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Your Major Stress is Hidden in Plain Sight

Your Major Stress is Hidden in Plain Sight

Your Major Stress is Hidden in Plain Sight

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More specifically, you want help with Your Major Stress is Hidden in Plain Sight?

hey guys today I’m back with another video on the number one hidden source of your stress you ready for this the news TV radio web magazines I want to define a word sensationalism what does that mean the use of shocking stories at the expense of accuracy to provoke interest I want you to do this one experiment just get the newspaper okay and try to find some good news when we’re constantly reminded of bad news over and over and over war is eminent the threat of war terrorism crime drug scandal threat of an epidemic unfortunately good news does not sell newspapers so let’s just kind of go through the newspaper and see if there’s any positive news here all right technical snags fuel chaos trial of promising HIV vaccine fails to women killed child hurt in college dorm a Russian to us define housing for quarantine passengers China accuses us of spreading fear failing to offer aid after divorce from the UK Britain maps out the future Hong Kong was this closing China border escalating strike Chinese markets oil prices plunge over coronavirus fears okay here’s another one as hard sell sir sales grow alcohol Giants invest in alternative drink markets well that’s not good airstrikes escalate violence between Turkey in Syria now I know someone’s gonna disagree and say dr. Berg we need to be informed right well yes we need to be informed I have nothing against that but not to be informed of the negativity 24/7 in your face everywhere you go at the airport there’s the news you go get your hair cut if the news is claimed recently I was at the computer repair store had the news in there playing 24/7 it’s just too much negativity and I’m not going to even get into whether the news is unbiased or not or if it’s truthful or not just the fact that this negativity is put in your face 24/7 is not good for your health so I want you to do it Behrman with yourself okay I want you to limit the amount of bad news you expose yourself to the amount of news that you consume on a weekly basis and I want you to refocus on some good news and I will guarantee your health is going to improve and also comment down below on what you think about this topic 

This Post Was All About Your Major Stress is Hidden in Plain Sight.
Your Major Stress is Hidden in Plain Sight

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Can you guess this huge hidden source of stress? 

0:06 The hidden source stress
0:13 Sensationalism 
1:36 Do we really need to be informed of negativity 24/7? 
2:12 Try this experiment 

Today we’re going to talk about the number 1 source of stress that you may not think of. 

The #1 source of hidden stress is the news. TV, radio, the web, and magazines—all of these news outlets could be causing you stress. 

Sensationalism: The use of shocking stories at the expense of accuracy to provoke interest. 

Get the newspaper, and try to find some good news. Yes, we need to be informed. But do we really need to be informed of the negativity 24/7 everywhere we go? 

All of this negativity all of the time may not be good for your health. Consider trying this simple experiment on yourself. Limit the amount of bad news you expose yourself to. As you do this, refocus on some good news instead. I believe your health may actually improve. 

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Consider trying to combat the #1 source of hidden stress: the news, 
by limiting the time you’re exposed to bad news, and refocusing on good news.

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