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Potassium, Muscle Strength and Exercise Endurance

Potassium, Muscle Strength and Exercise Endurance

Potassium, Muscle Strength and Exercise Endurance

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More specifically, you want help with Potassium, Muscle Strength and Exercise Endurance?

hey guys I’m back and I’ve been doing a lot of research on potassium so I wanted to create this video it’s actually quite interesting this topic relates to how potassium affects your muscle strength and your exercise endurance okay I want to give you a little background but I’m gonna make it as simple as possible you have these little tiny pumps on your cells on the membrane of the cells you have billions of them they’re called the sodium potassium pump they’re a little tiny protein molecule that have enzyme activity and you have billions of them and they work 24/7 and the name of the entire structure is sodium potassium ATPase the ACE is an enzyme and the ACE basically splits up this energy currency the ATP so it can have energy to do its job 30% of all of your energy and your body is allocated to these tiny pumps now what do they do all they do is they push out sodium and pushing in potassium so they push out 24,000 sodium ions and they push in 16,000 potassium ions now if you do the math there’s a difference of 8,000 so that difference is very very important because that difference makes the inside of the cell more negative than the outside and it creates a little voltage so basically this pump turns a cell into a battery to allow muscles to do their work through the nervous system so if you’ve ever taken a biochemistry class and not sure how it worked I hope I explained this in a real simple way now if this pump is not working you’re gonna feel it in your strength you’re gonna feel weaker and you’re definitely not going to have the endurance and there’s several things that can influence that number one low potassium in your diet you don’t get enough potassium you don’t need enough vegetables you just you don’t have enough potassium in general now it could be you have you know vomiting diarrhea excessive laxatives something like that where it’s depleting potassium but also training the more you exercise the more of these you develop the more inactive you are the less of these you’re gonna have in your muscles and by the way the biggest concentration of these pumps are in the skeletal muscle now if you have insulin resistance because you’re pre-diabetic or a diabetic that can limit these as well also if your thyroid is low you won’t have enough of those pumps if you have low magnesium you need magnesium from potassium to work you’re gonna it’s going to affect these pumps if you have kidney damage that can affect the pumps if you’re on diuretics it’ll deplete you of potassium if you drink too much coffee two to three cups per day that will definitely deplete your potassium and lastly if you actually experiencing too much stress and you have too much cortisol that will also create a potassium deficiency in effect these pumps so as an experiment if you’re exercising now go ahead and increase the amount of potassium in your diet and just observe the difference in your strength and your exercise endurance thanks for watching you 

This Post Was All About Potassium, Muscle Strength and Exercise Endurance.
Potassium, Muscle Strength and Exercise Endurance

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

How can potassium help with muscle strength and exercise endurance? Watch this quick video to find out.

0:00 My research on potassium
0:17 The primary role of potassium
1:45 Symptoms of low potassium
1:58 Causes of low energy and low potassium

In this video, we are going to talk about potassium and how it affects your muscle strength and exercise endurance.

The first thing you need to know is that you have tiny pumps on the membranes of your cells, which are called sodium-potassium pumps. They are small protein molecules that have enzyme activity. You have billions of these, and they work 24/7.

30% of your body’s energy is allocated to these tiny pumps. So what do they do exactly? All they do is push out sodium and push in potassium. Essentially, what this does is it turns your cells into little batteries to allow the muscles to do their work.

Now, if your sodium-potassium pumps aren’t working, you’re going to feel it—you may experience weakness and a lack of endurance.

There are several things that can cause a problem with these pumps:
• Low potassium diets
• Inactivity
• Insulin resistance/diabetes
• Slow thyroid
• Low magnesium
• Diuretics
• Too much caffeine
• Cortisol (too much stress)

Start by boosting your potassium and see if your energy levels increase.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped you gain a better understanding of how potassium, muscle strength, and exercise endurance are related.

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