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The Benefits of Alcohol Are…

The Benefits of Alcohol Are…

The Benefits of Alcohol Are…

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All right so today we're goingto talk about the health benefits of alcohol now i know this is not going to bepopular and in fact some of you might unsubscribe but realize i'm just the health messenger i'mtrying to give you more awareness on what to do to increase health and if you happen to drinkalcohol there are some things to reduce the that effects but are you ready for the health benefitsit's a big fat zero there are no health benefits of drinking alcohol it turns out that any amountof alcohol can be damaging to your brain and your heart despite what has been promoted the last40 years saying that alcohol will benefit your heart if you have a moderate amount one drink forwomen per day and two drinks for men per day did you realize that there's even this concept that'sfloating around that states that abstinence of .

Alcohol is a cause of heart disease well in a newstudy university of oxford 25 000 people from 2014 to 2020 they found that even small amounts this isbelow moderate amounts can have a negative effect on your brain in your heart now what about allthese antioxidants in the in the wines you know it's from grapes grapes are healthy well there areantioxidants for sure but it's the alcohol that is the problem now in your liver you have somethingcalled alcohol dehydrogenase it's an enzyme that converts the alcohol into something calledacetaldehyde which is very very toxic to your body and your liver in fact it's a very highlytoxic byproduct and it causes major oxidation on the liver and other organs especially yourheart and there's a lot of free radical damage occurs when you have too much acetaldehyde nowthe only purpose of this video is not to tell .

You can't drink it's just to give you the truthabout alcohol because some people are going out of their way in drinking more alcohol because theythink it's going to give you a health benefit well that's just purely false information but i dowant to give you some things that you can do not only as a substitute to alcohol but to reduce the damage so if you're going to drink asmall amount there are things you can do to counter the damage the first thing i'm goingto recommend if you haven't tried this before it's called kombucha tea kombucha tea is afermented drink it has a very tiny bit of alcohol it creates a nice relaxation effect thetexture of kombucha tea is very similar to beer or champagne it's very fizzy it's very thickand it creates a nice relaxation effect so you may .

Want to try that instead of alcohol to see ifyou'd like that there's also something called kutza root extract and this can be taken as asupplement to help you reduce cravings for alcohol and if you take it with l-glutamine it seems towork pretty good okay so you might want to try that and the last thing i'm going to recommendfor damage control if you're going to drink is just to take some milk thistle right before youdrink and it's a paddle protective in other words it protects your liver cells against damage infact it even protects liver cells against certain poisons and acetaldehyde is a poison uh from thebreakdown of that enzyme i just talked about so if you were to take some milk thistle beforeyou drink i think that can actually minimize the damage now again i just want to emphasizei'm not telling you not to ever drink alcohol .

I'm just i'm just telling you if you think you'regetting health benefits you're not and i'm also telling you there are things you can do to limitthe damage that alcohol crates on your body and i didn't mention this but i think fasting isanother really important thing to do so let's say for on a weekend lets you drink and you wereto fast the next day that would be probably the best thing you can do to help you increase yourantioxidant network and help you repair some of the damage that was created on your liver heybefore you go if you're benefiting from any of my content i would love to hear about your successstory please share it in the link down below

This Post Was All About The Benefits of Alcohol Are….
The Benefits of Alcohol Are...

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If you’ve had people in the past tell you about the benefits of alcohol, you need to check this out.

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1:14 Is it ok to drink wine?
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Today, I want to cover the health benefits of alcohol.

The health benefits of alcohol:

It turns out that any amount of alcohol can damage the brain and heart.

Misconceptions about alcohol:
• It’s heart-healthy
• Abstinence from alcohol is a cause of heart disease
• Women should have one drink a day
• Men should have two drinks a day

A new study out of the University of Oxford was done from 2014-2020 and involved 25,378 people. They found that even small amounts of alcohol can have a negative effect on your brain and your heart.

But aren’t there antioxidants in wine? Yes. But, although there are antioxidants, the alcohol in the wine is still a problem.

An enzyme in the liver converts the alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is highly toxic and may cause major oxidation in the liver and other organs. There is also a lot of free radical damage that occurs when you have too much acetaldehyde.

This video is not meant to tell you not to drink. It’s meant to give you the truth about alcohol. You shouldn’t drink more alcohol because you think it has health benefits. But there are great substitutes for alcohol as well as things you can do to help counter the damage from drinking alcohol.

What you could do:
1. Drink kombucha tea as an alternative to alcohol
2. Take kudzu root extract (to reduce cravings for alcohol)
3. Take L-glutamine (to reduce cravings for alcohol)
4. Take milk thistle before you drink (to counter the effects of alcohol)

Fasting is also very important, especially if you drink alcohol.

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Thanks for watching! If you think you’re getting health benefits from alcohol—you’re not.

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