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KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought

KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought

KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought?

hey what’s happening guys today we are at Taco Bell I’m gonna show you how to order Kido at Taco Bell in today’s video you’ll get a buccal bag I’ve got over fourteen items that you can order keto here and that is of course if they’re doing 24-hour breakfast at this particular Taco Bell I’m not really sure if they do or they don’t but even if they don’t serve breakfast here I have over ten Taco Bell menu items that you can order that our low-carb that our keto friendly really excited to do this video just kind of gonna order some stuff taste it let you know what I think about it of course tell you how many carbs are in each order price all that kind of stuff and then I’ve also got some pro tips which I’m gonna go into before we even taste us anything things that are really really good and things you want to avoid things you definitely don’t want to order and ask for them not to give you with your order if you’re trying to order keto at Taco Bell so I’ve got my cheat sheet here the first pro tip that I have for you guys is the signature sauces as far as the signature sauces go I’ve got four of them the spicy ranch signature sauce only one car per serving creamy jalapeno sauce one car per serving avocado ranch sauce one car per serving and then the best sauce out of all the signature sauces at Taco Bell is the creamy chipotle sauce if you order that zero carbs per serving as far as shredded cheeses go on your order the cheddar and three cheese’s just one net carb herb one carb for every serving of cheese Taco Bell also has hot sauces on the menu which are all really carb friendly the hot mild fire and salsa sauce just has one car per serving if you’re really feeling risky you want to breathe fire sweat a little bit while you’re eating your taco or burrito the Diablo sauce zero carbs per serving of course you wouldn’t be ordering a tortilla with your taco or burrito you’re gonna make a bowl out of it which we’re gonna do in a little bit here as far as what you don’t want to order on the menu obviously just like we talked about you don’t want to order a flour tortilla or a taco shell those are pretty much out of the question if you’re trying to order low-carbon Quito a Taco Bell also you want to stay away from the sweet chili sauce that has eight carbs per serving definitely not Quito and you’d want to stay away from the potato bites here the red strips or stripes I think those are the red tortillas that they sometimes put on the tacos and burritos here you don’t want to order those and of course no beans with any of your orders so those are my big pro tips for ordering low carb and keto at Taco Bell now we are gonna go through this drive-thru and order a whole bunch of food and all you guys know what I think about it are you guys doing breakfast all day or no okay just give me one second all right all right thank you button I would native sorry in advance for that crazy order I’m doing a YouTube video on low-carb keto items at Taco Bell I am so sorry for that order that was like the longest Taco Bell order of my life thank you so much they were so nice at that Taco Bell like the nicest people so the first thing we’re going over is the burrito supreme steak edition the main thing with this order is that you order no tortillas and no beans with it so if you do that you end up with a little salad a little Bowl like I’ve got going on here it’s four dollars and fifty sons because we upgraded to steak so this is under five dollars it is five net carbs and you get a pretty decent amount of steak in this bowl I’m not gonna lie so give it a taste test and I’ll let you guys know what I think mmm the steak is tender I like the saltiness from the steak and the red sauce just a ton of deliciousness going on in this bowl big time fan so the next thing we’re doing is the burrito supreme chicken edition the grilled fire roasted chicken just like with the steak option you want to make sure that you order no tortilla no beans and then you end up with a salad a little salad bowl like this again just like the steak this is four dollars and fifty cents however if you order the grilled chicken it’s only four net carbs for the order also there’s a quite a good amount of chicken in here and it’s nicely charred the I’m spilling chicken in my car there’s nice char marks of a chicken and yeah a really nice portion of chicken in here too so give this a taste mmm the chicken is tender its juicy the red sauce goes nicely with it honestly for like a quick easy lunch option for under five dollars – thumbs up really good all right