Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store

Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store

Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store

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More specifically, you want help with Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store?

so today we’re in Carmel California and we’re gonna run into a Safeway which is just like Avon’s like a Randall’s like a Tom Thumb depending on where you are in the country so what we’re gonna do in Safeway is we’re gonna check out energy drinks okay because you may think the energy drinks are all bad but the reality is some of them are actually pretty clean and simple so we can break down the simplicity of the best ones that are there and the nice thing is I know that Safeway has just a wide variety of energy drinks so although you may not have a Safeway in your community you will probably have the energy drinks that we’re gonna look at so let’s go ahead let’s jump in and let’s have a little fun and hey if you want to make sure that you check out fat snacks so I put a link down below in the description so you can check them out so they are a low carb healthy cookie play the cleanest low carb cookie that’s out there so I put a link down below if you want to check them out they’re a big supporter of this channel so huge shout out to them now let’s go ahead look at some energy drinks alright let’s see where this energy drink section is now so normally I’m not the biggest fan of energy drinks right it’s not like I drink them regularly but there’s still a lot of people to watch my channel and you might be one of them that still has an energy drink from time to time so you might as well know what’s clean and what’s not might as well break down the good ones and the bad ones now there’s a few very simple ingredients that you need to look for so I can make this video relatively short and sweet this isn’t to brand Bosch this isn’t to even brands support this is to just basically give you the breakdown of the basic ingredients need to look for so you can see they’ve got a good selection here so it gives us a wide variety to really teach on so let’s start straight up let’s go ahead and take a look at a low-carb monster I’m not even gonna bother looking at the ones that have sugar right okay we know I don’t need to just continually say this so let’s take a look at what Monster has first okay so carbonated water and then in this case still has glucose this is the low carb one citric acid natural flavors taurine so Tory has some interesting processes within the body it does help support your energy levels you know it’s not made from holes I know people used to say tourists taurine there is like this old myth out there it’s perfectly simple fine amino acid that you can use sodium citrate more just a preservative panax ginseng ex-writer you they have ginseng that’s nice and ginseng is actually coming before caffeine so interesting there sucralose alright we want to avoid sucralose and benzoic acid is also preservative that has been shown to have some negative effects within the body so we want to be careful there l-carnitine here’s thing carnitine is not really needed in the body if you are deficient in carnitine which by the way is pretty rare then yes you need carnitine but markers out there will say that contine is going to help you burn fat because here’s what happens carnitine is an amino acid that allows energy to transfer into the cell into the mitochondria specifically fatty acids so yes it’s called the carnitine shuttle pathway and normally fats need to ride on carnitine but only if you’re deficient in carnitine is this going to be an issue and chances are I almost can guarantee you’re not deficient in carnitine so it’s an overly marketed product however on the ketogenic diet you don’t even use carnitine ketones pass through the mitochondrial membrane without carnitine in the first place so anyhow the sucralose alone already just deterred me so let’s go ahead put this back let’s not waste a lot of time on ones that we know are not that good okay let’s take a look at banger because everyone’s talking about bang right now the protein coffee ones I don’t really want to talk about because there’s just a lot of moving pieces there we have way too many different things going on there like this is a 140 calorie energy drink that’s not that’s a more of a meal more than anything so let’s look at just a basic one okay let’s look at one of these that just has like a super creatine for whatever reason that has creatine in there okay so we’ve got in a typical bang we have carbonated water citric acid ina hydras we’ve got natural flavors so natural flavors is way high up on the list okay natural flavors as I talked about in many of my other grocery videos okay there are over 100 different inorganic non even disclosed compounds that can be in quote unquote natural flavors so we have to be really careful with what we see there because they are just flat out not even FDA approved because they can be