Importance of Collagen for Men (not just for Women)

Importance of Collagen for Men (not just for Women)

Importance of Collagen for Men (not just for Women)

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there’s some things that women need more of and there’s some things that men need more of we have bio individuality we have gender individuality we have to look at this stuff when we’re evaluating what supplements we should take what foods we should eat so in this video I’m gonna give you a breakdown of why men need collagen not necessarily more than women but why men shouldn’t neglect it okay way too many men say collagen that’s good for the hair skin and nails I’m gonna leave that to the ladies well guess what there’s a huge thing that you’re missing out on when it comes down to building more muscle it comes down to recovery when it comes down to joint health and even your brain and heck even your skin and nails what you probably still want to pay attention to even if you don’t want to talk about it all right hey we’ve got new videos coming out all the time I want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then go ahead and hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications now I’m not gonna waste any time I’m gonna get right into it we’re gonna cover five points we’re gonna talk about muscle growth and how collagen relates then we’re gonna talk about muscle recovery then we’re going to talk about joints then we’re gonna talk about the brain and then we’re going to talk about hair skin and nails because yes it still matters okay so first and foremost contrary to popular belief collagen is critical to muscle growth okay between one and ten percent of your muscle mass is made up of collagen now I don’t know about you but if someone ripped away 10% of my muscle mass just on a whim I wouldn’t be too happy so we shouldn’t neglect that 10% that’s coming from collagen in fact it makes up a big portion of our structure of our muscle as well now here’s an interesting study to put this into perspective the British Journal of nutrition published a study took a look at 27 men that hadn’t really been working out and they gave them 15 grams of collagen okay and they had them workout and resistance training for 12 weeks and they compared that to a control group that did not consume any collagen well at the end of the 12 weeks what did they find out they found out that the group that ended up taking collagen had a significant increase in muscle mass but also strength now researchers hypothesize it has to do with the arginine in the glycine that is in the collagen ok arginine and glycine when combined in the right amounts create creatine and most of us think of creatine is just a supplement but creatine is naturally occurring and if we can improve the natural occurrence of creatine within the body then we have an increase in strength and with strength comes some mass so yes believe it or not collagen has a big role in overall muscle building now let’s take it the next step further and let’s take a look at muscle fibers okay because we have to understand what differentiates men from women in this case there’s a study those published in experimental physiology that found that when women train when women workout they’re more likely to turn muscle fibers into type 1 muscle fibers which I’ll explain in a second and men are more likely to turn those muscle fibers into type 2a muscle fibers type 1 muscle fibers which in this case is the women are the muscle fibers that are really good for you know like endurance okay they’re more aerobic so they have more stamina so it’s true that when women start to workout they actually build more muscular endurance and stamina faster than men that’s cool okay men on the other hand build more type 2a which means they build more of the anaerobic type tissues they build the muscles that are faster more reactive and get a little bit more strength which would make sense right it’s kind of how we would normally expect things the thing that we have to remember is that recovery is different for each of those muscle fibers okay type 1 muscle fibers don’t require as much protein so women can get by with a little bit less although it’s important they pay attention to quality probably a little bit more men on the other hand you need a little bit more in the way of protein and collagen to support the type 2a muscle fibers that are being presented in your body ultimately now let’s take a look at what the Europe PMC published so that we can see how muscles effectively grow or at least so we think okay so we have these things called satellite cells and these satellite cells are single nucleus organisms so basically when they they divide okay so I want you to imagine this you have a muscle belt you have a muscle right and you have a bunch of muscle cells within that muscle and what happens is a satellite cell will divide and create a new satellite cell just outside of that muscle okay and then that satellite cell once it’s outside the muscle fuses to the muscle and causes it to grow and then it happens again and repeats and repeats with different cellular trauma and muscle trauma well what does this have to do with collagen well its collagen that allows that fusion to take place if you didn’t have that collagen you just have like a sloppy random growth of muscle that would never have any structure when you really do so you need the collagen to allow these type 2 muscle fibers these muscle fibers in general to have the right kind of cellular division and ultimately fusion that you need to grow muscle now we have to take a look at inflammation for a minute and our joints okay guys I don’t care who you are whether you’re 21 years old or whether you’re 50 years old or 75 years old inflammation is something you’ll be paying attention to you just may not realize that it’s affecting your lifts and affecting your workouts right okay well here’s what happens when we have any kind of inflammation within our joints it breaks down what are called proteoglycans okay these proteoglycans are a big part of the extracellular matrix that’s required for I’m just overall joint health and development and structure so what happens is inflammation itself just from overtraining and from damage and from poor health affects and depletes our collagen now if collagen is in place then we can actually reverse this process okay if we have the collagen in place we can support those proteoglycans so they don’t get broken down by the inflammation so inflammation has less of a toll so that means if your arthritic you really need to be taking in collagen so that you can help restore and rebuild the cartilage that’s allowing your joints to be flexible and not be in so much pain now there’s one very important thing that you do need to remember with collagen and that’s the fact that our body has natural stores of the amino acids required to create collagen so the argument