What Really Happens When You Overeat

What Really Happens When You Overeat

What Really Happens When You Overeat

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all right so I want to talk about what happens when you overeat now this probably has never happened to you but you may know people who do overeat occasionally now there’s two situations you have people that are doing in a minute fasting and keto and they’re overeating because they’re basically not going to eat for 18 hours and they’re like freaking out like oh my gosh I’m going to starve so I have to eat so much to last that long if that’s your situation then what you need to do is you need to just keep a log and write down how you feel after you stuff yourself so the next time that you do this you’ll realize wow that was very painful I better eat a little bit less and then what happens is get used to that so you have the confidence to go longer and longer and longer and fast and you’ll realize that you’re not going to starve to death and then you have people that are not on the keto plan and not doing in a minute fasting and they’re definitely in a trap because what happens is that though they might go to a restaurant for example and they bring out the bread they consume the bread even before you even start you know eating your main meal then you have their dirt that bring you the alcohol and then you have the main course right which always comes with the starch and a protein in a side salad by that time you’re completely stuffed your tube your digestive tract is completely packed down but they’re not done they bring you another document it’s called a dessert menu okay and then you’re gonna have a dessert I mean it’s so normal everyone does it I don’t do it but a lot of people do it I see people at restaurants I’m like I don’t know how they did all that food in their gut and so they eat the dessert and then they get home and they’re just completely bloated what happens is that it interferes with their sleep the next day they feel grouchy they have low blood sugars they crave carbs then next day really bad and the whole cycle starts over and over and over again so let’s take a look at some of the things that can happen when you’e read number one you’re just resting your digestive system in general you have all these different processes that are occurring with this stomach with the gallbladder with the pancreas with the small intestine with the large bowel a lot of hormonal and things going on and a lot of these processes are never completed it’s always incomplete because there’s never a time where the that pipe is empty it’s always full there’s always food coming in so you’re gonna get gas bloating constipation feel nauseous and you definitely have a spike of insulin okay and eventually that’s gonna lead to insulin resistance which is pre-diabetes because you’re overworking that pancreas most the population is right here but they don’t even know it and there’s all these symptoms that go with this right here you’ve probably heard me talk about this a million times it’s going to affect your sleep cause sleep apnea sleep apnea is insulin resistance by the way and before it’s gonna overload the fat cell because you’re consuming more calories then you can use up so it has to go into storage so you’re forcing your body to fill up the fat cell as much as it can and it spills over into the liver and around the organs it’s called visceral fat okay so you eat the meal you spiked the insulin the high level of insulin pushes the blood sugar down and you’re gonna feel the next day you’re going to have moodiness and a lot more cravings okay especially two carbs so realize your cravings today came from what you ate yesterday usually and this and you start the whole cycle again you’re in this trap and you just you just can’t get out of it because you’re craving so much you need to satisfy that sweet tooth then you get all sorts of inflammatory conditions okay primarily because the high levels of insulin there’s a certain enzyme called protein kinase R in your body that is involved in stress signals and it protects you against viruses when you overeat this enzyme is suppressed it shuts down and that starts slowing your metabolism all right so now realize that having insulin resistance you’re gonna have a hard time pulling nutrients inside your cell so you’re not going to be satisfied after you eat which is going to cause the need to continue to eat there’s no shutoff valve because the cells are resistant to insulin so you have to get on a plan that corrects this okay for those of you that are new click the link down below I will show you what to do exactly to solve this to the point where you eat and you actually feel satisfied which is be a new concept and then we have intermittent fasting which is essential because it allows the intestines to finally get a break and rest what I would recommend for you is to make an agreement with yourself that if you let’s say you go off track or you go off the wagon and you overeat you just do intermittent fasting longer okay at least that will actually repair some of the damage conscious eating even with people on keto what happens is they get home and they start watching TV and they just like start snacking okay and on nuts and things like that and certain keto friendly snacks and bars and what happens is like they’re still overeating maybe it’s not bad foods but they’re still overeating so it’s a problem so if you have a problem with this right here what you may want to do is adjust your schedule let’s say for example it’s really easy for you to fast in the morning all the way till through the afternoon all the way till five o’clock or a six o’clock or even later but let’s say for example your most difficult time is at night okay you have a just a hard time saying no to certain foods well just work your schedule were you fast all morning afternoon and you’re eating window is that night so it’s totally okay to eat alright so in summary I’m gonna recommend you really just have to be more in the present and try not to slip into this kind of unconscious eating pain and so many people are involved with so if you go to a restaurant and you’re socializing just be more aware of what you’re putting in your body so you make sure you don’t overdo it alright thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About What Really Happens When You Overeat.
What Really Happens When You Overeat

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what happens with the body when you overeat and how to deal with it.
1. Increase stress in digestion system – gas, bloat, nauseous, constipation
2. Increase insulin – insulin resistance (prediabetes), overwork pancreas
3. Decrease sleep quality
4. Overload fat cells
5. Next day increased cravings /moody
6. Increase inflammation

Protein Kinase-R – It is an enzyme that involves in stress signals protects against viruses and when you overeat, it is suppressed that causes to slowing your metabolism.

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