considered negligible ingredients because there’s such a small amount well it doesn’t take a lot of arsenic to cause a problem within your body it doesn’t take a lot of poison to cause a problem within your body right so even though it’s non detectable or it’s discretionary huh natural flavors still scare me especially when they’re that high up on the list caffeine anhydrous that’s fine that’s a very inexpensive form of caffeine that has a very powerful diuretic effect so you are gonna drop some water weight with this sodium benzoate potassium citrate monohydrate essential amino acids okay I gotta give me credit there okay they have leucine isoleucine valine lysine okay they’ve got the EAS that’s pretty nice then we get into some of this other stuff sucralose once again okay it’s interesting that they use sucralose okay they’re putting all this effort into putting essential amino acids in there which are actually not cheap okay EAA is you know that’s not the cheapest thing to put in a simple energy drink but what’s wild is that the sucralose is completely just obliterating your gut bacteria studies have shown that it kills off 50 percent your gut bacteria why wouldn’t they use stevia or monk fruit just kind of frustrating the other thing that I really have to pick on here a little bit is you have an energy drink that has zero calories right okay so typically would be okay on keto or some would think that it would be okay during intermittent fasting but it has the aminos in it that’s the issue with bang there’s a lot of their products have the essential amino acids or the branched chain amino acids which if you’re trying to build muscle and you’re not worried about your metabolism things like that sure that’s great but this is going to spike your insulin to a point where it’s probably going to break a fast and have a negative effect on your fast so with that being said I would stay away from a bang however I know they have some other flavors I see looks like they only have the super creatine version which has creatine and everything in it not a big fan of that alright so I will just go ahead and cut to the chase here all of the monsters either use sucralose or acesulfame potassium those are two things you want to be careful with let me tell you something to be honest if you are not super concerned about your gut bacteria then deal with sucralose you will be fine it’s not the best stuff in the world but you’ll live but one thing you really want to look out for is acesulfame potassium it’ll also show up on an ingredient label as acesulfame k or ace k okay this has been shown to cause a pretty significant insulin spike sucralose doesn’t cause as much of an insulin spike so that’s what’s interesting however acesulfame potassium is a very unhealthy stuff it causes what’s called a cephalic insulin response because it is so hyper sweet it actually triggers your pancreas to produce insulin again is it going to give you energy sure but it’s gonna break up fast you just want to be careful of that okay so coca-cola has some energy drinks I think these yet country water 2% of natural flavors once again caffeine guarana extract d3 and b6 pyridoxine hydrochloride top there it is right there just to show you acesulfame potassium ahead of super low so a lot of times Sugo sucralose first then acesulfame potassium in this case it’s a Scafe erst and then we get into all these so definitely not good stuff alright so we’re not finding a whole lot of clean ones here let’s see what we got here’s some other ones it’s two coconut 110 calories I’m going to try to find ones that are all zero calorie because anything that’s going to have calories are going to have sugar in it like any of these like they’re gonna have 39 42 grams of sugar okay let’s take a look at sugar-free Red Bull okay carbonated water citric acid taurine once again all good sodium bicarbonate bake which is salsa just baking soda my Museum carbonate colors caffeine aspartame okay so aspirin team’s not good but then we also have a sloping potassium as anthem dumb yeah in a bunch so you can see everything that we’ve got here is all really just basic stimulants they’re just sweetened amino acids and caffeine that’s almost everything here so let’s just get something a little bit different why can’t we find one that has a little bit of creativity here’s one I haven’t science I don’t think I’ve seen this one before zero calories no sugar it does have two grams of carbs so it would technically break a fast carbonated water citric acid taurine sodium citrate natural flavors vegetable juice for color blue clear and a lactone caffeine potassium sorbate sodium benzoate calcium D pantothenate sucralose there we go it does have a quarter ahna which is solid that’s good stuff but the sucralose I’d be a little bit once again probably keeping this out of the equation we’ve got the ginseng root extract if actually if this didn’t have the sucralose it would actually be a pretty solid one I wouldn’t be that opposed to this one so if you can look past the super lows not that bad because I