okay if you’re doing a vegetable with steak or some fat that is also going to lower your ketosis why because you just ate but it’s not going to be for very long so that’s what I wanted to communicate now let’s say for example you consume MCT oil which is a medium chain triglyceride which actually enhances ketosis this will not block the ketosis however and this is the confusion people have when you consume pure fat or MCT oil your ketosis might stay the same or go up but your fat burning’ this is another category over here fat burning might go down why because your body is gonna be turning the dietary fat into ketones so your body’s gonna be running off the dietary calories of fat and not your own fat so you’re not going to see much weight loss okay if you’re consuming these two because your body’s gonna use this for fuel and not your own body fat does that make sense I hope so now if you take supplements it’s not going to affect ketosis very much if you’re consuming coffee it’s not going to throw you out of ketosis very much I did a survey on this and I found on most people it does not throw them out of ketosis on some people it might lower it a little bit temporarily so it’s it’s it’s a minor minor minor minor thing water is not going to affect ketosis sugar water will but I wanted just to kind of differentiate these few things and just realize that if your goal is to lose weight and burn fat then you want to make sure that you’re not adding a lot of extra fat to the diet you’re not eating very frequently because every time you eat that will stop your ketosis and you definitely want to avoid the refined carbohydrates or the cheat days that we call them and you want to do fasting as much as possible but it true fast is just with water but I’m gonna recommend if you do the supplements as well alright I hope that helped if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About What Will Break Your Fast? (Big Confusion Clarified).
What Will Break Your Fast? (Big Confusion Clarified)

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Dr. Berg clarifies the confusion between fasting and ketosis. If your goal is to lose weight and burn fat, make sure that you are not adding a lot of extra fat to the diet, don’t eat frequently, avoid refined carbohydrates and do fasting as much as possible.

What is Fasting?
• Fasting is when you are not eating anything.
• Anything that you eat is going to break fasting except drinking water and most supplements.

What Will Knock You Out of Ketosis?
• Every time you eat anything is going to spike the insulin.
• MCT Oil enhances ketosis. But consuming pure fat and mct oil the ketosis will stay the same or might go up but the fat burning will go down because the body is going to turn the dietary fat into ketones.
• Supplements, coffee and water will not knock you out of ketosis.

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