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48-Hour Fasting – 5 Benefits of the Perfect Length Fast

48-Hour Fasting – 5 Benefits of the Perfect Length Fast

48-Hour Fasting – 5 Benefits of the Perfect Length Fast

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More specifically, you want help with 48-Hour Fasting – 5 Benefits of the Perfect Length Fast?

hey so you’re wondering about doing a 48-hour fast you’ve heard that it might be beneficial that you’re a little bit confused as to whether you should be doing or not well let me make the decision very easy for you you really should give it a try okay a 48-hour fast now and then once a month once every two months or so is something that can just completely reset where you’re at having trouble losing weight okay maybe a 48-hour fast is what you need having trouble building muscle yep maybe a 48-hour fast is what you need having trouble with maybe getting sick or dealing with things okay forty-eight hour fast it’s a perfect reset so in this video we’re gonna talk about the five key benefits of a forty-eight hour fast but we’re not talking about it in just kind of an entertainment sense I’m trying to give you a practical reason to give it a try but also to arm yourself with some knowledge so you can dive right in and get the most out of it knowing full well what’s happening inside your body so we’re not going to waste any time there’s a red subscribe button hit that sucker and then there’s a little bell icon I appreciate if you’d hit that too so you get notifications let’s dive right in so there’s some things we have to understand about a 48 hour fast the main benefit of a 48 hour fast I would argue is not that you are going through caloric restriction I mean that’s great but I think that the main benefit is the massive surplus of ketones that arise when you are in an extended fast it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a keto diet or not that has nothing to do with this the fact is when you go for say longer than 16 18 24 hours without eating you’re going to produce ketones it’s your body’s natural source of fuel when you don’t have food coming in okay so ketones aren’t about fat loss they’re more about their healing properties and more about there are almost hormone-like properties really they do some pretty cool things now to give you an example the Journal of PLoS ONE published a study that found that when you took subjects that did a 12 hour fast versus a 72 hour fast and I know we’re talking about 48 but this study is 72 it found that at a 72 hour fast the ketone levels were 15 to 20 times higher than they were at a 12 hour fast indicating that it’s a pretty significant increase in the amount of ketones that are in the blood once someone gets passed about 24 hours okay now the other thing goes interesting with the studies that found that people that were overweight that had a good amount fat on them they had higher levels of free fatty acids in their bloodstream then the lean people did which means that if you’re overweight and you do and extend it fast you are more than likely going to start utilizing your own stored fat more than even a lean person would it’s like the body knows hey you’ve got some fat to burn let’s go ahead and evacuate it into the bloodstream so you can use it but sure the weight loss thing that’s all cool but what we really want to talk about is how these high levels of ketones these concentrated levels of ketones during an extended fast actually help heal the body help get you more energy and help your body burn more energy in a clean fashion okay so let’s explain how it does this and I’m gonna go scientific for a second but please bear with me okay we have this thing called the electron transport chain and this is a complicated system that you might remember from biology class but basically what happens is this electron transport chain creates an electron gradient where electrons travel down a specific path and ultimately spin a little turbine now think of it like water going down a river and hitting a hydroelectric dam okay they’re spinning a turbine and that’s essentially how we create energy in ourselves really it is its electricity spinning a turbine the faster it spins the turbine the more energy we create okay what’s interesting is that ketones have been shown to actually increase the velocity at which the electrons pass through that turbine so it changes the ratio of the gradients so basically more electricity or more potential energy can travel down the path and spin the pinwheel so here’s a way to explain it you have a bowling ball if you drop the bowling ball at five feet it’s gonna hit the ground with X amount of force but if you drop that bowling ball from 15 or 20 feet it’s going to hit the ground with more force more potential energy ketones make it so that because the electricity changes ever so slightly we’re creating more energy which means that we are conditioning the cells to naturally create more energy so a 48-hour fast could be what you need to get yourself over this period of time where you have a bunch of slumps like if you’re commonly having crashes at 2:00 2:00 p.m. 3 p.m. a 48 hour fast can actually reverse this whole system and break that pattern is a pattern interrupt that you need but to make matters even better another thing that it does is it causes energy to burn in a more clean fashion okay so remember the electron transport chain I was talking about well sometimes some of that electricity or those electrons escape outside of their pathway okay so they they’re supposed to go directly to the pinwheel but sometimes they escape and they go out into their bloodstream and when they do that they react with everything they touch it’s a bull in a china shop okay this electricity just goes it’s called reactive oxygen species maybe you’ve heard of that goes around and it just touches things and it causes something you’ve