didn’t see yeah this guy doesn’t seem to have any acesulfame potassium I will go ahead and grab one of these just because it’s probably out of all the dirty energy drinks it seems to me one of the cleaner ones okay then we’ve got up time let’s see this mental physical energy what’s this guy that filtered carbonated water natural flavors once again citric acid calcium citrate natural caffeine okay that’s applause I don’t know a natural means I don’t know what that means okay then potassium benzoate and potassium sorbate Sukhram hooks come on okay the guys thing I like they have Feeny at least they’re getting a little bit more creative here panax ginseng root so here’s the thing so ginseng is going to help you out with a thermogenic effect it helps elevate core body temperature a little bit but also it helps elevate levels of ampk okay that’s gonna help your body utilize its stored energy better so that’s all fun and this is great but again they kind of ruin it by putting the sucralose in there next have a really interesting Commodore the coenzyme q10 and everything like that which is going to help support essentially energy getting into the mitochondria so very very effective in fact you see a lot of people spending a lot of money on coenzyme q10 so I love they heaven in energy drinks it’s clearly designed to help with the cognitive effect right mitochondrial density supporting the mitochondria in the brain Angelica root extract I actually have to do a little research on that I don’t know much about that so kind of a bummer honestly the sucralose kind of ruined it I’m not even the bother doing it but if you’re looking for a mental boost that one looks okay and then here’s the original version that seems to have cane sugar Mountain Dew I can almost guarantee okay I’m not gonna bother about one okay let’s skip that so looks like Mountain Dew came out with their line of energy drink which just okay Rockstar pure zero let’s see what’s in this here whoo interesting carbonated water citric acid erythritol taurine sodium citrate caffeine at benzoic acid base k you’re on it this blows my mind erythritol is not the cheapest stuff okay and they’re probably trying to capitalize on the fact that erythritol is a cleaner sweetener but then they have acesulfame potassium snuck in there and also sucralose so what they’re doing with the erythritol is they’re trying to round out any flavor from the sucralose to try to give it just a more realistic sugar flavor but all they’re doing is adding a prebiotic fiber that you know make you feel bloating so I don’t like that because now you add one other thing to the mix whoa holy holy moly you can see why energy drinks get a bad rap now if you were to go to a place like Whole Foods or if you were to go to a place like sprouts or Trader Joe’s even yup I find some energy drinks that are cleaner right some things that are just overall just better ingredient profile okay but got to remember where we’re at a typical grocery store and this is what you’re typically going to find okay let’s see what else they’ve got here okay what is room phone room oh it’s got a bunch of calories in hi bowl I’m actually familiar with check this out carbonated water does have natural flavors organic caffeine which does make a difference okay a lot of times people will claim that when you have organic caffeine ends up being much less of a crash later on okay so it picks you up and drops you a little bit easier then we’ve got guarana extract which again has been shown to have thermogenic properties okay then we have gin sink which we’ve talked about okay we’ve got vitamin b3 we got the panthan a basically a bunch of the fight amines wow this is actually really good so there’s no sweeteners there’s nothing else in it it’s just organic guarana organic ginseng and organic caffeine it’s a relatively low caffeine content 160 milligrams and the only beef that I have with it is it uses cyano cattle Amin as the vitamin b12 so if I don’t mean b12 you want to get in what is called methyl cobalamin it’s a more expensive form so you’re not gonna see it in a lot of energy drinks cyano kabul Amin means cyano kovalam and cyano cyanide okay that is the prefix with cyanide so it is quite toxic okay it’s supposed to be a B vitamin to help with energy however you’re having such a small amount of it I would argue you’re not going to have a big effect it’s not gonna hurt you too much but I would look for methylcobalamin instead this is by far the cleanest and technically wouldn’t even break a fast I like it there actually honest too because natural flavors typically will add a negligible amount of carbohydrates so some would say well does this break fast in that case depends on who you are and who you ask this in my opinion is a very very clean one but it doesn’t have the most amazing taste it’s just carbonated water with a little flavoring I wish that they would make it with no flavor and just straight-up carbonated energy water but in that case – I’ll make it at home Red Bull Limited I already see sucralose so then start moving a