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The Function & Malfunction of the Pancreas

The Function & Malfunction of the Pancreas

The Function & Malfunction of the Pancreas

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hi guys I wanted to create a video on some unique things about the pancreas and its function and its malfunction okay the pancreas is located underneath the left ribcage it can also extend over to the right a little bit but it has the interesting dual function of being an endocrine gland and an extra print gland okay so it makes hormones and it can make and secrete enzymes okay so insulin you pretty much know what that is it regulates the blood sugars right at lowers the blood sugar glucagon is a hormone that opposes insulin so what happens this is triggered when you’re not eating so it does the opposite of insulin so it raises blood sugar by mobilizing fat to keep your blood Sugar’s level between meals okay so and it’s also triggered by exercise and consuming a moderate amount of protein and also how it’s at one of the fat burning hormones glucagon but you know what insulin does now you know what glue gun does enzymes every time you eat the pancreas is a workhorse to produce enzymes to help you digest food especially if you’re consuming more cooked foods or pasteurized foods things like that because your body has to break it down the enzyme lipase for example works with bile to help break down fats to the smallest particle so there’s a lot of enzymes that your body makes one is being called elastase which basically is a protein enzyme that helps specifically break down elastic fibers like collagen facha cartilage that type of thing and then you have bicarbonates so bicarbonates are there to help neutralize the acid coming down from the stomach so it has a little tube and you got the stomach you have the small intestine so that acid coming down there needs to be neutralized because you have like between one and three very very strong pH and you need to quickly chill that out so that’s why your pancreas makes the bicarbonates to neutralize the acid coming in the small intestine okay so there’s a condition called endocrine pancreatic insufficiency okay that’s basically when the pancreas stops making enzymes alright so here are the symptoms diarrhea loss of appetite weight loss so then we have stat areia which is basically your body’s not breaking down fats so the stool is oily and it leaves the little skid mark in the toilet and it has a bad odor okay and then you have gas abdominal or stomach pain decrease absorption the fat size of item ins and it can affect blood sugars in other words pancreatic insufficiency can cause type 1 diabetes and even type 2 diabetes because you’re decreasing the function of the pancreas so what happens when you have one part of the gland being dysfunctional you’re gonna have the other part too so when you no longer can produce the enzymes you’re no longer going to produce the hormones as well okay now I want to talk about the causes of periodic insufficiency so you have cystic fibrosis which is an inherited condition which basically starts really blocking the function of different organs of sinus lung liver and pancreas so that would be one cause the next cause would be something called chronic pancreatitis so there’s this chronic inflammatory condition of the pancreas which could be caused from gall stones because if you block that duck with the gallstone and it backs up these enzymes back up those enzymes are so powerful especially the proteases they can start dissolving creating inflammation and its own gland okay so that would be one cause or there can be a virus or an autoimmune condition of the pancreas or the person drinks a lot of alcohol really destroys the pancreas or high-fructose corn syrup the liver dust doesn’t differentiate between the effects of high fructose corn syrup and alcohol they’re both very very similar so consuming high fructose corn syrup is like drinking alcohol as far as the liver is concerned it creates a lot of liver damage but it also has something called a cytotoxic effect on the cells of the pancreas that make insulin okay in other words they kill the beta cell they have the capacity to actually kill the make insulin and that is a link between high fructose corn syrup and not just pain chorionic insufficiency but diabetes directly so there’s two additional things that go even beyond regular sugar high fructose corn syrup which is a type of sugar or you can have pancreatic insufficiency which is another cause of diabetes so there is a huge link between high fructose corn syrup and diabetes I put an interesting link down below check it out okay guys I’ll see in the next video hey if you’re interested in finding out the underlying cause of your body issues click the link below and take the evaluation quince

This Post Was All About The Function & Malfunction of the Pancreas.
The Function & Malfunction of the Pancreas

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Dr. Berg talks about the pancreas. Normally it produces hormones (insulin and glucagon) to regulate blood sugars. However, the pancreas also produced enzymes to help in every aspect of digestion. Bicarbondates are also produced to help neutralize the acids coming down from the stomach. If there is a gallstone obstructing the flow of enzymes, those protein enzymes then can eat up itself and cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). This leads to endocrine pancreatic insufficiency. There are other causes too: cystic fibrosis, viruses (autoimmune) and alcohol. However, high fructose corn syrup can also act like alcohol in causes pancreatic insufficiency. In fact, it can cause a cytotoxic effect on the cells that make insulin (beta cells).


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