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How to Increase Thermogenesis: Turn Fat into HEAT with These Steps

How to Increase Thermogenesis: Turn Fat into HEAT with These Steps

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why are there not more fat dogs out there well honestly there’s a metabolic reason they have more brown fat that’s not to say that you’re not gonna find a fat dog i’m sure you can find a fat dog but largely we don’t see as many fat dogs as we see fat humans and again comes back to the fact that they have more brown fat and this video is going to teach you how you can activate more of your brown fat but also how it works because it’s fascinating science with our bodies built-in non-shivering thermogenesis that allows us to just incinerate calories without any work it’s kind of a miracle hey if you like science and you like biochemistry but you don’t want to go to sophomore biology class make sure you hit that red subscribe button and also turn on the little bell button to turn on notifications so you never miss a daily beat on this channel after this video i highly recommend you check out natural heaven pasta when it comes down to any kind of low carb protocol intermittent fasting protocol these guys have nailed it this is some of my favorite stuff to mix up with pesto to mix up with marinara sauce to have a delicious pasta treat that doesn’t contribute to my waistline so this stuff’s made out of a hundred percent hearts of palm one ingredient that simple so anyway definitely check them out if you like pasta or you miss pasta now you can have it so special link down below you can use that code and get a special price and they’re a big support of this channel so thank you natural heaven now let’s get into some interesting science about dogs and fat we have to start off with a lesson from the dogs and i know this is weird but i find it fascinating if you look at sled dogs they have an insane amount of endurance an insane amount of endurance so much so that scientists get curious so they took a look at sled dogs and they had them do 100 mile races or events for four or five days in a row and they took muscle biopsies the size of a matchstick which sounds like that would be just tremendously painful every 100 miles to see what kind of energy substrates the muscles and the dogs were using well they found the first 100 or 200 miles or so they were largely using glycogen they were burning through their carbohydrate stores in their muscle but then after that they suddenly switched gears to using huge amounts of fat and we’re not talking ketones like we do in the biochem world with the human body they were taking fats directly out of the bloodstream and sucking it right into the muscle and using it as fuel it’s still a mystery as to how this was occurring they noticed that their blood lipid levels were so high they were eating so much fat the fat was in the bloodstream and going straight from the bloodstream into the muscle to be fueling it this is fascinating because we now see that these dogs have so much mitochondrial density which is going to come back to play later in this video so much mitochondria that they can handle just an exorbitant amount of fat flooding their body their cells at one time and their body just uses it and they eat 12 000 calories a day of mainly fat during these races and they just burn it okay their bodies are so efficient at fat burning they can go for hundreds of miles where does this make sense with what i’m talking about well it translates into brown fat in humans because humans have this capability to utilize fat as just a heat source and to utilize fat a lot easier with their brown fat you see brown fat is existing on all of us some of us have more than others simply because of genetic predisposition and some you know have very little but brown fat is brown literally because there is so much iron and so much blood and so much mitochondria in it it is like an energy epicenter the mitochondria is the energy powerhouse of the cell anyway so the more mitochondria the more factories you have brown fat is brown because it has so much mitochondria so why don’t we have more of it i wish we did well let’s talk about how this brown fat virtually burns fat for you it comes down to non-shivering thermogenesis okay this brown fat just almost operates in a dysfunctional way where it just creates heat in a normal cell that’s creating energy it works like a car battery okay the battery is providing energy to make the car go so the mitochondria takes the energy from the food that we ate and it processes it into energy that we utilize to move our body and to do things just like a car right in brown adipose tissue there is something called an uncoupling protein and this uncoupling protein comes in and it short circuits the battery so the battery doesn’t create energy but it creates energy dissipated as heat so it’s like if you were to come in and you were to short circuit your car battery it wouldn’t propel or start your car it would suddenly just create sparks and heat well that’s happening inside our body incinerating calories which is such an amazingly cool thing now in white adipose tissue regular just unsightly body fat that we have on our bodies what happens is when the sympathetic nervous system adrenaline noradrenaline epinephrine activates and it triggers that white fat the white fat mobilizes fat into the bloodstream that’s the response it hits what’s called a beta adrenergic receptor so this beta adrenergic receptor allows fat to get mobilized into the bloodstream this is amazingly cool stuff except it comes with one major problem what good is mobilizing fat if you’re not going to go out and burn it you can have all the fat being mobilized in the bloodstream that you want but if you’re not acting upon it doing something with it it’s just going to cycle back around and go right back to storage now on the contrary we’ve got brown fat when brown fat gets acted upon by the sympathetic nervous system it does something different it takes those calories it takes that fat and it just creates heat i mean tell me that isn’t a better deal right uh yeah turn on the fat let it burn by itself where i sit on the couch watching netflix or let the fat come into the bloodstream and actually have to go do something with it i mean come on i like to do things too but it’s not a bad idea to just burn fat while you’re sitting on the couch right so how do we increase our levels of uncoupling protein we can’t always dictate how much brown fat we actually have i mean there are mechanisms to increase that and i’ve done videos on it but it’s long and it’s the tangent so how do we increase the actual butter knife so to speak that’s short-circuiting our battery how do we add more of that well turns out that there are a couple molecules we need to pay attention to and this gets pretty biochemy but i’m going to loop it back to just the simple fact mainly it comes down to something called pgc1a pgc1a is a molecule it’s been heavily researched and there’s a lot of confusion surrounding it it seems to activate uncoupling protein but pgc1a can’t possibly activate uncoupling protein because it doesn’t have an ability to bind to a transcription factor to bind to dna so it needs a bonafide transcription factor along with it well a lot of the research has now found that that transcription factor that it needs is something called interferon regulating factor 4 irf4 or interferon regulator factor rather this irf4 binds to pgc1a binds to the dna and triggers the release of uncoupling proteins it turns out that animals that do not have irf4 end up obese they end up cold intolerant makes sense because they can’t do non-shivering thermogenesis and they end up insulin resistant so this irf4 is pretty dang important well what are some of the best ways to increase irf4 increase your ability to utilize fats so fasting massive improvements in irf4 and pgc1a therefore resulting in more uncoupling proteins okay another way is going to be proper meal spacing having your timing between meals being very strategic having longer gaps and no snacking so you actually get the activation of glucagon the up regulation of glucagon which has this circumnavigating effect on that another thing is a utilization of things like oleic acid okay so oleic acid is going to be in avocado oil it’s going to be in olive oil the oleic acid has something known as oleo ethanolamine which has a direct effect on pgc1a as well so we combine that with pgc one anyway long story short is fasting monounsaturated fats and proper meal spacing has a big effect on this you could have probably fast forwarded to the end of this video just to see this but come on we needed to hear the dog science too as always keep it locked here on my channel i’ll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About How to Increase Thermogenesis: Turn Fat into HEAT with These Steps.
How to Increase Thermogenesis: Turn Fat into HEAT with These Steps

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