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15 Ways to NOT Gain Weight When Stuck at Home

15 Ways to NOT Gain Weight When Stuck at Home

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with 15 Ways to NOT Gain Weight When Stuck at Home?

this video is going to give you things that you can do to make sure that you don’t gain weight or get fat when you’re stuck at home perfect for people that work from home or perfect from people that are currently stuck at home point is everything in my layout for you is going to be something that you can do no equipment needed no fancy food needed nothing expensive super simple hacks that are gonna make it so you don’t gain weight when you’re stuck at home all right let’s go ahead and let’s jump right in but before I do start can you please hit the red subscribe button if you want to see my daily videos but also hit the bell icon and make sure you select all notifications not personalize notifications because that way you will get notified whenever I post a new video daily so you never miss out alright let’s go ahead and jump right in the first thing that I want you to do is if you’re stuck at home and you can’t get to the gym but you still need something quick and easy to do do upper body high-intensity interval training okay and what I mean by that is instead of going and doing a bunch of high knees or doing a bunch of sprints or doing a bunch of you know things like that utilize the upper body you’re gonna get your heart rate up higher and you’re gonna get more bang for the buck in terms of your time in fact the Brazilian journalist a study that found there’s a pretty dramatic increase in sympathetic nervous system activity when you do upper body hit so we’re talking about things like battle ropes even things like burpees without the jump even things like plyometric push-ups where you’re just doing push-ups fast and kind of bouncing with them point is if you get that upper body moving you’re gonna generate more of what is called peripheral vascular resistance okay the upper body doesn’t have the capacity to handle as much rapid blood flow so it gets the heart rate up a little bit higher you know quite honestly that’s exactly what we want when we’ve gone a little bit more bang for the buck so just do like 20 30 seconds on and then like 40 seconds off 20 seconds on 40 seconds off of some kind of upper body movement I recommend investing in some battle ropes or just a light kettlebell to do some swings this next one is kind of an obvious one and it’s kind of a simple one but imma throw it out there anyway every waking hour drop and do as many pushups as you possibly can sounds cheesy and I know a lot of people do the push-up challenge on Instagram but there’s a reason behind doing every hour we want to constantly be shifting our body between aerobic and anaerobic mode when we’re stuck at home we’re largely in the aerobic mode and we want to make sure that our cells and our mitochondria are conditioned to switch back and forth between aerobic where you’re just kind of low intensity and somewhat high intensity anaerobic where you’re doing push-ups so just trust me on that even if it’s just ten push-ups every hour it makes a difference the next thing is adding apple cider vinegar to every meal when you’re stuck at home when you’re not stuck at home I would usually say hey go ahead and just have apple cider vinegar with breakfast or on an empty stomach or something like that right but in this case I want you to leverage the acetic acid that’s in apple cider vinegar because it does something really unique at a genetic level you see it helps activate something known as PPAR alpha which is a unique protein in the body that helps the body liberate more fatty acids from the store tissue and use them properly for fuel so in essence if you do go into a caloric deficit your body’s gonna be more efficient at utilizing that fuel at least per some specific studies now additionally here’s what happens when you consume apple cider vinegar when it enters a cell the acetic acid it gets converting this something called acetyl coenzyme a now I know you might not be a science nerd let me just enlighten you with what that means when acetic acid gets turned into acetyl coenzyme a it essentially robs the body of an energy molecule ATP and what that means is for a brief moment in time the body goes into sort of an energy deficit which signals something called ampk to get activated basically the body says oh wait a minute there’s a deficit for a second so it signals a specific response in the body to start liberating fats again into the bloodstream which is exactly what we want when we’re just hanging out at home this next one is one that I recommend you do whenever possible but it’s easy when you’re stuck at home have a little bit of cinnamon or a cinnamon capsule with every meal as well cinnamon contains something known as methyl hydroxy Chalco and polymer which sounds just like a totally nerdy term because quite frankly it is but what it does in your body is nothing nerdy at all it’s pretty awesome you see it mimics insulin what that means is when you