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This is Your Metabolism After 30 Years Old

This is Your Metabolism After 30 Years Old

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what happens to your metabolism as you age can we know that our metabolism slows down we know that we eventually well weaken and die but what is happening at the metabolic level you see we tend to think that metabolism just has to do with our diet and our weight in our waistline no no it’s far beyond that metabolism is everything and at the end of the day it’s our slowing and aging metabolism that leads to death and I know that’s kind of dark but it’s something that we have to understand and if we can educate ourselves on what the pillars are sort of the hallmarks of aging are then perhaps we can allow ourselves to have the tools to live a little bit longer now I’m not a hundred years old so I can’t speak to any of this being a personal Testament but I can say I’ve done the research and I look at things and when we compare ourselves to cars for instance things make a little bit more sense so I’m going to start this video off by comparing ourselves to cars then I’m going to go one by one and talk about the pillars of aging and how they slow our metabolism and things that we might be able to do to correct them okay so we’re like cars in the sense that our mitochondria which are the energy powerhouses within the cell those are like little engines okay they create energy and when they create energy they also create reactive oxygen species they also create waste just like a car engine okay when you have a brand-spanking-new engine and you start that car for the first time that engine is never the same it has carbon dust it’s now older it now has a little bit of wear and tear on it and that just continues on and on and on and eventually different components of the car gonna weaken and die and the cars gonna break and eventually it’s just done well imagine that in your body okay so in theory a car could last forever if you replace everything the second that it goes wrong right the problem is you don’t always know when something goes wrong and sometimes that can be catastrophic and that happens inside your body too and that’s where prevention comes in handy right now again also with a car you look at the make in the model the make in the model can determine largely the longevity of a car right a little Toyota might last a lot longer than a Ford I mean who knows right the thing is is that is your genetics the make and model at the end of the day is your genetics you are built with some potential that built-in but at the end of the day it’s the maintenance that really makes up the most of it now the journalist cell in 2013 published what they considered were the nine hallmarks of aging so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through each of these pillars one by one I’m going to talk about how intermittent fasting and keto play critical roles in keeping these issues at bay and this is all backed by science so let’s have some fun with this but first I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and hit that little Bell icon and then after this video please check out Yugi toh matcha so green tea is obviously a great way to combat reactive oxygen species the things I’m talking about in this video so why not make it taste good make it convenient so please do check them out in the description after you watch this video ok so the first pillar that we need to talk about is called genomic instability ok this is simply DNA damage this is one of the pillars per journal cell simply because DNA damage is a huge thing if we have DNA damage than our body doesn’t repair properly and if our body doesn’t repair properly then eventually well we die and I know that’s sad and pessimistic but it’s the truth well the cool thing is that ketones which are created through of course a ketogenic diet but largely through fasting and intermittent fasting well they do some interesting things they up regulate what is called PPAR which actually protects the DNA ok and also up regulates NADPH which also protects the DNA long story short is it has a lot of protective measures in it which make it so that down the line directly and indirectly we protect ourselves from this oxidative damage that affects our DNA but that one’s not all that exciting let’s go ahead and move on the second hallmark pillar of aging is going to be telomere attrition telomeres are the little protective end caps on the end of our DNA often referred to like the caps on a shoelace okay so our shoelaces would fray if we didn’t have those little plastic caps well as we age those plastic caps get shorter and shorter shorter and eventually our DNA phrase and things don’t work well anymore well it’s our job to protect those little telomeres and we protect it through something known as telomerase which is an enzyme that of course encourages the lengthening of those telomeres well in the same way that ketones increase NADPH to protect against DNA damage they also increase that telomere length also protect from telomere shortening so now we’re two for two in terms of how ketones from keto and fasting protect us from aging and potentially make us our metabolism doesn’t slow down now full disclaimer we can’t entirely control our metabolism but everything that I’m talking about here as far as aging goes has a direct relationship with your overall just metabolism from a fat loss standpoint – if our metabolism is slowing down from an aging standpoint it’s slowing down from a welp digestive and weight gain standpoint – or weight loss standpoint I should say so just know that ok number 3 is going to be mitochondrial dysfunction now I’m not just pulling these out of the hat right I’m like actually talking about pillars that are set up in the journal Cell so my knock on real dysfunction means we start to die we start to age because our mitochondria is no longer functioning well they’re getting worn out and the mitochondrial biogenesis isn’t really occurring that well anymore well the good news is ketones from again keto and fasting come in huge handy here why because the mitochondria can run a lot more efficiently on ketones you see when we’re running on glucose it burns up the mitochondria a lot ketones are a more efficient fuel which means that we get more bang for our buck we get more mileage out of our mitochondria when they’re burning ketones then when they’re burning glucose so it’s like quite literally running on a cleaner fuel that is better for your engine there’s no simpler way to say it than that number four is going to be epigenetic alterations now epigenetic alterations refer to things like as we age our genetics change and they tend to sort of mold to our environment so if we expose ourselves to different things then our genetics can change and this can be good and bad right if we’re exposed to a lot of toxic stuff then it can change our DNA in a bad way well okay how could