would generally be I don’t need to take a collagen supplement because my body already has these amino acids available you see think of your body as having just like a big pool of amino acids and it has just millions and millions and millions of amino acids that it can pull from to assemble specific proteins that it needs at a given time okay so that means if it needs collagen it can pull out the three amino acids that it needs okay so the argument would be I don’t need to take a college and supplement well that’s kind of true you see what’s more important is the blueprint and what I mean by the blueprint is how collagen forms itself and we have different types of collagen type one two three four five six and all these different types are all dependent on different factors and things that help these collagen come together like collagen peptides so if you were to take just a traditional collagen like okay let’s just be blah you’re eating a tendon or something if you were to do that your body would have to deconstruct the collagen out of that tendon I know this is crass but and then it would have to put that into the pool and then your body would still have to assemble it as is so eating direct pure collagen isn’t always the most efficient way it’s better to get the aminos and to support your body with the hyaluronic acid and support your body with the peptides that are actually needed to create the collagen that’s required so if you are interested down below there is a link to check out Sun warriors collagen building peptides so these are interesting because their collagen boosting peptides and actually don’t even have collagen in them they give your body what it needs to produce the collagen so quite effectively this stuff can not only build collagen within your body but it helps you extract and utilize collagen from your diet so whether you are vegan vegetarian keto carnivore whatever it’s going to help you utilize that collagen a little bit better because it’s giving you the peptides and since men require it arguably even more than women I think it’s something you might want to check out so Sunwarrior created this product so after this video go ahead and check them out down in the description big sponsor of the channel and they’ve helped us out a lot so you can give them a big THANK YOU by checking them out okay now let’s move into the brain for a second okay most of us think the brain has nothing to do with collagen well let’s take a look at what happens in the case of Alzheimer’s for a second before you tune out let me tell you that this applies to everyone not just people with Alzheimer’s okay a lot of people will say that men aged faster than women when it comes down to the brain health and guess what some of that is actually true this is a study that’s published in the Proceedings of the International Academy of Sciences okay and it took a look at the chronological and metabolic age of men versus women’s brains so they took a look at 205 people 121 women in 84 men and they measured how glucose was oxidized in their brain they basically were measuring how active is their brain with fuel forget this this is pretty wild stuff they used it algorithm to kind of reverse engineer essentially how old someone’s brain would be and they found that on average women’s brains were 3.8 years younger than their chronological age so we have chronological age our actual physical age how long we’ve been on the planet and we have metabolic age which is our relative age based on how healthy we are so if someone was 60 years old their brain was more like 56.2 years old okay so I mean it’s definitely a big difference right with men they found that their actual brain age was about two point four years older than their chronological age so it shows that men’s brains age faster than women’s which explains why we see so much cognitive decline earlier on with men than we do with women right well where does collagen come into play with this collagen comes into play because we have to look at collagen type six which actually protects the brain from things like beta amyloid plaque which is a big cause of Alzheimer’s disease right so what they found in a lot of mice models is that if there was a high MERS disease present there was an influx or an increase in collagen type six which first glance is like oh that means collagen is going to give me Alzheimer’s no no no what your body is doing is your brain is saying we have this issue here we need to up regulate collagen to try to actually fix the issue so that’s why there’s an increase in collagen that means there’s a collagen demand okay so we have to support this demand so in theory if you were to go ahead and add more collagen into the mix you could add a layer of protection now what is hypothesize that actually goes on is that when you have some kind of beta amyloid plaque or degenerative brain disease what’s happening is you have these gaps in the extracellular matrix that’s allowing things to come in and attack the neurons okay so normally the neurons are sort of encapsulated and protected but when you have a breakdown of the collagen what’s happening is these amyloid plaques these small particles are able to get in and attack the neuron killing the neuron right but it’s found that collagen actually protects the neuron so collagen type six again a specific kind of collagen not one that you’re gonna get from just eating a tendon or something right it allows the brain to be a little bit protected lastly I want to talk about a study those colors from skin research and technology because it’s very very very important that you know this and this is super simple it was found that men actually get wrinkles faster and more aggressively than women a lot of times women will say that they get wrinkles quicker but studies have shown that men actually get them quite a bit worse and quite a bit faster than women up until about age 65 in which it balances out and then at older years over 70 women tend to accelerate a little bit faster so in the middle men are going to have wrinkles a little bit faster than women and collagen whether you want to deny it or not does play a very critical role in hair skin and nails it’s probably where most of the marketing is surrounding it because most of the research is there surrounding hair skin and nails so I don’t know I’m a guy I don’t really want a bunch of wrinkles and I don’t want to go bald so sure I’ll still pay attention to it right anyhow I hope that this gives a little bit of justification as to why collagen isn’t something you should just brush away that you should give your body what it needs to produce and create collagen from a good solid blueprint that your wonderful DNA is giving you as always if you get locked in here on my channel I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Importance of Collagen for Men (not just for Women).
Importance of Collagen for Men (not just for Women)