consume cinnamon the body assumes that you consumed carbohydrates so it acts like insulin so what that means is the carbohydrates that you did consume go into the cell a lot easier without the taxation on the pancreas that also means that your blood sugar is going to get lower what that means is you’re not going to have that roller-coaster ride a blood sugar crisis involved right that is what makes you hunk when you’re at home you already have the mental block that meant or shouldn’t say block but almost that mental sort of activation where you just want to eat so the blood sugar spikes only make that worse you might as well keep your blood sugar low then you don’t crave nearly as much this next one is a really cool hack and one of my personal favorites and it comes directly out of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition we’ve all heard of MCT oil before but there’s also like MCT oil powders and things like that well MCTS per the European Journal Clinical Nutrition actually increase your resting energy expenditure they increase your resting metabolic rate when you just sit down and do nothing they can increase it by up to 5% so this study took a look at subjects that consumed either MCTS or long-chain fats regular fats and a couple different variations in between well they found when they had a little bit of MCT throughout the course of the day their resting energy expenditure increased 5% why because MCTS absorbs so fast that it actually triggers a little shock to the body it’s like the absorbs so quick the body goes whoa whoa whoa what’s going on and it triggers the release of adrenaline which therefore liberates fats and up regulates overall metabolism that is awesome now you want to take this to the next level combine it with a little bit of protein here’s what you have to remember you should be eating as much protein as you can right now while you’re sedentary because a it’s not gonna really get converted into fat unless you have a ton of it but more importantly 20% of the protein that you consume ends up getting dedicated just to the metabolism of said protein protein is hard to digest so 20% of the calories you get from it just go straight to digestion so if you combine a little bit of MCT and a little bit of protein while you’re sedentary or while you’re stuck at home boom you’ve got a great great solution if you want my recommendation I put a link below for perfect keto who has a collagen technically it’s a keto collagen but it’s still relatively low fat because the fat that’s in it is from MCTS plus of course they have a really good solid source of collagen so highly recommend that plus I’m going to make sure that you get a special discount so there’s a link down below in the description that gets you special pricing on perfect keto they are a big supporter of this channel so thank you perfect keto but also thanks to any of you that also support this channel by utilizing them so check them out after you finish watching this video because it’s definitely something I would recommend adding into your daily ritual during any kind of time that you are stuck at home this next one is alternate day fasting okay now this is wild stuff cuz I’m a big proponent of fasting but I encourage you to look at your fasting a tiny bit different when you’re stuck at home the alternate day fasting has been shown to have some pretty powerful effects so what alternate day fasting is it’s just like it sounds you go one day of eating normally and then you go the next day alternate day fasting where you are gonna fast all the way until dinner so rather than a 16-8 style fast you’re gonna go all the way to like 20 22 hours but then you eat whatever you want the other day it’s pretty powerful the journal Cell Metabolism took a look at 60 people and they divided them into a control group or an alternate day fasting group they told both groups essentially eat whatever you want however much you want well it turns out that with the alternate day fasting group they automatically consumed less calories simply because they were fasting one day however they were allowed to eat whatever they wanted on the other days they did tend to over consume a little bit on their eating day but at the end of four weeks they lost 7.7 pounds whereas the other group didn’t really lose weight so alternate day fasting is just a great way to mentally be able to get yourself to get in the game a little bit without having to really think about it it’s so easy eat whatever you want one day alternate day fasting next until dinner that simple another tip right now is going to be consolidating your fats as much as you can to the morning period now this is of course if you’re not fasting or on the days that you’re not fasting if you consumed most of your fat calories in the morning you have basically a genetic process in your favor you have the activation of the expression of what’s called PE our one PE r1 is an interesting pathway that essentially regulates energy metabolism but more so regulates the diurnal rhythms that allow us to store or utilize fuel now we have a better process of utilizing this fuel in