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How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs | Easy Peel PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs in 10 MINUTES!

How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs | Easy Peel PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs in 10 MINUTES!

How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs | Easy Peel PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs in 10 MINUTES!

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so hard my legs they are a great low-carb snack a great keto snack they’re just a great snack in general and today I am going to show you how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg in just 10 minutes when I say perfect I’m talking about making some hard-boiled eggs that have a soft creamy melt-in-your-mouth yolk and we’re gonna be avoiding the dry chewy kind of makes you want to choke when you’re trying to swallow the egg because the yolks just so dry we’re gonna be avoiding those hard-boiled eggs with today’s recipe also I’m gonna show you how to avoid the terrible shell sticking to the egg itself when you’re trying to peel the thing and you’ll lose a bunch of your egg to the shell stick can do it it’s a terrible terrible thing and I don’t want that to happen to you but thankfully I’ve got a pro tip for you guys on how you can avoid that so that being said let’s give this one let’s make some perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs all right so since we’re making hard-boiled eggs the first thing we’re gonna do is get out our eggs once we’ve got our eggs out we’re gonna add them to a large empty pot today we’re gonna be making ten hard-boiled eggs so once you’ve got all of them added to the pot we’re gonna bring that pot over to the sink and fill it up with water just until it reaches an inch higher than all the eggs so now at this point we’ve got enough water added to our pot and we are all set and ready to bring it over to our stove and turn the heat up on the stove to high we’re also gonna cover the pot with the lid and our goal right now is to bring the water up to a rolling boil so once we’ve got that rolling boil going on in our pot it’s looking something like this that’s when we’re gonna turn the heat of our stove down to medium and we’re also gonna set a timer for nine minutes I like to use my phone for this and this is the perfect amount of time for perfect hard-boiled eggs so at this point our eggs are boiling away our timer is ticking and we are gonna get together a bowl full of ice and water the bowl of ice water is so that our eggs cool down and stop cooking as fast as possible like I said that nine minutes is the perfect cook time and this ensures that our eggs are perfectly yellow and creamy and not overcooked dry and chewy so as you’ll see once that timer goes off we’re gonna get out a slotted spoon and we’re just gonna start removing the eggs from the boiling water and adding them to our bowl full of ice water once you’ve got all the eggs added to the ice water we’re just gonna let them cool for a couple of minutes and then we are all set to start cracking and removing the shells from the hard-boiled eggs I don’t recommend waiting more than a couple of minutes after you take them off the stove to remove the shells because I think the shells have a tendency to stick to the eggs if you do that and this is just something that I’ve noticed from making a bunch of hard-boiled eggs also running some water over your hard-boiled eggs while you’re removing the shells I think makes it a lot easier to not only take off the shells but also I think it helps remove the egg from the shell as cleanly as possible as well so once we remove the shells from the hard-boiled eggs we’re just gonna add those back to the ice water that we use from before we’re gonna pop a lid on top of that bowl and then we are gonna store those in the fridge for up to a week of course hard-boiled eggs that make great snack any time of the day though so when you do cut into them this way you can expect the perfect creamy hard-boiled egg consistency that every hard-boiled egg should have so that’s how to make hard-boiled eggs perfectly cooked in just 10 minutes I really hope the tips in this video help you avoid those overcooked eggs that we were talking about in the beginning of the video that are just they get stuck in your throat the yolks do and you need like something to drink to swallow the yolks it’s just it is so awful but a good hard-boiled egg is delicious and I hope that’s what you’re gonna get from following the instructions in this video thank eyes so much for checking this one out I hope you enjoy the eggs and I will see you in a next recipe

This Post Was All About How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs | Easy Peel PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs in 10 MINUTES!.
How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs | Easy Peel PERFECT Hard Boiled Eggs in 10 MINUTES!

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Today I show you how to make hard boiled eggs! Perfect easy peel hard boiled eggs take no time at all to make – only about 10 minutes actually – and they make a great low carb keto snack. After watching today’s video you’ll never make another chewy, overcooked, dry hard boiled egg again.

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