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Soap or Alcohol: Which is the Better Antiviral?

Soap or Alcohol: Which is the Better Antiviral?

Soap or Alcohol: Which is the Better Antiviral?

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More specifically, you want help with Soap or Alcohol: Which is the Better Antiviral??

so I had a question what is better as
an antiviral using soap to wash your hands or alcohol let’s talk about that
this will be a fairly short video so when we compare using soap and alcohol
and I’m talking 60% of it being alcohol there’s some differences here
alcohol can definitely help inactivate many different microbes including
viruses okay but I only recommend using an alcohol
gel if you don’t have soap available why because soap is much much more effective
simply because a virus has a fat layer as its envelope and soap is a detergent
it’s half fat it could be animal fat or plant fat and half alkaline salts so
soap is an interesting combination between fat soluble and water soluble it
works together so you use soap as a detergent to break down grease fats and
other things that are even water soluble and so what this soap does is it breaks
down the fat layer of the virus so not only does it destroy the virus it also
separates it from your hands so in other words your hand also is a fat layer so
adding soap can take this sticky virus and allow it to be released from your
hands whereas alcohol can’t do that alright so that’s it for this video
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This Post Was All About Soap or Alcohol: Which is the Better Antiviral?.
Soap or Alcohol: Which is the Better Antiviral?

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube


Let’s look at soap vs. alcohol. Which is a more effective antiviral, and why? 
0:20 Alcohol
0:34 Soap 
In this short video, we’re going to talk about soap vs. alcohol, which is better as an antiviral?

Alcohol (60%):

Alcohol can help inactivate many different microbes, including viruses. But, I believe you should really only use alcohol gel if you don’t have soap available because soap is more effective.


A virus has a fat layer as its envelope. Soap is a detergent. It’s half fat and half alkaline salt. Soap is an interesting combination of fat-soluble and water-soluble. It can break down the fat layer of the virus. Not only can it destroy the virus, but it can also separate it from your hands. Alcohol can’t release the virus from your hands. 

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Thanks for watching! When it comes to soap vs. alcohol, soap may be a better antiviral.

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