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Should You Drink Water With Your Meal or Not?

Should You Drink Water With Your Meal or Not?

Should You Drink Water With Your Meal or Not?

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so recently had a question from someone that wanted to know should I be drinking water when I’m eating food okay so let’s just talk about that there’s several points to cover the thought is that if I drink too much water it’s going to dilute the hydrochloric acid my stomach and that’s gonna weaken my ability to digest food that hydrochloric acid normally is there to then trigger enzymes in the stomach to help you digest protein primarily and absorb minerals and kill off microbes okay so that’s why we need that acid there now I could not find any human studies that prove that drinking water is going to dilute this inhibit digestion however here’s my thought on that if you’re doing a complete protein meal like for example my first meal today which is about one o’clock I’ll do all protein in fat okay and then I’ll do a lot of my salad at the next meal with a little protein a little fat but I do most of the protein of fat at the first meal I just recommend that if you’re gonna drink water add a little vinegar it’s gonna help you keep the pH where it needs to be but definitely don’t do alkaline waters don’t add any calcium carbonate to the meal because that’s gonna dilute it like you wouldn’t want to take an anti acid while you’re eating like tums or anything like that that would be very very bad and over the years some people swear by it they say they digest better with more water some people don’t so you just got to test the waters so I really think it’s a trivial thing it’s not like the important thing like what’s more important is what you’re eating okay the quality of food that you’re eating and basically if you’re thirsty drink water if you’re not don’t drink but don’t force yourself to drink a lot of water especially when you’re doing protein because potentially it could dilute the hydrochloric acid and we can the ability to break down protein now if you’re doing salad with a meal or you’re combining a good amount of salad with protein you may even find that you’re more thirsty at the end of the meal because a lot of that fiber actually attracts water and it gels up in your colon so your body will tell you to drink a little more now I will drink more water when I eat a salad definitely compared to what I’m just doing protein so again it’s not a hardcore rule that you have to do water or you have to avoid water see what works better for you I will say that the majority of population is low in stomach acid so if you have a weakened digestive system and let’s say your stomach is not strong with a good enough acid probably not go crazy on too much water simply because it’s common sense you don’t want to dilute that start to build it up with something called betaine how to chloride I’ll put the spelling down below and even outside of vinegar or outside of vinegar pills and the way that some people know that they don’t have enough acid in the stomach as they start getting acid reflux okay because that valve on the top of the stomach has sensors for the pH and so it will close if the stomach acid is strong and it kind of opens if it’s weak so if you’re getting regurgitation for example it potentially could mean that you need more acid alright guys so in summary the answer is it depends anyway thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Should You Drink Water With Your Meal or Not?.
Should You Drink Water With Your Meal or Not?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question if should you be drinking water when you eat food. The thought is when you drink too much water, it will dilute the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and is going to weaken the ability to digest food. The purpose of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is to trigger the enzymes to primarily help digest protein, absorb minerals, and kill off microbes.

If you are going to drink water on your meal, add apple cider vinegar to help you keep the pH where it needs to be. Avoid adding calcium carbonate or drinking alkaline water to the meal because it will dilute it. But then, what’s more important is what you are eating or the quality of food you are consuming, and don’t force yourself to drink a lot of water especially when you ate protein because potentially, it can also dilute the HCL and weaken the ability to break down protein. If you are doing a salad with a meal or combining it with protein, you may find that you are thirstier at the end of the meal because a lot of the fiber attracts water and it gels up in the colon, so the body will tell you to drink a little more.

If you have a weak digestive system or your stomach isn’t that strong with a good enough acid, don’t go drink too much water, and start to build it up with betaine hydrochloride, apple cider vinegar, or apple cider vinegar pills.

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