ketones and fasting and all this possibly help here guess what it all has to do with what are called HDAC so histone deacetylase inhibition now ketones are an inhibitor of HDAC which means they unlock the blueprint so normally our blueprints to our DNA are under lock and key and they cannot get unlocked very easily but ketones just kind of like the name implies key ketones are the key to unlocking the blueprints basically it opens up the blueprint so it can be read transcribed and ultimately allowed tissues and proteins and things like that to be rebuilt so this makes us our body is less likely to succumb to the changes of our environment in negative fashion so there’s some huge proof there so the inhibition of HDAC is a tremendous tremendous tremendous factor when it comes down to keeping us young and keeping our metabolisms healthy as we age the next one is going to be a loss of Proteus thesis this is basically another way of saying losing Auto Fujii okay so Auto Fujii is where our cells have the ability to take old weak parts of other cells or themselves and consume them for fuel and use them it’s a survival of the fittest mechanism so basically what happens when we’re under a lot of stress or we’re in a time where we need fuel because we’re fasting or anything like that what happens is our cells have the ability to digest the weaker components of themselves to make them stronger so it’s literally survival the fittest in every sense of the word well the good news is in 2019 there’s a Nobel Prize awarded in the world of hif-1 alpha now hif-1 alpha inhibits in torque I’ll get to this in a second but mTOR is the opposite of autarky okay so if we have a more elevated than autophagy can occur if mTOR is suppressed then otology can occur it turns out that ketones upregulate this hif-1 alpha which means indirectly by up regulating hif-1 alpha we end up triggering the suppression of mTOR which activates Auto Fujii which therefore stops this loss of Proteus stasis we can ultimately live longer in theory next up is going to be cellular senescence that is a fancy way of saying cell death now again we start going down a rabbit hole we can find there’s all kinds of ways that ketones potentially stop cellular death there’s a 2018 study that was published in the journal Cell that found that ketones do actually prevent citizens from occurring through activation of what’s called a chin RHP a 1-up regulation of Oct 4 okay I’m going to leave that one right there because that even goes bond what I know but the point is there is some science has come out in the last couple of years that is showing that ketones prevent this premature cellular death now we know about that and the liver we know about that and some other tissues when we look at it in the aggregate and the whole well it’s pretty darn interesting so anyhow I’ll link down below if you want to investigate that yourself because it is definitely long-winded the next one that’s on the list is going to be stem-cell exhaustion we eventually run out of stem cells when you were born you have a bunch of stem cells right that’s why they always say to harvest some stem cells from your umbilical cord when you’re a baby right you should do that with your kids they always talk about that as you get older you run out of stem cells now this simply means that you have less ability to recover and eventually that’s going to get to you well there’s a 2019 study that found that at least in the gut ketones stimulate the multiplication of stem cells okay they actually found that stem cells needed ketones to multiply in the gut so this is the beginning and we don’t know how it works in other tissues in other parts of the body but at least in the gut we know that there is a link between ketones and stem cells which could be the beginning of a whole new world of research to keep us young and keep us alive for a longer period of time then we have number eight which is a lack of cellular communication another reason we age and we ultimately die is because cells can’t communicate with each other any more brain cells aren’t able to send the signal to the organs right the organs aren’t able to communicate with each other well the good news is ketones are a hormone in addition to a fuel which means they have the ability to help cells communicate that’s one of the biggest benefits ketones that come from fasting and doing a ketogenic diet aren’t just a fuel they are a hormone that have hormone like properties that can allow cells to communicate so this could at least delay this issue and lastly the reason that people age that people die is dysregulated nutrient signaling meaning their bodies can no longer determine what glucose should be doing and how much glucose and how much fat and this and that just dis total dysregulation of nutrients that are coming in the body well I don’t really need to say a whole lot here because quite honestly this is where ketones shine from fasting from ketosis if we up regulate what’s called a NPK if we allow this signaling to occur in the body just by nature is becoming very very good at understanding how much fuel is on hand simple example when we’re fasting we’re not eating so the body has no choice but to use its natural energy sensors says uh-oh there’s no food coming in so we need to be able to determine how much energy is on hand people ultimately get older and they ultimately die because their bodies don’t know how to regulate fuel to be used if we condition ourselves through fasting and through keto from time to time then yes we can learn how to use fuel that is on hand ultimately just improving so that we don’t have that dysregulation of nutrient sensory right so at the end of the day we have to look at the big picture it’s all fun and games until you start getting older you start realizing that things hurt and that your metabolism isn’t the way that it used to be and I’m not saying that any of this is a quick fix but I am saying the research starts to add up and the research from 2013 that show that these were the nine pillars of aging had zero to do with keto they were just put out there in the open as the hallmark signs of aging and slowing metabolism but here we are with other bodies of research able to back that up and prove that hey we might have the ticket to living for a longer period of time but who am I to say that I’m still in my 30s I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About This is Your Metabolism After 30 Years Old.
This is Your Metabolism After 30 Years Old

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This is Your Metabolism After 30 Years Old – Thomas DeLauer

Metabolism is EVERYTHING!! We all know it has a massive role in regards to our weight, but it’s so much more than that! With that said, I want to help highlight some of the pillars of aging, in regards to our metabolism, to possibly live longer. Let’s get into it! Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!!

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