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6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation

6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation

6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with 6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation?

okay guys we want to talk about how to speed up this whole Kido adaptation now what’s happening is you’re going from sugar fuel to fat fuel now let’s look at what’s happening deep inside the cells your body is running on sugar okay blood sugar so it’s dependent on mainly the stored sugar in your muscle in your liver which you don’t have a lot of or the the diet so you’re like you have to constantly eat to keep the sugars up so now what we want to do is dependent on the fat because we have a lot more fat than we do stored sugar in fact we have an average thin person has about seventy seven thousand calories of stored fat so this is a better quality of fuel but in the transition phase you might have to have a lowered blood sugar okay and this is where people get uncomfortable so there’s some tips that you can do number one always combine keto within a minute fasting at the same time don’t do them separately they’re both powerful tools and strategies to drop insulin to speed up the process because if you do it have been fasting with too much sugar too much carb you’re going to prolong the agony and never get into ketosis because to get into ketosis you need to drop your carbs okay but intimate fasting works because you’re not eating as frequent and you’re going to drop insulin so if you’re just doing keto and you’re doing multiple meals realize every time you eat you spike insulin and again you’re it’s going to take longer to get into this adaptation where your body has cellular machines that are burning fat full time okay so you basically have to drop this way down to the point where your body is like looking for fuel if you can’t find it so it’s going to go after the fat and then it’s going to pray if you do this correctly it’d be like three days maybe four days and then you’ll you’ll be like 80% in ketosis but sometimes it takes longer which I’ll cover in a second but the point is it’ll happen like gradual gradual gradual now there’s going to be a point where you’re going to be between meals we are really really hungry okay so you have to do I ate a mild hunger which you just push through or intense hunger where it’s like really severe in which case we don’t want to add more stress to your body so don’t suffer through that just add a small snack which is only fat don’t add protein at fat because the protein will stimulate more insulin fat will stimulate a little insulin but not as much as protein because as soon as you eat the protein you’re gonna feel better and it’s gonna crash down now you’re gonna be hungry again so do fat maybe you do peak cons which is a real fatty nut or an avocado but just do a little fat just to get you through the transition and the other thing is if you’re going from one meal to the next it’s very very important to have enough fat to satisfy you so if you’re like hurting and you’re really suffering make sure the next meal you add more fat so that’s one thing which is right here but also add more greens more salad and vegetables because the potassium will actually heal the insulin and help stabilize the blood sugar at the cellular level so we need those minerals to really speed this process up okay the other thing is outside of vinegar with lemon do a tablespoon and a tablespoon of lemon and some water take a straw so it doesn’t bother your teeth sip it down that will actually speed things up too electrolytes with large amounts of potassium and nutritional yeast also will speed things up because that heals the the deeper root problem which is insulin resistance so basically in the transition phase you’re really dealing with a below blood sugar situation and what’s behind that is your body has not fully adapted so all of these things are going to help so go ahead and apply it and put your comments down below press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future events

This Post Was All About 6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation.
6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation

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Dr. Berg talks about 6 tricks to speed up keto adaptation. There’s a transition period called keto-adaptation whereby the new cellular machinery is being built.
1. You need to always to keto with intermittent fasting because they both compliment each other and one without the other prolongs the transition phase – due to higher insulin.
2. Apple cider vinegar, with lemon in water will help lower insulin spikes.
3. Electrolytes and nutritional yeast also helps insulin resistance.
4. If you have extreme hunger pains, this can spike stress and the adrenals and release sugar to handle the the low blood sugar – so snack on a little fat, not protein – avocado or pecans will help to get you through this. Fat is the food that triggers insulin the least.
5. Adding more fat meal will help you go longer
6. Adding more green vegetables spike potassium and lower insulin resistance.

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