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Importance of Collagen for Men (not just for Women) – Thomas DeLauer

Hair, Skin & Nails

Study – Skin Research and Technology

Subjects comprised 173 men and women, divided into four groups according to age.

Photographs were taken from nine facial regions and used to classify the intensity of wrinkles into five grades

In all age groups, men showed increased forehead wrinkles compared with women

In contrast, no gender-dependent differences were found in upper eyelid wrinkles. Other facial wrinkles were greater in men than in women in all except the oldest group (age, 65-75 years), in which wrinkles in women were greater than or equal to those in men.

Results showed that gender-dependent differences exist in the degree of facial wrinkles – but, in general, men tend to have more severe wrinkles than women

This tendency disappeared or was reversed in some regions of the face and in individuals more than 60 years old


Muscle Fibers

A study published in Experimental Physiology found that with strength training women’s muscle fibers are converted to type I fibers, whereas in men they generally change to type IIa fibers

Type I muscle fibers are more efficient over long periods of time – mainly used for postural maintenance (such as holding the head upright), or endurance exercises (like marathon running).

Type II muscle fibers use anaerobic respiration and are better for short bursts of speed

The result is that women are more resistant to fatigue than men, even when women and men with the same strength level are compared

Muscle Mass

Between 1–10% of muscle tissue is composed of collagen, and, as such, it is necessary to keep your muscles strong and functioning properly

Study – British Journal of Nutrition

In one study, 27 frail men took 15 grams of collagen while participating in an exercise program daily for 12 weeks.

Compared to men who exercised but did not take collagen, they gained significantly more muscle mass and strength

Aside from collagen comprising muscle tissue, researchers also concluded that collagen may have improved strength gains due to its positive effect on creatine production

Collagen contains relatively high amounts of arginine and glycine, both known to be important substrates for the synthesis of creatine in the human body

Brain Health

Study – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

The study found that women’s brains appear to be about three years younger than men of the same chronological age

Found that brain ages are an average of 3.8 years younger than the women’s chronological ages – men’s brains were 2.4 years older than their true ages.

Collagen & Joints

Collagen helps maintain the integrity of your cartilage, which is the rubber-like tissue that protects your joints

With joint pain/arthritis, inflammation stimulates the depletion of proteoglycans and damage to the collagen network and decreases the synthesis of cartilage matrix proteins – decreases cartilage

Theorized that supplemental collagen may accumulate in cartilage and stimulate your tissues to make collagen

Collagen hydrolysate ingestion stimulates a statistically significant increase in synthesis of extracellular matrix macromolecules by chondrocytes

Suggests this may lead to lower inflammation, better support of your joints and reduced pain


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