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Why Avocados Help You Lose Weight

Why Avocados Help You Lose Weight

Why Avocados Help You Lose Weight

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Why Avocados Help You Lose Weight?

This Post Was All About Why Avocados Help You Lose Weight.
Why Avocados Help You Lose Weight

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Find out why avocados help you lose weight!

0:00 Introduction: Can avocados help you lose weight?
0:42 Why avocados help you lose weight
1:12 Will avocados help you lose weight?
1:27 Insulin resistance and weight loss
1:37 Get rid of insulin resistance
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Today we’re going to talk about why avocados can help you lose weight. There is a specific fat molecule called avocatin-B that is unique to avocados. A study out of Canada found that mice lost weight, and their diabetes type 2 improved when given this fat molecule. They also found that humans lost weight when given this fat molecule that came from avocados. The fat molecule even has anti-cancer properties.

This fat molecule can help people lose weight because it is involved in complete fatty acid oxidation. When fat is fully oxidized it can improve glucose tolerance and enhance insulin sensitivity. This directly decreases insulin resistance.

Although avocados can help you lose weight, they probably won’t do much unless you’re also doing other things to support weight loss. But, this helps us see the connection to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is at the core of weight problems. Anything you can do to improve insulin resistance will help you lose weight.

It’s important to be aware of the factors that will help you lessen insulin resistance, such as:
• Decreasing stress
• Fiber from low-carb vegetables
• Apple cider vinegar (acetic acid)
• Taking cinnamon
• Taking vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B1
• Green tea
• Chromium
• Exercise
• Sleep
• A low-carb diet
• Regular intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain why avocados help you lose weight.

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Why I Eat Avocado Every Day – High Fat Superfood Series

Why I Eat Avocado Every Day – High Fat Superfood Series

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Why I Eat Avocado Every Day – High Fat Superfood Series?

