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Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts

Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts

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hi guys in this video we’re gonna talk about sprouts when you sprout a seed you get the release of most of the nutrition as compared to taking the seed and grinding into flour and then making bread and things like that you don’t have very much nutrition but when you actually sprout the seed and consume it on your salad you get a lot of nutrition in fact vitamin A you get a release of an extra two hundred eighty-five percent more vitamin A b1 increased two hundred and eight percent b2 over 500% increase b3 over two hundred and fifty six percent increase not to mention more vitamin C essential fatty acids more enzyme release and a lot more mineral release potassium calcium because you’re getting rid of something called phytic acid which locks up those minerals as well as getting rid of enzyme inhibitors to make those sprouts more digestible protein is increased by 30 percent more so when you’re eating sprouts you’re eating them at the peak level of nutrition broccoli sprouts for example have tremendous amounts of phytonutrients in fact broccoli sprouts contain 50 times more sulfur afine than adult broccoli so one of the bad things you might hear about buying sprouts is that you could get eat coli or Salmonella so if you just if you’re concerned about that make your own it’s very inexpensive I’ll put a link down below of how to do it alright thanks for watching hi guys listen I want to thank you so much for your wonderful comments and I want to ask you if you wouldn’t mind giving me your review on Google I put a link down below I’d really appreciate it and thank you in advance 

This Post Was All About Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts.
Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts

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Dr. Berg talks about sprouts and the added nutrition. This is because you are riding phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. All vitamins are enhanced and mineral released. You also get more protein release (by 30% more). Broccoli sprouts have 50x more phytonutrients (sulforaphane) that adult broccoli.
I recommend making your sprouts at home, this way you control the quality and they are very inexpensive.


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Sprouting releases much more nutrition. Sprouting rids phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors allows the minerals to be available to you.

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