heard of before oxidative stress okay it turns out that ketones stop the leakage of those electrons so ketones allow fuel to be burned more cleanly so those electrons don’t escape and cause that damage which means your body takes more energy and harnesses it in a cleaner way therefore making it so you’re more efficient at using energy it truly is one of those powerful ways you can reset your body okay now we have to talk about the really cool on BDNF and brain function you might not be that interested in this but trust me at some point you will be hoping that you have more cognitive function and a 48-hour fast a couple times per year even might be all you need to get yourself over that hump okay first off B D and F stands for brain-derived neurotropic factor okay and what it does is it helps strengthen neural connections it helps grow new neurons it’s commonly referred to as brain fertilizer okay now there’s a lot of different ways to boost BDNF but fasting takes the cake and you really don’t start getting the effects of BDNF until you’ve been fasting for over 24 or 36 hours to be completely honest so it’s really sort of what’s called a hormetic response a hormetic response is a body’s response to stress and what that means is whenever we have stress on our brain our brain is going to do what it can to issue sort of protective measures which means that the brain in effect gets stronger right what doesn’t kill you does typically make you stronger and in this case we’re stressing the brain out because we’re not feeding it fuel so it’s getting the ability to adapt and then when we do come off of our fast our brain is magically left with something more powerful it’s like sending someone into training and then putting them somewhere else after they’ve been trained it’s like all of a sudden that’s just super easy you’ve been training for a half marathon for a long time and then you’re asked to run a 5k it’s like a breeze right so that’s the way that your brain is functioning when it has high levels of BDNF so the Journal of applied physiology and nutrition metabolism published a study that found that median F is elevated significantly after a longer fast like a 48-hour fast in this case they took individuals and they had them two three different kinds of intense exercise and then they had other individuals do a fast well they found that those that were doing the different forms of exercise didn’t really have huge changes in their BDNF levels but those that did the fast had 3.5 times the BDNF levels that the others did okay meaning that fasting is much more powerful at producing BDNF than intense exercise however I will say just from my own experience my own research that there are certain ways you can exercise and improve BDNF and I’ve done other videos on that so don’t discount that entirely okay the point is is that if you’re trying to reset your brain a little bit a 48-hour fast is going to be the quickest way to get a big surge of BDNF and kind of help you get through maybe these let’s call them IQ plateaus okay one that we have to touch on here really quick is an obvious one it’s going to be fat loss okay fat loss during a 48 hour fast is supreme anything over a 48 hour fast and I fear that you start to have some muscle wasting okay they start to see that at 72 hours you start having some atrophy occur which means that you could be affecting your overall metabolism less lean muscle mass means less overall metabolism right so if we’re looking at a 48 hour fast it’s kind of a sweet spot because ketones get super elevated they’re elevated enough to protect muscle breakdown but they’re also in that sweet spot where we are allowing the body to utilize stored fat for fuel much easier before saying oh we got to pull out all the stops and start recruiting muscle too you see here’s what ends up happening with a longer fast your body eventually needs more glucose and it can’t pull glucose from the liver anymore it can’t pull glucose from the muscles anymore so it starts pulling it from breaking down your muscle tissue which is okay in small amounts but if you get to a point where you have to start doing that too much to maintain glucose then you’re gonna run into a problem right that’s when you start wasting muscle so the 48-hour zone is like the sweet spot for a quick shot in the arm to burn some fat there’s a couple quick tips that you should remember just to make sure that you burn the most fat during a 48 hour fast and gonna be still continue to exercise as usual okay because that exercise is going to liberate the free fatty acids a lot more consume black coffee if you want because black coffee is going to liberate those fats a little bit more as well okay it’s also gonna stimulate orexin which is going to keep the thermogenesis high keep your body temperature high so a little bit of coffee a little bit of green tea is going to be your fringe during a fast okay the other thing that you want to make sure that you focus on is keeping your minerals in keeping your salt and potassium in it’s okay to drink salt water on a fast because what it’s gonna do it’s gonna help satisfy something known as an NST receptor this NST receptor helps send a signal to the brain to keep you satiated but it can also help assist in fat loss I did put a link down below for Redmond real salt that is a really top-of-the-line salt that us in the fasting community typically use so there’s a special link down below so you just take some of that salt added into your water do whatever you want and that’s a perfect salt to consume while you’re fasting whether it’s 16 hours 18 hours 20 hours all the way up to a 72 hour and Beyond really so drinking salt water is definitely a good thing usually like two teaspoons is all you need so anyway a little bit goes a long way it’s a dirt cheap way to improve your fast so after you watch this video do check them out down below the other thing that’s