we’re gonna go deeper down the nerdy avocado rabbit hole that you’ve probably ever gone before and what other person on the Internet can nerd out and get excited over an avocado more than me I don’t know I guess I’m just weird but anyhow if you’re with me and you want to nerd out with me then stick with me because we’re gonna have some fun with avocados if you don’t want to get nerdy and intimate with an avocado that I don’t know we’re gonna go down a nerdy avocado rabbit hole deeper than we’ve ever gone before right and who the heck wants to talk nerdy about Nava kado other than Thomas I don’t know but if you’re with me then let’s roll okay because we’re gonna dive into the science of this avocado high-fat superfood and we’re gonna get super nerdy and super intimate so let’s rock and roll hey as always I want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then please hit that Bell icon that way you never ever miss a beat more posting up our daily videos I can help you be the best possible version of yourself after this video I do recommend you check out thrive market they’re a big sponsor and supporter of this channel and they’re an online membership based grocery store so things that I’m talking about like for instance avocado oil today you can get at thrive market and get it delivered right to your doorstep along with other groceries and pantry essentials so highly recommend them check them out down below in the description trust me you won’t be disappointed alright let’s rock and roll and talk about avocado okay so the first thing I need to talk about is the mono unsaturated fatty acid piece mono unsaturated fatty acids are a very stable fat and normally when you’re looking at vegetables and in this case a fruit you’re not gonna find a high degree of fat let alone a monounsaturated fat that’s very stable now we’ll talk more about why monounsaturated fats are important but really there’s only four monounsaturated fat foods that are super high in monounsaturated fats okay we’re looking at avocado extra virgin olive oil macadamia nuts and hazelnuts and out of all of these avocado and olive oil are gonna be the ones that come equipped with some antioxidants as well so we’ll talk all about that but the big thing we want to focus on from a fat loss perspective and a superfood perspective is oleic acid you see oleic acid converts into something cool in the body and I know you’ve probably heard me talk about this whole Oh a ol an effing alanine thing but it’s fascinating what it does indirectly is it stimulates uncoupling protein so it stimulates your body to create more body heat okay this is a really cool thing when it comes to fat loss but also elevates something known as C D 36 which is a lipid transfer so that means in and of itself the monounsaturated fats that are in avocado not only help you liquidate more fat and move it and move it around and transport it but they also help uncoupling proteins Express more heat thermogenesis extra body heat that you’re just burning off burning calories right but that’s all fine and dandy let’s talk a little bit more okay olive oil is cool but avocado oil is slightly better in the sense of cooking right extra virgin olive oil is amazing because it has powerful antioxidant properties it has all these different things that are going to help stabilize the fat but you can’t cook with it where you can but at a relatively low temperature whereas avocado oil you can heat up to 520 degrees so cook with that stuff and get that stuff in your diet but then additionally if you’re looking at the actual fruit of an avocado it’s the best net carb to fibre ratio of any food that’s out there so that alone makes it an ideal ketogenic food and then couple that with the fact that it’s got over a thousand milligrams of potassium in a single avocado you can see why I totally nerd out and go down that well avvocato rabbit hole so this next part is really interesting if you’re not wanting to spend a bunch of money on those fancy blue blocker glasses right okay we’ve got high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin those are the antioxidants that are in an avocado that give it its color to begin with but what they do with in the macula the region of your eye that kind of acts as a filter a little bit they quite legitimately act as internal blue blockers so they kind of protect your eyes from blue light they do all this other cool stuff very powerful from an antioxidant perspective when you’re looking at your eyes but I think what makes me most excited about avocados is this next piece all right there’s a nutrient combination sort of a nutrient multiplier piece that we have to talk about avocados alone aren’t super super super nutrient dense okay yeah they’ve got some nutrients they’ve got some antioxidants they’ve got micronutrients whatever and yes they have a high amount of monounsaturated fats but they’re not like the kind of a jack of all trades master of none in a lot of ways except for the fact that unique combination of monounsaturated fats along with the specific micronutrients in antioxidants creates something that’s called a monounsaturated fatty acid fiber phytosterol matrix say that 20 times fast right okay so basically this move of phytosterols makes it so that the antioxidants and the nutrients are more bioavailable let me rephrase this in a simple way there is a study that was published in the journal antioxidants in 2019 that demonstrated that avocados have the ability to multiply nutrients so if you eat avocado with specific foods or with any foods you can potentially enhance the absorption you can enhance the nutrient multiplication simply because that unique matrix makes nutrients more available so avocados in and of themselves even though the nutrients aren’t super super dense you’re gonna probably utilize more out of them than you would from another superfood especially you can combine it with other nutrient rich foods and other nutrient rich high-fat super foods which we talk about all the time but to put matters into a more I don’t know trial perspective so you can see how it’s laid out check out this there was a study that was called the avocado trial okay it took a look at three different styles of diets a low-fat diet a diet that consisted of having an avocado a day just added to it and then a diet that took the same amount of fats that you would get from an avocado but was given to participants in the form of oleic acid so basically all the fats from an avocado but without the actual avocado itself well the group that consumed the avocado had a nine percent reduction in oxidized cholesterol oxidized cholesterol quick lesson that’s the form of cholesterol that contributes to atherosclerosis that’s the cholesterol that gets oxidized and condensed and glycated and ends up sticking to the arterial wall that in small particle LDL are the bad ones we really need to be paying attention to and the interesting thing is there’s another study that’s very similar to this avocado trial that demonstrated that small particle LDL was also reduced quite significantly whenever avocados were in the mix so it looks like avocados have the ability to really combat bad cholesterol which could be a very powerful thing when you’re just adding them into the diet the thing that I do need to know before I in on this whole avocado nerd session is that when you eat an under ripe avocado you’re not getting all the nutrients there’s something called phenylalanine ammonia Laius which is an enzyme that breaks down the avocado and allows the nutrients to become more available so when an avocado is under ripe you are not reaching its full potential in terms of nutrients other vegetables it doesn’t apply quite as much so you do want to get an avocado that’s super super ripe then once it starts to turn brown then it kind of goes the other direction and things start to degrade a little bit and just so that you do know the reason that I’ve been doing this whole i fat superfood series it’s because we’ve got an awesome mediterranean keto cookbook that’s coming out this fall or winter time i’ll keep you posted when it comes out and it’s going to incorporate these seven high fat superfoods into easy recipes that you can do at home to get yourself on that Mediterranean keto train okay so you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Why I Eat Avocado Every Day – High Fat Superfood Series.
Why I Eat Avocado Every Day - High Fat Superfood Series

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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Questions that will be answered within this video:

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– What makes avocados a superfood?
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Why I Eat 1 Avocado Per Day [Avocado Reigns Supreme]

Why I Eat 1 Avocado Per Day [Avocado Reigns Supreme]

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Why I Eat 1 Avocado Per Day [Avocado Reigns Supreme]?

This Post Was All About Why I Eat 1 Avocado Per Day [Avocado Reigns Supreme].
Why I Eat 1 Avocado Per Day [Avocado Reigns Supreme]

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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Why I Eat 1 Avocado Per Day [Avocado Reigns Supreme] – Thomas DeLauer

Avocados are an absolute superpower when it comes down to fat loss, eye health, and SO much more! With all the research over the years, and all the studies looking at superfoods, it STILL reigns supreme as being one of the best foods on the planet! Let’s dive into the 5 main reasons why avocados are still the superior SUPERFOOD! Enjoy the video and I’ll see you in the comments!

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