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This Weird Form of Ginger is Black! Interesting Science of Black Ginger

This Weird Form of Ginger is Black! Interesting Science of Black Ginger

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I’m always throwing out all kinds of new things and pulling things out of my bags of tricks for you guys to try when it comes down to getting healthy I don’t know if you’ve heard of something known as black ginger it’s quite honestly like the black sheep of the ginger family and it’s not used in traditional cooking it’s not the same kind of ginger that normal ginger is so now I’m gonna break down some benefits of it because relatively new stuff there’s just really cool evidence out there in the scientific community surrounding it and it’s starting to get more accessible so I’m gonna make this brief and make it simple I’m gonna give you the benefits I’m going to talk about right here at the beginning of the video but if you want to stick with me then I’ll explain them all explain how it works and everything like that so blac ginger is awesome for libido it’s awesome for mitochondrial biogenesis which means energy it’s awesome for creating brown fat which actually dissipates heat and then it’s also tremendous for exercise and pretty good for anti-aging so I’m gonna break all these down but I want to be respectful of your time so I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications every time I go live let’s go break this down first off libido how does black ginger affect libido well this warrants a little bit of explanation it all comes down to it being what is called a phosphodiester ease inhibitor okay a phosphodiesterases inhibitor is something that stops the mediation of Faso dilation okay so when we look at blood flow which is important with libido we have to pay attention to vasodilation vasodilation is when the blood vessels expand so more blood can get somewhere well phosphodiesterases triggers the mediation of that so in the body sees vasodilation improving PD phosphodiesterase ends up elevating to mediate that well what’s interesting is black ginger is a natural phosphodiesterases meaning it stops the shrinking of the blood vessels so normally when they expand they’re forced to shrink well it’s stopping that so you get more blood flow and that means in this particular case more blood flow to you-know-where which is why black ginger is so powerful for libido it really is interesting stuff when it comes to that okay let’s go ahead and let’s talk about the next thing which is mitochondrial biogenesis this is where the science gets really interesting and mitochondrial biogenesis is really just the ability to create more mitochondria and create more energy so the journal and natural medicines published a study they found really simply put that it improved glute four levels black ginger improves glute for the expression of glute floor now when you look at a cell a cell has a glute four that is inside of it glute four comes to the service and absorbs glucose if you don’t have glutamine to the surface of a cell then glucose isn’t getting into the cell so by improving that we’re improving how a cell uses energy and when we improve how a cell uses energy we create more energy but we also develop the ability to process more which means more mitochondrial density and more let’s say power factories inside ourselves so the ability to handle more energy so this alone is powerful stuff because if we have this happening then we set the pace for the rest of our life more mitochondria means more ability to create energy not just today but tomorrow and the next day and the next day and of course we keep it up now one of my personal favorites is it increases levels of brown adipose tissue at first you hear adipose tissue and that sounds terrible sounds like fat but brown adipose tissue is good brown adipose tissue is the fat that dissipates heat so the International Journal of food scientists found that consuming black ginger increased the level of what are called brown adipose tissue adipocytes so Brown adipocytes and actually made it so that white fat ended up going through life pollicis and brown fat ended up developing now brown fat is it’s I say this all the time but it’s like one of those radiator heaters you consume calories those calories are shunted through the brown fat and the brown fat dissipates it just as heat now I don’t know about you but I would love to be able to consume calories and just have them burned as heat and not go to storage right so that’s what brown fat is so black ginger increases the levels of brown fat but more importantly increases the expression of what is called uncoupling protein one your science nerds out there know this but let me break it down really simple uncoupling protein one is like the heating element so if Brown fat is the radiator then the uncoupling protein is the heating element itself so more uncoupling protein means more actual heating elements more heat being dissipated what that means to you the calories that you’re eating just poof turning into heat now the exercise piece of the equation is really cool too and all has to come circle back with energy and all that I will mention really quick that you guys are always going to ask something know it’s going to end up in the comment sections where you can find black ginger ug dough which is the company that I usually talk about with matcha and everything like that they just released this form of Thai black ginger so I did put a link down below in the description I’m not trying to push anything on you I just know the questions gonna come up where to get it what brands like that so why not make a mention so check them out down in the description after you watch this video ok so there was a study that’s published in the journal Helion it took a look at what are called poly methoxy Flav ohms ok and what these poly methoxy Flavin’s are they’re a component of the black ginger but they’re a component that has a role specifically with ATP specifically with energy production so they found in this study with mice and a lot of these studies are done on mice because they’re early that when they gave mice this poly methoxy flavo for four weeks they had tremendous tremendous improvements in their overall endurance and stamina on an open spoon test and their overall grip strength now granted this is how they measure strength of mice they have them do a wire hang where they like hang on a wire how long do they have a grip for before they fall sounds kind of weird and sounds kind of cruel but it’s actually painless and harm harmless to the animals but it’s interesting to see that they had such an improvement now from a biological standpoint what was happening inside their body that an increase in mitochondria so it increase in mitochondrial biogenesis they were creating more again factories that could create energy at a faster rate but in conjunction with that they had a decrease in the expression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha which again new science people know this but i’m like it’s simple tnf-alpha is inflammation so they had a decrease in inflammation in conjunction with an increase in energy production so less inflammation more energy means moving smoothly flowing through life effortlessly seamlessly with more energy and last but not least this is a big one for those of you that are over 40 they found that there’s an elevation in what is called cert 1 so an expression of cert 1 now cert 1 plays a role in the deacetylation of proteins so basically it stops the deacetylation of proteins to some degree what that really means I know this is so complex and I’m I’m sorry but it’s hard to like take some of these big words and make them simple basically what it means is it stops the fragmentation of different proteins that would cause like reactive oxygen species and stress inside your body proteins break down and they they they cause stress inside your body and toxic build-up essentially for lack of a better way of saying it and if we can mitigate some of that we don’t age us fast and this is one of the biggest things that we’re finding and usually in some test tube studies but we’re still finding it so the evidence is starting to unfold that black ginger could be really powerful with this now of course with anything you know we have to wait and see all the evidence but for something that’s inexpensive something that’s simple and something that has so many benefits to me it’s somewhat of a no-brainer I think we’re gonna see a lot more evidence coming out in it anyhow I’m here to bring new information and new products and new things to you so as always to the blocking here my channel see in the next 

This Post Was All About This Weird Form of Ginger is Black! Interesting Science of Black Ginger.
This Weird Form of Ginger is Black! Interesting Science of Black Ginger

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This Weird Form of Ginger is Black! Interesting Science of Black Ginger – Thomas DeLauer


There’s this weird type of ginger, known as black ginger, that seems to positively influence your libido, creation of brown fat, mitochondrial biogenesis, AND is anti-aging! Seems too good to be true, right? Well, let’s dive into the research surrounding black ginger and see if it truly does deliver these incredible benefits! Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!

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