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Natural Ways to Raise Dopamine Levels

Natural Ways to Raise Dopamine Levels

Natural Ways to Raise Dopamine Levels

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More specifically, you want help with Natural Ways to Raise Dopamine Levels?

hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about how to raise something called dopamine dopamine is what’s called a motivational molecule because it actually improves your motivation your get-up-and-go your ability to jump out of bed so when you’re deficient in it you can’t get out of bed you lose your focus you lose your cognitive function become depressed at anxiety apathetic feet and hands get cold decrease libido mental sluggishness carb cravings other than that you’re perfectly fine so there’s certain unhealthy things that will trigger dopamine as well like crack cocaine for example little baby right here it’s called cocaine right when a person gets hooked and addicted to crack what’s happening is that this drug is triggering this neurotransmitter which is elevating the your mood and different cognitive functions temporarily gibble me and then what happens is the more you do it the more you lose the effect the more that you want to do it so you’re in this really terrible cycle because it needs more and more cocaine to stimulate the same amount of dopamine so you become very very addicted and of course what it’s doing all the time it’s giving you this artificial sensation which then gives you the need for more and more of it so it’s it’s a bad habit now the other thing is if you consume caffeine for example or any type of stimulants what you’re doing is you’re triggering dopamine over and over and over again and then you’ll every time you do it over time you lose that effect so you need more and more coffee more and more stimulants to create the same effect just like any drug so let’s talk about what dopamine is it’s a neurotransmitter okay neural transmitters are similar to hormones in that their communication particles yet the neurotransmitters communicate to the nervous system where about hormones communicate through the blood okay that would be the difference okay so there are things that you can do to stimulate the production of dopamine like taking l-tyrosine as an amino acid which is a precursor because maybe you need more raw material or improving the stomach acids so you can break down the proteins to formulate this neurotransmitter those are some things and by the way the way that you would know that you wouldn’t have enough stomach acid is if you would have gas indigestion or bloating okay then you’d want to add outside of vinegar something like maybe something like patanè hydrochloride just to increase the acidity so you can make more of this neurotransmitter on a flipside you also have reducing stress too much stress in cortisol will nullify the production of dopamine okay and this is actually really really important so you would want to maybe take some B one from nutritional yeast but let’s say for example you have a history of being a drug addict and you’re like you’re in a really bad state right now and you want to spike it up there’s a type of B one called cell Butte to mean so yes it’s synthetic but it’s stronger and if you use it on a temporary basis it’ll actually be okay but just make sure that you take it in a blend of nutritional yeast so therefore you’re not depleting any of the other factors any time you take excessive amounts of a certain isolated synthetic vitamin you can deplete the other vitamins that normally come and that complex and this goes for vitamin C vitamin B vitamin E across the boards rhodiola is another herb to help decrease stress holy basil is another one that’s really good to lower stress as well and the next thing is to reduce sugars okay because what that does is it sets up a situation that you get insulin resistance insulin resistance is a situation when you can’t absorb these amino acids to make the neurotransmitters so you would have to fix this insulin resistance to be able to have this work and everything else is not going to work unless you fix that point because it’s kind of like the the door that allows everything to go in there to kick it in and make it work correctly and there’s something else you can take to actually improve dopamine levels and it’s something called uridine okay it’s a natural chemical that is in nutritional yeast but it’s really good for cognitive issues helping to stimulate more dopamine but if I were you I would take a nutritional yeast by itself that way you can actually get this right here and the b1 and actually improve that situation okay lastly get more Sun more Sun will improve the dopamine levels as well alright thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that runs

This Post Was All About Natural Ways to Raise Dopamine Levels.
Natural Ways to Raise Dopamine Levels

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Nutritional Yeast Tablets:

Dr. Berg talks about how to raise your dopamine naturally. It is a considered a “motivation molecule”. Dopamine helps you focus and concentrate better. When someone takes drugs, they are really stimulating dopamine, its not the drug directly that gives you that sensation. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which need a strong acidic stomach to turn protein into amino acids (the precursor). Also insulin resistance can block the ability to absorb amino acids that are needed to make dopamine. L-tyrosine is also a good amino acid to take to build up more dopamine. Being deficient can cause lowered libido, feeling cold, mental sluggishness and carb craving. Vitamin B1 can also help you make more dopamine. Holy basil, rodiola are both great herbs to take to lower stress. But stress or cortisol can block the production of dopamine. Uridine is another compound you can take to increase dopamine levels and this is present in Nutritional Yeast. Also being out in the sun can spike vitamin D and help as well.

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