the morning and not storing it negatively so basically what that means is you can get away with consuming more fat in the morning and not have it go to storage then you could in the afternoon or evening it’s actually somewhat negligible but I would say if you allocate 25% more of your calories to the morning then you later in the day you’re actually in better shape in terms of like how your biological clock is actually working this next one is pretty simple when it’s kind of the opposite of what I just talked about while you are somewhat sedentary just avoid eating later at night try to bump everything up one hour here’s the thing you have melatonin receptors on your pancreas so what that means is when it starts to get dark and your body naturally produces the sleep hormone melatonin it actually signals the pancreas to sort of chill out and what that means is that you’re going to have a much higher likelihood of becoming insulin sensitive by eating late at night especially if it becomes a habitual thing over time so just bump everything up an hour and you’ll be fine now let’s also talk about vitamin C okay vitamin C’s gonna be the next one now I’m careful not to say to Megan dose vitamin C although I will say personally I like to take a lot of vitamin C first of all amazing for the immune system which we all are concerned with but also in the case of not gaining weight it blunts cortisol so it’s also been found that when you are creating lots of cortisol for whatever reason because you’re stressed you have a higher vitamin C demand so you do want to make sure that you’re keeping your vitamin C levels in check so that it can handle the cortisol but also it’s been shown to blunt cortisol a little bit so it can potentially help you out with not storing that fat around the midsection at least so some of the studies lead to then another thing that you can do which is something you should be doing well quite frankly as much as you can anyway but when you’re stuck at home it’s way easier to hyper hydrate as long as you’re getting your minerals in your salt your magnesium your potassium hydrate the heck up okay there now studies that show that consuming 500 milliliters of water can jack up your metabolism up to 30% within 10 minutes of consuming that water well what is going on well researchers think it’s largely the stimulation of adrenergic receptors so what that means is again similar to the MCT thing you’re chugging so much water that all of a sudden the beta adrenergic receptors are just like whoa what’s going on shock up regulate metabolism up regulate adrenaline catecholamines epinephrine norepinephrine things like that and voila you’ve got an increase in metabolism that is a pretty significant increase 30% now that might be relatively short-lived but if you stay hydrated all the time you can see how this could work other studies have tried to replicate these exact results and they’re still finding on average easily between 3 & 5 percent rhaggy increase in metabolism so no matter what we’re looking at at least like a 3% increase in your metabolism you think about that and what that looks like in calories that’s a lot over the course of a month right that’s a lot of fat that you could be burning something by hydrating and you’re at home so drink a bunch because the bathrooms right there who cares the last one that I want to talk about is adding some macadamia nuts to your meals if you’re doing something low-carb if you’re not doing low-carb forget the extra calories because quite frankly the calories are gonna cancel out the potential benefit however macadamia nuts are super unique because they are one of the only foods that has what is called Omega 7 palmitoleic acid palmitoleic acid is cool in and of itself but it works synergistically with omega-3s within the body to regulate insulin sensitivity so it makes you more insulin sensitive and it can control inflammation there are some studies that show that it potentially modulates inflammation by like 20% now this is wild stuff in the world of just trying to control inflammation because we don’t want to a get sick but be because we’re sedentary and we’re not moving around as much which would normally modulate inflammation so use those macadamia nuts as your source of fat versus other nuts now I will say for immunity sake pecans have a ton of antioxidants so you might want to cycle between macadamia nuts and pecans that’s just a fun fact I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video 

This Post Was All About 15 Ways to NOT Gain Weight When Stuck at Home.
15 Ways to NOT Gain Weight When Stuck at Home

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15 Ways to NOT Gain Weight When Stuck at Home – Thomas DeLauer

Being STUCK at home or working from home can be a TRAP!! It can be easy to fall into bad habits and gain some, or a lot, of fat! I’m going to lay out a few simple hacks that don’t require the use of a gym, or some expensive diets. These hacks can definitely come in handy during a time like this. So let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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