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Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer?

Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer?

Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer?

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More specifically, you want help with Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer??

so recently I had a question from someone that wanted to know will the Sun cause cancer should I stay out of the Sun should I go into the Sun so here’s my opinion if you look up this topic you’ll see a lot of information that Sun does cause cancer especially melanoma which is the number one skin cancer in fact melanomas are up 3,000 percent from 1970 to now okay then you have the other fact which is this people are getting less sun exposure during the house more they don’t go as outside as much I know when I was a kid you know 20 years ago I’m just kidding maybe 40 years ago because I’m 54 we were outside a lot now I’m driving through the neighborhood I can’t even see any kids everyone’s inside I think because of the computers right so we’re not getting as much sun exposure so we have this fact that opposes this fact so one of these is untrue because you can’t have two facts that oppose each other okay so our people really getting less sun exposure or could it be possibly that the Sun is not the main cause of this cancer well to understand this problem we have to kind of pull a string to see if there’s any additional information that lines up with this theory or this theory okay check this out 75% of all melanomas occur in areas on your body which are rarely exposed to the Sun that’s interesting very interesting here’s some more information sunscreens have chemicals that cause cancer there are certain chemicals in sunscreen that are carcinogens okay I’ll put a link down below for those of you that don’t believe me vitamin D is very anti cancer and by the mandi comes from sun exposure so check this out there’s another study I’m gonna put a link down below that assesses people with melanoma and their vitamin D levels and found that there’s a high level of vitamin D deficiency when in cases of the melanoma and the last point I want to bring up is sunscreen blocks vitamin D production on your skin so it is very very unlikely that the Sun is responsible for this big spike in melanomas I think it actually has a lot to do with other factors what people have been eating a lot of the vegetable oils in our diet that are very inflammatory soy and corn also the level of sugar which cancer can live on there’s a lot of other factors so based on this information it can’t be the Sun all right there’s also a point of moderation you’re not going to go out in the Sun to get burned over and over and over again because there is UV radiation but you also want to make sure that in your diet that you’re consuming foods that actually prevent cancer so in reality the massive benefits of vitamin D from Sun far outweigh any potential risk for cancer and you also want to use judgment you don’t want to over expose yourself to Sun and get burned repetitively that’s going to create damage and I would also suggest not to use tanning booths simply because that’s a very unnatural source of UV radiation but a moderate amount of healthy Sun on a daily basis I think is a very healthy thing thanks for watching so if you like this video go ahead and share it with someone that you know that can truly benefit from it

This Post Was All About Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer?.
Does the Sun Cause Skin Cancer?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question about the sun that can cause skin disease. And this is based on this two theories;
1.Sun causes Melanoma increased by 3,000% from 1970 to today.
• 75% melanomas occur in areas which are rarely exposed to the sun.

2.Huge trend less exposure to sun.
• Sun screen have chemicals called carcinogens.
• Vitamin D is anti-cancer and it comes from sun exposure.
• Study – people with melanoma low in vitamin D level
• Sun screen blocks vitamin D level production

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