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What is Vitamin B6? Deficiencies, Symptoms and Foods

What is Vitamin B6? Deficiencies, Symptoms and Foods

What is Vitamin B6? Deficiencies, Symptoms and Foods

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so today we’re gonna talk about vitamin b6 okay vitamin b6 is a cofactor it’s a helper nutrient in so many different chemistry’s of the body I’m just going to talk about the main ones right here there are seven different forms of vitamin b6 the active form of vitamin b6 is called paradox well 5 phosphate you usually see it on vitamin label as P 5 P now what does b6 actually do well it’s involved in making neurotransmitters like gaba dopamine adrenaline so it affects your mood so if you’re deficient you’re gonna have anxiety depression and you might be Moody you might have this thing called PMS I mean not you but you probably know people who do it can affect your focus your attention as an a DD in order to make b6 work you also need vitamin b2 and zinc okay which is a trace mineral several things that cause a deficiency of b6 would be diabetes or blood sugar problems in general like let’s say you’re pre-diabetic or you have insulin resistance which majority of population has liver damage or a fatty liver could affect the absorption if you had a history of any colon problems like some type of inflammatory conditions that you end up having scar tissue in your gut or let’s say you have IBS or Crohn’s that could affect your absorption if you had gastric bypass surgery that could affect your absorption or your taking birth control pills or your taking steroids like in cortisone shots things like that that can affect the absorption but usually you’re not going to be deficient from the foods in your diet because it’s in so many different foods it’s in chickpeas pork liver tuna salmon other fish eggs beef and it’s in a lot of vegetables so chances are your deficiency could be coming from these other things right here now if you’re deficient the classical symptom would be dermatitis other symptoms anxiety depression like I said red irritated eyes neuro which is a destruction of the myelin sheath which v6 is involved in you also have vitamin b12 and b1 as well impaired glucose tolerance so you’re going to have blood sugar issues if you’re deficient in b6 b6 deficiency is also involved in edema and swelling especially when you’re pregnant as well as carpal tunnel syndrome alright guys I’ll see you the next video so you know my viewpoint on this topic I want to know your viewpoint what do you think about this video go ahead and comment down below

This Post Was All About What is Vitamin B6? Deficiencies, Symptoms and Foods.
What is Vitamin B6? Deficiencies, Symptoms and Foods

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about vitamin B6. It is a cofactor or a helper nutrient for many chemistries of the body. In order to make B6 work, you also need vitamin B2 and zinc(trace mineral).
• There are 7 forms of vitamin B6; The active form of vitamin B6 is called Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate or P-5-P
• It is involved in making transmitters which affect the mood, focus, and attention.

Deficiency in B6 symptoms
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Moody
• Dermatitis
• Red Irritated Eyes
• Neuropathy
• Impaired Glucose Tolerance
• Nausea, Edema, Carpal tunnel syndrome in Pregnancy

Causes of B6 Deficiency
• Diabetes (Blood Sugar Problems)
• Liver Damage (Fatty Liver)
• Colon Problems
• Gastric Bypass Surgery
• Birth Control Pills

Food Sources of Vitamin B6
• Chickpea
• Pork
• Liver
• Tuna
• Salmon
• Eggs
• Beef
• Vegetables

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