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Most Pain is Referred Pain

Most Pain is Referred Pain

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about referred pain now what is referred pain basically it’s pain that is coming from a different location than you hurt so for example if you step on a dog’s tail he’s gonna bark through his mouth right you’re not gonna mess with the mouth they’ll take the pressure off the tail but for this video I’m gonna actually use a volunteer here so Jared thank you for coming up here all right I tell you what let’s have you stand right there okay Wow looks like I didn’t quite get that right they’re a little off-center there okay the first thing is the pancreas the pancreas is an organ let’s see in right through here pancreas is right underneath the left ribcage right through here and it comes actually even crosses over sometimes so it’s right here if you have inflammation in your pancreas it can be referred to the left shoulder or the back okay right through in here or it doesn’t necessarily have to be referred it could just hurt right over the pancreas right there now the gallbladder which is the opposite side right underneath the ribcage right through in here will usually refer pain to the shoulder area right through here there’s a little muscle called the levator angle a scapula muscle and it’s this people will just kind of want a massage on the right trap but it’s really this tiny little muscle right through and here that raises up the shoulder like this and that’s where you’ll normally get it so be a tight not to be painful this is gallbladder for sure and also be the what’s happening is that there’s a little nerve that goes underneath the diaphragm okay and that nerve is called the phrenic nerve and it goes all the way to the neck the cervical vertebra like see three four and five so some of these nerve roots make up something called the phrenic nerve so you can have pain in the right side of your neck right through in here it can even refer to the right temple through here and the jaw and cause a headache on this side pain could be right through in here okay and you can even create tension in your neck and pull out the vertebra to one side and pinch the nerve and cause pain anywhere down the right arm I’ve seen that all the time even to the fingers right through now the liver is right through in here if the liver is inflamed or congested or not working that can cause pain also in the right shoulder but primarily it’s going to be in this muscle right through in here the rhomboid on the right side now over here we have the spleen which is just underneath the ribcage so the pancreas and the spleen is right here that can cause pain on the left shoulder right through in here and the heart is just off the midline right through in here and by the way the hearts the size of your fist and that will cause pain down the left arm right through here it can cause pain in the shoulder or even the jaw on this side now put your finger on your belly button okay good so his prostate is right down here that can refer pain to the back side now if you had ovaries what will happen is it’ll be just to the left or just to the right of the of that area right here that will cause pain in what’s called the sacroiliac joints so the sacroiliac joints on the right side on the left side there are little joints that connect the pelvic bone to the sacrum right here so to be right here and right here so if you have pain on the right side your female that would be the right ovary paying the left side right here that could be the left ovary and if you’re a male and you have a prostate the pain can be right in the lower back right through in here now there’s also something called sciatica pain and that is pain that runs down the back of the leg and go all the way to the lower part of the foot that’s coming from a pinched nerve either in your back or one of the muscles in your butt you have several muscles there and one is called the piriformis and that can go into a spasm and tighten up the nerve and cause sciatic pain on that side sonic pain usually comes from either a tailbone injury some injury to the lower back or prolonged sitting where you lose the curve of your lower back in which case you need to actually put that curve back in and the last organ we’re talking about is the kidney okay so the kidneys are located here in here okay and the kind of the upper abdomen deep inside so in the back if you have 12 vertebra right through in here and you have the 12th rib the kidneys are like just right underneath that right here and right here so if there’s a problem with the kidney whether it’s a kidney stone or inflammation your kidney you can have pain anywhere underneath the last 12th rib to the spine it’s this little triangle right here somewhere in the upper back on this side or this side right here now if there’s a kidney stone that dislodges from either kidney that goes down to through the little tube called the ureter on its way to the bladder this would cause pain in the groin area so the problem is not in the groin it’s actually in the ureter that little tube there now the thing to know about referred pain is they don’t know a lot about what causes referred pain where it could be some type of problem with the nerve circuitry or some soft tissue whether it be fossa or ligament or a tendon or muscle so the next point I want to talk about is what percentage of the population has referred pain versus pain that actually is coming from the actual pain source so the answer to that is it’s a large percentage I would guess to say that 50 60 percent of the pain that an average person has is referred from another area of the body especially if you hadn’t had any injury at all to an area and you start hurting for no reason then suspect it could be referred now there’s a couple of foundational things that you need to do if you have referred pain obviously involves an organ and that organ usually has a problem because the person’s diet is not good so you can treat this area over and over and over and even get rid of the pain but it’s gonna keep coming back until you fix the diet now if you’re not new to my channel you know what the solution is but if you are someone that is new to the channel there’s two things you need to do healthy keto and in a minute fasting both of these actions together can help clean up these organs and actually help to give them a rest because you’re going to be doing in a minute fasting and you’re going to find the inflammation is going to go way down the organ is going to eventually heal and you’re going to be out of pain now as far as myself I head right shoulder pain for 12 years and I did not make the connection between my gallbladder and this right shoulder I would get massages I would get chiropractic treatments and it would last for a nanosecond and it kept coming back little did I know it was related to my diet and after I eventually found you know in a minute fasting and did that I’ve had absolutely no pain in that right shoulder for years but usually the person will swear it was from an old injury that they had and that’s what’s responsible for it but it’s really related to their diet so if you’re not on healthy keto and in a minute fasting do yourself a favor and try it and see how much it can help you and the very last thing I want to say is that if you go to a practitioner and you get treated and you need repeated treatments over and over and over for months and months and months suspect that there is this situation going on in your body and isolate the area that you have focus on that and ignore this because this is the symptom this is the cause all right thanks for watching and if you haven’t already subscribed click the red button below and that little bell icon so you can be notified of all the new videos that I’m gonna be releasing and I have some very cool and interesting videos coming up in the next coming weeks plus in addition to that you’ll be notified of the live Q&A sessions that I’m 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This Post Was All About Most Pain is Referred Pain.
Most Pain is Referred Pain

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What is referred pain? Here’s what could actually be causing your pain, and what to do about it. 

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0:02 What is referred pain?
0:19 A closer look at where referred pain occurs
5:02 Referred pain causes
5:19 Referred pain vs. the pain source
5:52 What to do for referred pain
6:40 My personal experience 

Today we’re going to talk about referred pain. 

What is referred pain? 
Basically, referred pain is pain that is coming from a different location than where you hurt. 

Referred pain examples:

1. Pancreas
May have referred pain to the left shoulder or the back. It may also not be referred pain and hurt right over the pancreas.

2. Spleen 
May refer pain to the left shoulder.

3. Heart
May refer pain to the left arm, shoulder, or jaw.

4. Gallbladder 
May refer pain to the shoulder area.

5. Liver
May refer pain to the right shoulder. 

6. Ovary
May refer pain to the lower back.

7. Prostate
May refer pain to the lower back.

8. Kidney 
May refer pain anywhere underneath the last rib to the spine. A kidney stone can cause pain in the groin area, but the problem is not in the groin. 

What causes referred pain?
They don’t really know what causes referred pain. 

A very large percentage of people have referred pain versus pain from the actual pain source. If you haven’t had an injury to a certain area, but it starts hurting for no reason, it’s likely referred pain. 

What to do for referred pain:
• Healthy keto
• Intermittent fasting 

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This is the summary of what referred pain is and what you should do about it.

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