little bit faster when we’re doing figuring that part out [Music] okay let me get into the gear of amante stuff which actually that one’s got sugar let’s see if we can find one it’s sugar-free here Miramonte could be a whole separate video to be completely honest but typically if you can find a good clean near Bamonte a that doesn’t have any calories in it doesn’t have any natural flavors added to it that can be a good substitute for an energy drink as well let’s see here okay you know I think I saw some other ones I think I saw some c4 around the corner so let’s go take a look at that one alright so then we get into this stuff these aren’t typical energy drinks are actually in a different section let’s see focus aid that sounds like kind of an energy drink let’s see what’s in it okay so it’s got 100 milligrams of natural caffeine then it has nootropic so it has alpha GPC alpha GPC is in some ways to wrap around precursor to acetyl coenzyme a so it does legitimately give you some good brain effects you can get alpha GPC just over the counter like pretty much any for pharmacy or drug store let’s see what else is in it though they put carbs in its whole living room nine grams of sugar why would they do that so it’s got a seat allylic carnitine hydrochloride tremendous for the brain alpha bliss role fossil fossil chlorine so that’s the alpha GPC then we’ve got ginseng extract rhodiola which is great for mood balancing green tea extract and great stuff gamma and the new butyric acid so it’s got gaba in there and help keep you calm your mamata extract this is actually a really really good compound but then oh no not only is our carbs in it but they use raw organic blue agave nectar straight-up fructose goes straight to the liver to know beloved Genesis right into fat storage if this didn’t have the agave I would approve of this straight up everyone should write them in because this is like actually a cool product like I actually really like the mix in that so if you were to ever see those kind of ingredients those would be solid but we can’t have that agave in there come on like why would you do that party aid this is supposed to be a recovery one I’m just gonna go through because I guarantee it’s still gonna have the agave in it yes those the agave so this one looks like it’s full be complex this one’s not as impressive I like this just for a mood and see sonic energy this one’s supposed to be an energy drink let’s see what’s in this one crease those stains energy it’s got Fenian okay so theanine is going to it kicks the edge off of caffeine so any time you see any stimulants and you see it combined with thinning it’s going to help you remain calm and cool theanine activates that gamma-aminobutyric acid scale of your brain which means you can still be energized but you’re gonna be a lot more calm while energized so Feeny is something I actually take before a film I just take an independent by 200 milligram theanine capsule because that way I can have some green tea I can have my caffeine and it takes the edge off so I don’t have the shakes and things like that so that’s all good this also has alpha GPC in it green tea caffeine that’s great vitamin D to precursor to d3 but it’s very very difficult for the body to convert d2 to d3 so that seems like kind of a waste I think they put it in there just to say they have vitamin D one of the things are gonna learn on my channel a lot is how to weave through a lot of the food marketing and beverage marketing that’s out there so they’ll put an inexpensive vitamin d2 form that has to be converted to d3 in the body they’ll do that just to save some money but still be able to claim it has a vitamin D I’ve got a good antioxidant blend it does have cane sugar kind of an interesting blend okay let’s go around the corner I think I said I think I saw some c4 I just wanted to touch on that and then we’ll wrap this up oh you know what a lot of people have been asking about rain let’s talk about rain for a second okay so we’ve got rain energy drink with BCAA aminos and then we’ve got all these different flavors of BCAAs we’ve already covered what ranch chain amino acids do to a fast okay they break a fast we just don’t even want them so the fact that even says BCAAs alright let’s just steer away and not waste our time this one is an electrolyte coenzyme q-10 which seems like a pretty interesting little blend here what have we got we’ve got carbonated water citric acid sodium citrate whoo it’s got leucine in it I’ll talk about that in a second come back to it natural flavors caffeine el isoleucine valine sucralose SACEM citrate potassium sorbate ace k magnesium lactate coenzyme q-10 alright yeah it was off to a great start with the coenzyme q10 and the magnesium and stuff but sucralose for one acesulfame potassium for two and then we’ve got leucine we’ve got basically leucine which is the primary amino acid in branched chain amino acids that spikes your insulin so you always want to look on a label for leucine or BCAAs or even EAS if you’re fasting or you’re trying to drink this