Why Do I Get Sick When I Exercise?

Why Do I Get Sick When I Exercise?

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I’m gonna talk about what to do if you get sick when you exercise now some people they get sick if they over train or if they’re doing some type of an endurance type exercise like a triathlon they actually get the flu or they get a cold now there’s quite a bit of research on this I put some links below but it has to do with the deficiency of l-glutamine it’s the most abundant free amino acid and it’s needed by the white blood cell the leukocytes at very high levels it’s also needed to support the gut immune mucosal layer which is basically the barrier to your immune system so if you don’t have enough l-glutamine and you’re overtraining or you’re exercising too much your immune system will be suppressed and you’ll have less ability to fight infections and this can also occur if you’re very very deficient and you just do a little mild exercise I’ve seen that happen to where as soon as you start working out you start getting like the flu symptoms you just need to take some l-glutamine and I would recommend take between five to ten grams per day and it’s not just the exercise that can exaggerate the need for glutamine it could also be a systemic inflammatory condition or a chronic infection which a lot of people have this and they don’t know even have this or a post surgery or some type of trauma from a burn or an accident so just realize that there’s a connection between your stress and immune system and this is the food that feeds the immune system to keep up with this increase demand on your body so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications 

This Post Was All About Why Do I Get Sick When I Exercise?.
Why Do I Get Sick When I Exercise?

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Do you get sick when you workout? You may be missing something crucial. 

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0:15 Why do I get sick when I exercise?
0:19 About L-glutamine
0:36 If you have low L-glutamine
1:00 What to do if you get sick while you exercise  
1:06 Other things that can cause you to need more L-glutamine

In this video, I’m going to talk about what to do if you get sick when you exercise. 

Why do I get sick when I exercise?
It has to do with a deficiency of L-glutamine. 

• L-glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid
• It’s needed by your white blood cells at high levels
• It supports the gut immune mucosa layer

Low L-glutamine in combination with overtraining or too much exercise may cause:

• Immune suppression
• Less ability to fight infection 

What to do if you get sick while you exercise:

• Take L-glutamine (5-10 grams per day) 

Other things that can cause you to need more L-glutamine:

• Systemic inflammation 
• Chronic inflammation 
• Post-surgery
• Trauma/burn

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