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Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion)

Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion)

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More specifically, you want help with Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion)?

hey it’s Thomas de Lauer and today we’re covering when you should consider mega dosing of vitamin C now full disclaimer I am NOT a doctor I’m talking about my opinion and what I do so you have to take this with a grain of salt or grain of vitamin C but we’re gonna go through it in detail so we’re gonna cover in this video is how vitamin C is critical to the immune system in specific cells within the immune system will talk about vitamin C and cortisol and how it can actually crush your stress levels believe it or not then we’ll talk about when you should mega dose and when you shouldn’t mega dose and we’ll talk about some of the research but then we’ll also get into a little bit of just some nerdy stuff surrounding the heart which actually does circle back to the immune system so stick with me through this whole video so you have the full playbook and just remember it’s not for everybody but it’s definitely something to consider if you’re really thinking about boosting your immune system all right here we go so most animals create a vitamin C we have to remember that humans are the anomaly so most animals have an enzyme that allows them to take glucose and turn it into vitamin C since humans lack that we need to be pop and vitamin C that’s why it’s always pushed right well here’s what it looks like we have immune cells and these immune cells have little vitamin C transporters on them and what those vitamin C transporters do is that they take vitamin C from the blood and suck it into the immune cell as soon as we’re sick where students were immunosuppressed or compromised or tired or stressed so the point is we don’t really need vitamin C all the time we just need it as soon as our immune cells become active problem is we don’t always know when our immune cells become active now if we look at animals it’s been shown that most animals that produce vitamin C will produce ten times the amount of vitamin C as soon as they become immunosuppressed tired sick starting to get sick stressed out and this has been seen in studies with goats where they actually produce like over a hundred thousand milligrams of vitamin C when needed that’s what that’d be like a ton of capsules and I’m not saying you go out and do that point is our natural bodies know what to do but we lost the ability to create that vitamin C hundreds of thousands of years ago so what’s interesting about our bodies is when we have an infection or anything like that our little immune cell will suck up so much vitamin C they’ll suck up a hundred times the plasma level of vitamin C in our blood just into the actual immune cell itself so you can start to do the math here right okay you’re living your life you’re already somewhat deficient in vitamin C or maybe you have a baseline level then the second that you get sick your cells are sucking up all the vitamin C in your blood and if you don’t have vitamin C on hand right then and there then your immune system just come doesn’t know what to do and here’s what it does specifically so we have natural killer cells okay these are the big beasts see there’s the big warriors they’re like the black ops they’re the Special Forces guys that go in and they just boom eradicate the virus they soak up most of the vitamin C and the vitamin C is required within those natural killer cells to help them navigate to the virus okay it’s like their night-vision goggles helps them get that virus so that they can neutralize it without vitamin C they can still do their job but they kind of just roam just aimlessly imagine sending Special Forces helicopters into enemy territory but with no radar or anything just boom go okay see what happens so that’s kind of what’s happening without vitamin C in kind of a loose sense right then we have what are called neutrophils neutrophils are very similar except they work on bacteria and they go after bacterial infections and engulf the bacteria and zap it with health they zap it with well antioxidants vitamin C once again helps them navigate and also helps that engulfing process then we go into lymphocytes not going to spend a lot of time there because that gets a little complicated with different immunoglobulins and the different just immune response and antibody response point is it helps those lymphocytes navigate and direct antibodies where they need to go if it sees a virus and it says oh oh we need to produce some kind of antibody to prevent this from becoming a problem vitamin C will help regulate that process so I think it goes without saying vitamin C is very very important but where’s the research what we look at the one study that I like those published in 2014 in the journal nutrient took a look at test subjects that were either consuming placebo or a measly 1000 milligrams of vitamin C okay now over the course of time they measured how often they got a cold the people that consumed the vitamin C got a cold 47% of the time 47% of them got a cold sorry that’s still pretty bad right but when you compare it to placebo eighty-five percent so yeah we almost that in half by taking a thousand milligrams when immunosuppressed yeah now the other cool thing about this is that those that took the vitamin C had an increase in their physical activity scores by 40% that’s what intrigues me because it makes us wonder how often is our immune system revved up on a high alert and it’s fatiguing us but we don’t even realize it so these people that took vitamin C their physical activity improved because they had more energy because they were helping out an immune system that was active when they didn’t know it at least that’s my theory and that makes perfect sense right there’s another indirect thing that we have to look at too what is our first line of defense against any kind of virus or any kind of bacterial infection it’s our skin and it’s our mucous membrane so our mucous right so it’s our respiratory that the mucus that’s in our nose our mouth that protects us from a virus coming in in the first place well collagen makes those bad boys up and vitamin C is required for collagen