really important is how you break your fast and we talked about another video so I’ll put some links down to how to break a fast down below so you see that in the description as well okay now let’s talk about the gut biome because this is a really important one and you’re gonna probably think that this is going to be boring but I’m not talking about just a change in bloating or this and that I’m talking about some serious changes in your gut biome that last you for a long time see there’s a study that’s published in the Scandinavian Journal of immunology it found some interesting stuff have found that test subjects that we’re doing alternate day fasting I know it’s not 48 hours so it still applies alternate day fasting they found that those that were doing the alternate day fasting had significant reductions in quicker evacuations of Salmonella bacteria so meaning when someone was sick and had bad bacteria in their gut they were able to get rid of it really fast compared to others why is this well they found that they had an increase in what is called immunoglobulin a IgA IgA is super super important in the gut and we often think that if we have high levels of immunoglobulins it means that we’re fighting off an infection not necessarily okay we always have a present and in the gut IgA to be present there are studies that have found that certain colonies of good bacteria cannot colonize properly in our gut in the absence of immunoglobulin a so fasting changes that and elevates an immune response that immunoglobulin a is activated so what that means is that immunoglobulin a fights off the bad bacteria in our gut that’s already existing and allows the good bacteria to flourish so it also stabilizes the immune system within our gut so what that means is going forward we have the presence of good bacteria set forth by the orchestrator in our gut not just because we did some random change that temporarily affected the gut bacteria what I mean by that is some people will go throughout a fast and they’ll just think that okay this is great i rebalanced my gut bacteria and then the second that i eat something it’s gonna throw it off again that’s not really what happens it can for sure but with a longer fast you have these high degrees of IgA that go up and that means that your I don’t want to say permanently but more longer-term affecting your gut biome you are recolonizing the right immune activity so that that carryover effect can continue the fast has done its job now your immune system does the job the rest of the way and that only is going to occur if you’re going over like 24 hours so we really want to be pushing for this 48 hour fast for that immune system response within our gut and as a added side note with the gut biome the journal Cell Metabolism published a study that found that when we are fasting at our gut biome shifts it causes a subsequent Beijing of white fat and that just means that it takes some of our ugly white fat it doesn’t do much and turns it into brown fat which has thermogenic properties so imagine a fat that sits on your body that does nothing but make you look well fat and another fat that sits on your body that isn’t as unsightly but also burns calories because it generates heat obviously we want the one that generates heat so journal Cell Metabolism proved that fasting and the change in the gut biome alters that white fat over to be more like ground fat so that’s just a fun fact lastly one that you might have heard of before is autophagy okay now let me give you a quick breakdown of what autophagy is without sounding super scientific imagine that you are a bakery okay your body is a bakery and you have all these different ingredients to make wonderful food but at the end of making wonderful food you have a bunch of scraps leftover but you have no trashcan to throw them away in right you can’t just get rid of them so what can you do you can try to shove them down the toilet but it’s probably going to clog your toilet or you could take those extra ingredients and recycle them and make something else you’ve got a bunch of ingredients leftover from banana bread that you made okay take that banana and make some banana foster pudding make something fun right that is OTO Fuji in a nutshell that’s what’s happening with your cells right components of your cells are basically getting recycled and reassemble to be used in different ways you get some benefit of this at 16 20 24 hours but largely the benefits on top a G kick in after 36 hours so again it’s not that autophagy is the sole thing that we want to focus on with these you know two day fasts but it really is the accomplice to all these other things that make you just an absolute warrior of whatever you’re doing you want that reset do a 48-hour fast watch the videos on this channel and get motivated for it you’re gonna be okay you’re not gonna get addicted to fasting I don’t want you to do them all the time you’re just doing this 48-hour fast as a reset to get your body going whenever you feel like you need a reset you hop on board you do 36 to 48 hour fast and bam you’re back on track so as always do keep it locked in here on this channel check out the other videos put them down in the description just make sure you’re subscribing and I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About 48-Hour Fasting – 5 Benefits of the Perfect Length Fast.
48-Hour Fasting - 5 Benefits of the Perfect Length Fast

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Thinking about trying out a 48-hour fast? This video covers my top 5 Benefits of a 48-hour fast, which, in my opinion, is the PERFECT length fast – and may help you decide to commit to a 48 Hour fast yourself! Having trouble losing weight? Building muscle? Or just need a reset? A 48 hour fast might be perfect for you, too…

Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

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