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5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Vitamins

5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Vitamins

5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Vitamins

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More specifically, you want help with 5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Vitamins?

let’s talk about the five reasons why you should avoid synthetic vitamins now what you need to know is this there’s a huge difference between synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins they’re not the same some people will say they’re the same a molecule is a molecule it’s not it’s a different orientation in nature vitamins come also in complexes like they’ll come with trace minerals and cofactors and enzymes and associated factors and vitamins and also when you actually just buy natural vitamins it could come as an individual part of a complex and that’s a lot better than a synthetic but there’s always exceptions for example there is a time and a place for synthetic vitamins a short term detoxification program totally fine necessary because you’re using vitamins for a different purpose to help push out toxins so that’s actually essential but not as a maintenance you don’t want to do synthetic vitamins as a maintenance because they can actually be toxic there’s a lot of studies out there that show that even vitamins can cause cancer now some of the synthetic vitamins are talking about our like beta carotene or other phytonutrients but there’s also studies on even vitamin E creating a lot of problems so when you hear this and the news that vitamins cause cancer would ever realize that they’re always using synthetic vitamins in these studies they’re not using food concentrates whole food concentrates at all the other exception for synthetic vitamins would be the synthetic version of b1 benfotiamine okay this is a fat soluble vitamin b1 which doesn’t appear to have any side effects but it’s great to penetrate the fat layer in your brain the fat layer around your nervous system the myelin sheath to help things like peripheral neuropathy without any toxicity and some of the water soluble vitamins are not toxic they just kind of run out to the body so I’m not saying that all synthetic vitamins are but some of them are especially the ones that are fat soluble the next point is that when you take high potency synthetic vitamins they can cause deficiencies and other nutrients vitamins in nature always come in these complexes and when you actually have large amounts of certain factors and not other factors you can create an imbalance because our bodies use different combinations of nutrients it doesn’t just use one fraction it uses a complex of different things synthetic vitamins are basically artificial fractions of parts of vitamins made from things like petroleum oil and coal tar sulfuric acid and cornstarch synthetic vitamins so cheaply and then when you see what they’re which are charging in the health food store you’re basically gonna be shocked because the markup is so high but the quality is not there synthetic vitamins also do not absorb as well as natural vitamins primarily I’m talking about like vitamin E for example also in synthetic vitamins there’s no cofactors or enzymes or trace minerals whoops almost lost that for a second so I always recommend natural or whole food vitamin complexes and the way to find that out is in the back the label you’ll actually read the ingredients and it will it’ll tell you if it’s an herb based or a concentrated food verses on the nutritional facts like b1 100 milligrams b2 100 milligrams b3 100 milligrams they’re all the same values in nature you wouldn’t see the same percentage on all these vitamins they would be varied if you’re consuming concentrated liver or liver itself realize that a lot of people already have too much iron and if you consume even a natural amount of liver which is concentrated iron and that could be bad plus liver has a super concentrated amount of vitamin A so you could overdo it with both iron and vitamin A if you consumed either too much liver or too many liver pills and that would be an exception to the synthetic because liver is natural so in summary the exception to synthetic vitamins would be some type of detox and then photo mean really try to go for natural or whole food vitamin complexes and if you have to take synthetic vitamins only take them more on the short-term basis thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About 5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Vitamins.
5 Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Vitamins

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Synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins are not the same. Here’s why you may really want to avoid synthetic vitamins. 

0:06 Synthetic vs natural vitamins
1:06 Synthetic vitamins side effects
3:26 How can you tell if you’re getting the right natural vitamins?
3:56 Are you getting too much iron?

In this video, we’re going to talk about natural vs synthetic vitamins and the five reasons why you should avoid synthetic vitamins. 

Synthetic vitamins vs natural vitamins:
Synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins are not the same things. In nature, vitamins come in complexes. When you buy a natural vitamin, it can also come as an individual part of the complex, and it’s much better than the synthetic version. But there is a time and a place for the use of synthetic vitamins. 

For example, a short term detoxification program may call for synthetic vitamins. However, you do not want to use synthetic vitamins for maintenance. The other exception would be the synthetic version of B1, which is benfotiamine. This is a fat-soluble vitamin B1 that does not appear to have any side effects.

Synthetic vitamins:

• Synthetic vitamins can be toxic 
• Synthetic vitamins can cause deficiencies 
• Synthetic vitamins are basically artificially fractions of parts of vitamins 
• Synthetic vitamins don’t absorb as well as natural vitamins
• Synthetic vitamins don’t have cofactors, enzymes, or trace minerals

How can you tell if you’re getting the right natural vitamins?
I believe natural or whole food vitamin complexes are the way to go. Look at the back of the label, and in the ingredients, it will tell you if it’s herb-based or a concentrated food vs if it just lists the vitamins and all of their values are the same. For example, B1 – 100mg, B2 – 100mg, B3 – 100mg. In nature, the values would be different.

Liver pills could also be an exception as far as synthetic vitamins. But, consuming too much liver or taking too many liver pills could cause you to have too much iron or vitamin A.

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