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Sleep, Exercise & Heart Attacks! | Dr. Berg

Sleep, Exercise & Heart Attacks! | Dr. Berg

Sleep, Exercise & Heart Attacks! | Dr. Berg

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More specifically, you want help with Sleep, Exercise & Heart Attacks! | Dr. Berg?

hey guys dr. Burke here I want to answer a question off my website relating to the dangers of cardiovascular problems if you’re not sleeping and if you’re exercising okay now the answer to that question relates to chapter 14 where I talked about exercising for your body type okay and there’s two things to this answer number one you know if you ask anyone is exercise good for the heart they’re going to say oh yes it decreased risk of heart attacks okay but here’s the thing if you combine high exercise high intensity exercise or a long-distance type exercise with insomnia sleep apnea okay you are going to dramatically spike your risk for heart attacks alright why because when you’re tired the body the cardiovascular system is very very messed up if you ever looked at a graph of a heart when you’re tired it’s it’s actually very very weak okay so sleeping really improves the cardiovascular function because the heart has to beat all the time so it needs to heal when it sleeps right so if you’re not sleeping your heart is under stress okay now if we add another layer of exercise on top of that it’s not going to be a pretty picture your risk for a heart attack will spike okay so here’s what you need to do use this principle to adjust your workouts based on your energy level in your sleep okay so if you can sleep good and you have a lot of energy then go for it do a high exercise intensity type workout but if you’re not sleeping the only exercise that you should do is either yoga walking or pilates nothing high intensity because you’re going to put your heart at risk and I only see these people trying desperately to lose weight and they’re at the gym at 4 o’clock in the morning they haven’t slept and they’re pushing trying to burn off these calories and first of all they’re not going to lose weight okay secondly they’re going to create a lot of chest problems the symptom of heart problems is tension on the upper right back on your mid-back right to the left side or the left shoulder okay also having a tired heart will then prevent you from sleeping so the point is that you must fix the sleep you know I have a you can try my adrenal night formula you can try other sleeping type remedies but make sure that they don’t have another tonin make sure they’re natural okay use the acupressure on the adrenals there’s many things you can do to help to sleep but never ever ever do any type of long-distance exercise or high-intensity if you have not slept okay so go ahead and apply that and I will see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Sleep, Exercise & Heart Attacks! | Dr. Berg.
Sleep, Exercise & Heart Attacks! | Dr. Berg

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Dr. Berg talks about the relationship between poor sleep, over training and your heart. It is a bad combination. Adjust your exercise based on your sleep to protect your heart.

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