before your workout or something like that this will break a fast technically so so far we’ve got two that it would really be okay now granted again once more this is a random grocery store okay we can find more let’s see what else we got yeah I thought I saw some seat board here so let’s talk about c4 for a second yeah I don’t see the actual ingredients here okay we go okay explosive performance blend citrulline malate whoo that’s cool carnosine beta alanine that’s actually pretty awesome betaine anhydrous an acetyl tyrosine dang it’s actually kind of cool okay 200 milligrams caffeine anhydrous that’s a really cool performance plant not gonna lie there okay so basically what’s happening here is anytime you see citrulline malate that converts into arginine within the body in a usable form if you were to take straight-up arginine it’s actually not gonna get utilized our genie is what gives you a pump okay it’s gonna deliver more nitric oxide so it gives you a pump but it doesn’t just do that it helps deliver more nutrients helps to deliver more oxygen to the muscle which is what we’re after so that’s a very very powerful good thing I’m gonna scoot down here so I’m out of people’s way okay so a very very good thing there then we have beta alanine which gives you a really interesting effect of what it does is when you take beta alanine you feel kind of tingling like you have to move it’s a totally normal response with beta alanine and perfectly natural now what I usually suggest is make your own pre-workout with this stuff okay go on Amazon get yourself some citrulline malate get yourself some beta alanine because this stuff is dirt cheap and I put a video down below in my description because I’ve talked about the perfect fasting pre-workout it’s it’s great it’s a great sim thing to make because then we get down to the other stuff in here carbonated water citric acid natural art and artificial flavors potassium sorbate sucralose and acesulfame potassium and off to a good start if these guys can figure it out and actually use stevia or monk fruit I think that’s probably catered to a lot more of a crowd however we have to think about who’s c4 typically caters to okay it’s usually catering to a younger demographic pre-workout style 18 to 23 years old its primary demographic that doesn’t really care right not that it’s anything against them they’re just probably not cognizant of it let’s see if there’s any more energy drinks up at the front and then we’ll go ahead and wrap up actually I’ve got a fun idea a lot of times you can find kind of hidden energy drinks that would work well as energy drinks outside of the energy intersection so let’s go over to like the healthy section where we might be able to see some of the I don’t know the green teas and things like that let’s take a quick peek it seemed much a lot – big fan of matcha but yeah this is totally not a typical energy drink so this is organic coconut milk coconut cream honey yeah not keto friendly I mean it’s clean but you’re gonna be at a net net positive calorie load there I look at energy drink says okay this needs to help me burn some fat to not just give me energy otherwise I’d just go get a nitro coffee okay so didn’t see anything in that little section you always have to look at the right places sometimes finding the right energy drink isn’t in the energy drink section I don’t know if they have any kind of matcha or any tea like that that might work here we go now this is obviously gonna have to be brewed sometimes you can find there we go here’s some matcha green tea powder I don’t know this particular brand but usually you just take a pinch of this there’s 14 servings in this throw a little bit of matcha in your water and shake it up take a water bottle take a teaspoon of this shake it up and honestly you’ve got a really good energy drink because you get the Fenian that’s in green tea and then you’re of course getting the caffeine but you’re getting it in a very clean form coming from green tea which is gonna be in the matcha it’s just a much better feeling plus high increase of what is called a NPK okay ampk once again when it’s up regulated within the body that means that you are actually encouraging your body to utilize its own stored fat green tea has been shown to do that in multiple different situations plus increases epinephrine increases all those catecholamines one of the best simple fat burners out there so I just wanted to tell you thank you go into a regular grocery store you may just want to consider flipping what you know about energy drinks on your on its head and then just go for something like that anyhow this is what we got super basic but you know what to look for acesulfame potassium avoid sucralose avoid okay amino acids typically avoid creatine you’re gonna want to avoid in most energy drinks and last but not least be very very careful of the natural flavors whenever possible okay as always make sure you hit that subscribe button make sure you share this video and make sure you comment which you want to see more of see you soon 

