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The 5 Symptoms of Eating Too Much Protein

The 5 Symptoms of Eating Too Much Protein

The 5 Symptoms of Eating Too Much Protein

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all right so today we’re gonna discuss the five symptoms or ways of knowing you’re consuming too much protein okay number one foamy urine okay this is a situation where you have protein spilling off into the urine normally you don’t have a lot of protein in the urine you shouldn’t have anything maybe just this very small amount so if there’s protein in the urine it can become foamy now if you have protein the urine potentially it could be liver disease but it could also mean you’re just consuming too much protein cut it back and see if it goes away because your kidneys actually filter about a hundred and eighty liters of fluid every single day I mean think about it maybe you consumed two liters of fluid your kidneys are filtering it all day long so it’s filtering the blood over and over and over and only a tiny 2% of it is excreted as urine so there’s it’s very very efficient so if you have too much protein you can overload the kidneys overload the liver and it can spill off into the urine number two gout okay now usually gout is a liver or kidney problem okay but if you’re adding more protein to it you can get an incomplete protein breakdown and generate too much uric acid and create these gout crystals number three decrease appetite okay that could be one of the symptoms and before fluid retention or edema you may see a little swelling or even in your ankles some pitting edema you press into your ankle and it kind of leaves a dent in there and number five fatigue okay so these are the five symptoms of consuming too much protein now let’s say for example you’re on one meal a day all mad and you’re fasting okay and you’re eating more protein than you should well what happens is like you have if you’re eating one meal a day you have like 23 hours to fast and you have so much repair going on you can probably get away with it very easily without creating any problem to the kidney or a liver because the benefits of that fasting are huge just for in repair in general so if you’re just eating that one meal you could do a good amount of protein more than usual but typically it’s good to consume a moderate amount of protein not too little not too much just an average amount between like 3 to 6 maybe up to 8 ounces per meal okay depending on your your age depending on your digestive system depending how big you are okay but this is the range that seems to work out best alright I’ll see you in the next video so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About The 5 Symptoms of Eating Too Much Protein.
The 5 Symptoms of Eating Too Much Protein

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 5 symptoms of eating too much protein.
1. Foamy Urine – A situation where protein is spilling off into the urine.
2. Gout
3. Decreased Appetite
4. Fluid Retention or Edema
5. Fatigue

If you are in one-meal-a-day fasting and you are consuming too much protein, the body has so much repair going on that it is okay to consume that protein amount without getting a problem to the kidney or liver because of the benefits of fasting. But it is good to consume a moderate amount of protein between 3 to 8 ounces per meal depending on your age, digestive system and how big you are.

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