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Magnesium Makes Fasting EASIER and more EFFECTIVE

Magnesium Makes Fasting EASIER and more EFFECTIVE

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More specifically, you want help with Magnesium Makes Fasting EASIER and more EFFECTIVE?

there are some things that you should take during a fast and some things that you absolutely should not when it comes down to minerals and vitamins it’s a little bit of a gray area because some vitamins and some minerals can actually affect a fast negatively and some can improve them okay let me give you a basic example of how taking the wrong kind of vitamin during a fast can actually kill the effects of a fast all right let’s take a look at vitamin C for example very simple innocent vitamin right okay it’s an antioxidant has tremendous properties when it comes down to neutralizing free radicals within the body well when we’re fasting we’re trying to get a hormetic response what that means is we’re trying to instill stress upon our body so that our body is forced to adapt that’s the purpose of the fast is to get us stronger and adapted well when you take a vitamin C while you’re fasting what’s happening it’s giving your body a crutch you’re helping it neutralize free radicals instead of your body being forced to do it on its own okay that’s a perfect example and there are studies that back that up so just a simple example there but now let’s talk about magnesium and minerals because most people come from the school of thought that minerals should always be taken during a fast like sodium potassium things like that in magnesium okay well magnesium for whatever reason is excreted and exceptionally high rates during a fast like really high rates in fact the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and metabolism published a study that found that after a two month fast I know you’re not doing a two month fast but after a two month fast magnesium was excreted at four to five times the normal rate now again I know you’re not doing a two-month fast but the point is is why after two months with the body still be forcing so much excretion of magnesium we don’t really know the point is when we’re fasting for whatever reason our body likes to expel magnesium so it’s very important to replace it but we run into a problem magnesium is calming and relaxing and fasting is by its very nature jackin us up with epinephrine in order to burn fat that’s why we have so much energy we get so jazzed up so wouldn’t magnesium counteract that well I was kind of from that school of thought then I did a little bit more research hey I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button over there and then also hit that little bell icon that way you always turn on notifications you’ve always got cool videos like this and I want to make sure you never ever miss a beat and also you should be consuming magnesium all the time not just when you’re fasting so go ahead and check out thrive market they are an online membership based grocery store and you can get foods that are rich in magnesium foods that are in my kedo list and also my fasting box so i’ve been able to assemble all kinds of foods put them into a basic box that people can order so they don’t have to I don’t know think about what they’re ordering they’re saying okay this is what Thomas recommends I can go ahead and I can get this fasting box or this keto box and this and that so link down below in the description check it out after you watch this video so since nany’s iam would normally counter act up a nephron it seems like it would just not work now there’s a study that’s published in the journal hypertension okay it found that magnesium blocks n-type calcium receptors at nerve endings okay blocking epinephrine okay that was how it would reduce blood pressure well that tells us right there well more blocking up a nephron so according to this journal hypertension we probably shouldn’t take magnesium while we fast because it blocks epinephrine but when we start looking at further studies it gets really really interesting and this just blew my mind okay so a study that was published in the journal anesthesiology found that magnesium did block the hypertensive effects of epinephrine but it did not stop the cardio tonic effects what does this mean in simple terms it means that magnesium stopped the effect of epinephrine at sort of the nerve ending level affecting our blood vessels so it was able to stop epinephrine so our blood vessels weren’t as tense they were relaxed so therefore our blood pressure went down but it didn’t affect the heart it didn’t affect heart rate and it didn’t affect cardiac output this is really cool stuff and I know I’m nerding out but for those of you that are fasting you want the benefits of epinephrine if you kill the benefits of epinephrine you’re essentially killing the fat burning effects of your fast but we still want to have our magnesium in because we want our blood pressure to be low we want to feel calm well now we can have the best of both worlds because it turns out that during a fast when epinephrine is elevated hey guess what magnesium is only going to kill the effects of epinephrine at sort of that blood vessel nerve ending not at the heart level so you still get the epinephrine allowing the mobilization of fat allowing that fat to mobilize and move but then you also improve the blood vessel dilation so then you have more blood just seamlessly moving through delivering where it should mobilizing more fat moving more fat it could in theory actually improve your fat loss so this study in particular took a look at 11 participants okay and infuse them with magnesium and it improved their serum magnesium levels 44% okay but they had also Co administered epinephrine they wanted to see how they would work together so they found there’s no effect on heart rate no effect on cardiac output it only affected the hypertensive effects it only affected their blood pressure so point is yes we can have magnesium in fact it’s probably worth having we’re going to lose minerals so might as well get our sodium in we might as well get our potassium in and the one that was in question magnesium sounds like we definitely want to get in because it’s gonna help us out immensely so if you want to know more about different minerals to take during a fast or different vitamins that are okay to take during a fast let me know in the comment section below but it’s less about what’s okay to take during a fast because most vitamins and minerals you might as well just reallocate to the end of your fast anyway but if you’re gonna get a benefit then you definitely want to take them so magnesium covers the best of both worlds keeps up a nephron doing its job but minimizes it where it could be hurting us as always please keep it locked in here on my channel let’s see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Magnesium Makes Fasting EASIER and more EFFECTIVE.
Magnesium Makes Fasting EASIER and more EFFECTIVE

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Magnesium Makes Fasting EASIER and more EFFECTIVE – Thomas DeLauer

During a prolonged fast, your kidneys can excrete magnesium quite quickly – in a study from the The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the kidneys of participants on a 2 month fast, were excreting magnesium at a rate 4-5 times higher than normal

The average magnesium loss per day when it comes to fasting (typically) ranges from ~80mg to ~200mg (per The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, respectively)

Magnesium & Norepinephrine & Epinephrine

Per a study in the Journal Hypertension, magnesium blocks mainly N-type calcium channels at nerve endings, and thus inhibits norepinephrine release, which decreases blood pressure

Another study, published in Anesthesiology, found that magnesium inhibits the hypertensive but not the cardiotonic actions of low-dose epinephrine

In 11 patients, infusion of magnesium increased serum magnesium concentrations by 44%, but had no significant effect on heart rate; mean arterial, central venous, or pulmonary arterial occlusion pressures; or cardiac output

However, magnesium significantly blunted epinephrine’s hypertensive action and prevented a significant increase in mean arterial pressure during concurrent MgSO4-epinephrine administration.

Norepinephrine vs Epinephrine


Norepinephrine acts mostly on alpha receptors, although it does stimulate beta receptors to a certain degree


Epinephrine is relatively nonspecific, stimulating both alpha, beta 1, beta 2, and beta 3 receptors more or less equally – epinephrine activates changes that are designed to increase energy use (i.e. break down fat tissue)

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