This Post Was All About Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store.
Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store

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More specifically, you want help with Powerade vs Gatorade?

hey guys today we’re gonna talk about the difference between Powerade vs. Gatorade you go to the grocery store and you will see an entire huge aisle filled with both of these items right here so their marketing is very very good I don’t know if you knew this but Powerade is owned by coca-cola Gatorade is owned by Pepsi Cola and by the way coca-cola now owns Powerade Minute Maid honesty another one called odd well duh juice I don’t know how to pronounce that exactly simple orange sprite vitamin water which by the way they bought for 4.1 billion dollars which contains 31 grams of sugar 6 teaspoons and also Zico coconut water alright so what are the mains differences okay from a 12 ounce bottle well they both contain 21 grams of sugar okay let’s evaluate what type of sugar sucrose versus high fructose corn syrup now you’re probably thinking that high fructose corn syrup is worse but the fact that they don’t tell you where the sucrose comes from they don’t say sugar cane it could come from and it probably is coming from the beet sugar which is GM oh okay that means it has residue of glyphosate not to mention I’ve heard of corn syrup comes from corn and that definitely has residues of glyphosate as well now sucrose is 50% glucose in 50% fructose high fructose corn syrup is roughly 42% fructose and 58% glucose so sucrose actually has more fructose and fructose creates more insulin resistance than glucose because it overloads the liver and the liver actually puts it right in the storage and because of the high amounts of this sugar the body will start developing insulin or so both of these are very similar but probably sucrose is a little bit worse okay then it has dextrose which is a synthetic sugar and modified food starch and this is another name for monosodium glutamate so this is a flavor enhancer it makes it taste better than it really is alright then we have the electrolytes okay we have potassium and sodium we only have two we don’t have all of them and they give you about 35 milligrams potassium and just so you know our bodies need 4700 milligrams every single day so this is a very very small small fraction of what you really need so on Powerade we have thirty five and Gatorade has forty five sodium we have a hundred and fifty milligrams and over here we have a hundred sixty milligrams of sodium and Powerade has some synthetic b6 b3 b12 and Gatorade does not have the added vitamins so which one’s better which one’s worse actually they’re both worse why because of the amount of sugar it’s sugar water with a couple little minerals with a lot of sodium so if you’re trying to hydrate yourself get something with all the electrolytes without the sugar without the hidden sugar without the malted dextran and you’re gonna be much better off now sometimes you’ll hear that hey when you’re exercising you need to replace the sugar that you’re burning off as you’re tapping into your glycogen reserve but the problem is if you’re going to replace your glycogen reserve you’re going to completely stop your ability to tap into your fat reserve which probably is one of the main reasons why you’re exercising in the first place right so both of these are not gonna help you lose weight and chances are you’re gonna probably have less endurance and you may even get tired because the amount of sugar you spike the sugar insulin comes in pushes the sugar down you end up with low blood sugar about an hour later and if you want some more data on electrolytes I put a link down below check it out and thank you so much for watching so if you like this video go ahead and share it with someone that you know that can truly benefit from it

This Post Was All About Powerade vs Gatorade.
Powerade vs Gatorade

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the difference between Powerade and Gatorade.

POWERADE (12 oz.)
• Owned by Coca Cola
• Contains 21 grams of sugar
• Type of Sugar: Sucrose(50% glucose and 50% fructose), Dextrose(synthetic sugar), Modified Food Starch (monosodium glutamate)
• Potassium: 35g
• Sodium: 150g
• Synthetic B6, B3, B12

GATORADE (12 oz.)
• Owned by Pepsi Cola
• Contains 21 grams of sugar
• Type of Sugar: High Fructose Corn Syrup (42% fructose and 58% glucose)
• Potassium: 45g
• Sodium: 160g

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