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Is Excess Estrogen Making Your Face Bloated?

Is Excess Estrogen Making Your Face Bloated?

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More specifically, you want help with Is Excess Estrogen Making Your Face Bloated??

This Post Was All About Is Excess Estrogen Making Your Face Bloated?.
Is Excess Estrogen Making Your Face Bloated?

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Is Excess Estrogen Making Your Face Bloated? – Thomas DeLauer

Is your face bloated? Have you tried messing with your salt intake and/or water intake with no success? Well, what if I told you that excess ESTROGEN could be the cause of your bloated face!!? There’s some newer, intriguing studies that have taken a look at this.

There was a very in-depth review published in Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (2008) that looked at the effects of estrogen on water retention and concluded that estrogen, at best, “mildly” affects water retention:

However, it seems to be that it’s more a case of researchers not fully understanding how hormones truly affect water retention, which was even stated in a 2015 article on ScienceDaily, “…how sex hormones affect water balance is not understood”

Study – American Journal of Physiology — Renal Physiology

According to the researchers, the data supported that estradiol had an inhibitory effect on AQP2, meaning the lower the estradiol level, the greater the water retention

This would explain how changes in sex hormone levels over the menstrual cycle may affect the kidneys’ water handling, and the reduced level of hormones during menopause may explain the greater water retention

A study in the journal Neuroendocrinology found that testosterone and its metabolites have an effect upon the level of vasopressin messenger ribonucleic acid in the hypothalamus of the hyper-osmotically stimulated male rat

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