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The Benefits of Ashwagandha

The Benefits of Ashwagandha

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let’s talk about the herb ashwagandha I
really like this herb I use it in one of my adrenal formulas and it’s really good
for stress so let’s just kind of go through what it can do the main effect
of this herb has to do with this final chemical called withanolides okay this
is a phytochemical and there’s quite a few of them I think there’s like 300 different
types is a steroid compound interesting because your adrenal glands are also made
from steroids and ashwagandha has been around for a very very long time at
least 3,000 years it’s an adaptogen so it helps you adapt and counter stress now
of course the best thing to do is to isolate where that stress is coming from
or who is causing the stress and deal with that because I’ve noticed them even
when I was in practice that unless you really fix the stress you can keep
taking vitamins and herbs all the time and it’ll help a tiny bit but you really
have to find the source of where that’s coming from
I know presently there’s a lot of fear going on related to a virus and the
problem with that is a very interesting problem because you have this thing
which is being promoted to be everywhere you have to avoid it it’s invisible and
once you get it you can die so the best thing if you have that fear is to learn
more about it be educated on your immune system strengthen the immune system and
that way you can be bulletproof against that threat and the reason I’m bringing
that up is just because the fear itself has an emotion can literally cripple the
immune system it can make you more susceptible to getting the virus and I
will put some videos down that talk about how to strengthen your immune
system it has anti-inflammatory properties so it’s really good for
arthritis and autoimmune conditions but of course anything that I say in here is
not meant to diagnose or give you a treatment for an illness check with your
doctor I’m just talking about the effects that this could potentially
create anti-anxiety has immunoregulatory so it’s good for
the immune system because it’s lowering stress and stress is probably the worst
thing for the immune system and I already mentioned the arthritis and autoimmune
it also can potentially lower your cortisol which is behind the stress it
can actually help your blood sugars it can improve insulin sensitivity and most
people take ashwagandha simply for this to lower their stress and anxiety in one study there was an improvement of 69 percent versus only 11 percent in a
placebo trial i’ll put the link down below and also as far as you mood it can
potentially improve depression another study that I read there was a 79 percent
improvement versus a 10 percent improvement for a placebo so that’s
pretty significant it also has a potential for increasing testosterone
that may relate to improving muscle strength and even muscle mass because
testosterone is connected with that by the way the more stress that you have
the more cortisol that’s elevated the less testosterone you’re gonna have okay
we already mentioned the anti-inflammatory effects better brain
function better focus because you’re less stressed decrease pain and improve
sleep so ashwagandha is an incredible herb to improve your stress and it has
very minimal side effects if any all right if you want more information about
how to bulletproof your immune system I put it right here check it out 

This Post Was All About The Benefits of Ashwagandha.
The Benefits of Ashwagandha

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These benefits of ashwagandha are incredible. Check this out.

Dr. Berg’s Adrenal Support Product with Ashwagandha:


0:00 Ashwagandha
0:10 The main effect of this herb
0:32 What is ashwagandha?
0:45 What is the source of your stress?
1:55 Ashwagandha benefits 

Today we’re going to talk about the herb ashwagandha. I really like this herb, and I even use it in one of my Adrenal Formulas. It’s really great for stress. 

The main effect of this herb has to do with a phytochemical called withanolides. This phytochemical is a steroid compound, which is interesting because your adrenal glands are also made from steroids. Ashwagandha has been around for at least 3000 years. It’s an adaptogen, so it helps you adapt to and counter stress. 

I believe the best thing to do for stress is to isolate the cause of the stress and deal with it. Vitamins and supplements can help, but finding the true source of the stress and doing what you can to deal with it may help more. 

For example, if you’re experiencing a lot of fear related to the COVID-19 situation, it may be helpful to learn more about the virus and strengthen your immune system. 

Ashwagandha has potential anti-inflammatory properties, it is anti-anxiety, and it has immunoregulatory. 

Potential benefits of ashwagandha:
• Lowers cortisol 
• Lowers blood sugars
• Lowers stress/anxiety 
• Lowers depression 
• Increases testosterone
• Lowers inflammation
• Better brain function
• Lowers pain 
• Improve sleep 

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