to form the matrix the HELOCs that it actually needs to have structure without vitamin C we don’t have good collagen that forms mucus and skin to protect us it was pretty interesting stuff okay now mega dosing I will say okay we’ve looked at Linus Pauling’s research he was all about having a baseline of 3000 milligrams per day because he concluded that that’s what we would produce as humans if we had the enzyme if we actually had the enzyme to produce it that’s baseline okay what about when we actually started looking at when we’re sick well he talked about taking between 15 and 18,000 milligrams per day when he was mega dosing full disclaimer I am NOT suggesting anyone go out and megadose this is a YouTube video I have to be very very clear on that but I will tell you what I do okay when I start feeling rundown sleep-deprived or sick I usually up for anywhere from 7 to 15 thousand milligrams depending on the product and depending on how I’m feeling that’s just me you have to be your own health advocate here some interesting research that’s come out from a friend of mine someone that I know very well dr. Vivian Lowe at the transform Alliance for health well she took a look at some of her patients and she gave them 3,000 milligrams of vitamin c daily when they were healthy and they got some bloating and some discomfort which is a very common thing that’s how you know you’re taking too much you feel bloated because vitamin C is an osmotic it draws water in but then those same patients when they were sick or stressed she was able to give them up to 18,000 milligrams before they felt any discomfort showing that they were absorbing more this is pretty wild within on the contrary you look at a study that was published in American journal Clinical Nutrition they said well if people that normally take 200 milligrams of vitamin C start taking 25 hundred milligrams it only increases their blood levels just a couple points well that’s in healthy individuals so that actually proves our point when you’re healthy it’s hard to overdose on vitamin C because your body’s just gonna excrete it but when you’re sick your body’s gonna utilize it just like dr. Vivian Lowe found I will say I linked out down below to one of my companies which is pure thrive pure thrive has a liposomal vitamin C now there are studies that back that vitamin C in a liposomal form is very effective it means that it survives the gut biome and it can actually get absorbed a lot easier so we have it in a liposome on micellar technology form so I’ll go ahead and I’ll link out to it down below it makes it so that you could take a lower dose of vitamin C and have potentially better absorption via that liposomal delivery method so there’s something that I’ve researched a lot we have a couple patents on it’s just interesting stuff so I’ve linked out to it down below absolutely no pressure this is a company that I’m involved with so I don’t want to make us seem biased or anything like that but I did link out to them down below feel free to use whatever vitamin C you ultimately want to use are you stressed a lot though okay we have to look at this too because stress works kind of on a different system yes it suppresses your immune system but also elevates cortisol which can frankly affect your body composition so when we’re looking at body composition what can we do to improve cortisol well it turns out vitamin C can crush cortisol as well so there was a study although it was done on rats that found that rats that were given 200 ohms of vitamin C per day which is 3x their normal dose well they had crushed levels of pourcel it improved their overall stress markers their cortisol levels went down and they ultimately became more active and healthier now I know that’s not apples to apples because it’s rats there actually are some individuals case studies and plenty of anecdotal studies that look at vitamin C and the effect on humans in terms of mitigating stress and fun fact one of the things that I do when I film is load up on vitamin C on filming days because I feel like I think a lot better I feel like I’m less stressed in front of the camera anyhow that’s neither here nor there now a tip for you if you want to be able to absorb more of your vitamin C and maybe not have to take as much is make sure that you’re not taking your vitamin C with any kind of sugar or carbohydrate okay we have to use the same transporter to transport vitamin C as we do to transport glucose so it’s kind of funny if you get your vitamin C from orange juice you’re kind of just going nowhere because the sugar in the orange juice is going to make it so that you’re not absorbing the vitamin C ultimately so that’s what you have to think about so straight-up vitamin C with protein or fat versus vitamin C with a carbohydrate so one of the things that I would recommend is either a take your vitamin C on an empty stomach or B take your vitamin C along with protein and fat just avoid those carbohydrates that go along with its then you can increase your absorption I think you’ll also find that if you take it with carbohydrates you might get more gastric upset because you’re gonna have more water drawing into the colon water going into the intestinal tract and we typically want to avoid that so again this is my thought process on this I can do more videos talking about the benefits of heart health because it does have an effect on lipoprotein a and it does potentially affect clots in the positive way so I’ll do another video on that but if you have ideas for future videos surrounding vitamin C put down below in the comment section see you soon 

This Post Was All About Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion).
Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion)

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Vitamin C MEGADOSING for Prevention of Illness (Science + My Opinion) – Thomas DeLauer

With lots of talk surrounding getting sick and the immune system recently, I wanted to create this video to articulate when you should be megadosing vitamin C. Despite what some people may say, vitamin C is extremely critical for optimal functioning of our immune system. And there are times in which you may want to MEGADOSE it, but when? Let’s go over the pros & cons of megadosing vitamin C and I’ll see you in the comments!

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