we’re moving on to the dollar menu we’ve got the chicken quesadilla melt here pretty decent amount of chicken nice amount of cheese obviously the thing with this order is you don’t want to order the shells that come with a quesadilla so it’s just cheese and chicken really a nice portion and it’s the dollar menu so this is a dollar 19 there’s like a surprisingly smoky flavor to whatever sauce they put on that chicken really nice cheesy miss I dig for a dollar option I’d probably go 2 or 3 of these if I was trying to make a lunch out of it but it has less than one carb per Bowl can’t really beat that and it is really delicious mmm rhogam the next keto Taco Bell dollar menu item that we ordered was the beefy frito burrito except you can see it’s in a bowl this is not a burrito there also are no Fritos in here so with this order you want to make sure that you’re ordering no burrito no tortilla no Fritos and no rice because actually rice comes in this as well if you do that you’ll end up with something like this it’s just cheese sauce and ground beef like a little bit of sauce it’s three carbs and like I said it’s on the dollar menu so this is only a dollar that’s it we’re gonna jump into this beefy frito non burrito and give this guy a taste mmm that’s awesome the meat is seasoned so great cheese is wonderful mmm was really really good I highly recommend this dollar menu did not disappoint here mmm next up we’re doing the grilled steak taco the only thing that you have to remember with this order is just no tortilla if you do that this entire bowl of steak taco deliciousness it is just three net carbs now we did the steak supreme burrito a review of that just a little bit ago that was four dollars and fifty cents this is only two dollars and 89 cents and I’ve got to say there’s pretty much the same amount of stake in this steak taco bowl so if you want to be a little bit more budget-friendly get more bang more taco bang for your buck I recommend this grilled steak taco bowl instead of the burrito bowl that said there is a nice amount of steak in here it’s charred really nicely hmm cheese in here has a really nice element of flavor and saltiness big fan of this I think it’s actually a little bit more flavorful than that steak burrito supreme bull ordering keto at Taco Bell I gotta say the steak taco the bowl anyways it’s got to be up there in top three choices okay so he just did the steak taco bowl and that bowl had eight unab steak in it for two dollars in 89 cents it was a great value for what you got this is the chicken supreme burrito but obviously we made it into a bowl or supreme taco and we made it into a bowl the pro tip here is to order no tortilla if you do that it’s for net carbs but I’m gonna be honest with you I think the better value is the steak taco bowl there’s really just not a lot of chicken in here and for the same price I think I’m going steak all day give us a taste let you know it’s pretty good the chickens tender go to model flavor I think though this one is gonna need some Diablo hot sauce and like I mentioned the beginning of the video Diablo hot sauce zero carbs so it is the lowest carved hot sauce at Taco Bell this is the most keto friendly sauce a hot sauce at Taco Bell anyways hopefully I do not regret this decision because it’s also the hottest that’s aweso Taco Bell it’s pretty spicy even with the hot sauce though very good just not as good as our steak taco another quito chicken option at Taco Bell is the fresco chicken taco of course we’re not ordering a taco we did a bull so the move here is no tortilla you end up with something like this it’s to net carbs for the entire bowl I think you get a pretty decent amount of chicken more chicken than I got in that taco chicken supreme also I didn’t mention the price it’s two dollars and thirty nine cents for the fresco chicken taco bulb that is good big chunks of chicken in here nice sauce the cheese everything just works really really well in this chicken taco Bowl we’re gonna add a little fire sauce to this one and a little fire sauce so we got that fire sauce added here we go mmm fires awesome great I like the fire sauce better than Diablo the fire sauce is definitely not is you know in your face is Diablo sauce it’s much more flavorful of course there is one carb to the fire sauce but in my mind totally worth it cuz it’s just more flavorful more enjoyable just more delicious another keto friendly fresco item is the beef fresco taco at Taco Bell of course we’re not ordering the tortilla so we’re gonna end up with a salad bowl like this the beef is actually cheaper than the chicken option this is a dollar 89 if I didn’t mention it it’s too net carbs just like the chicken is pretty tasty as far as compared to the chicken fresco I think I’m going chicken fresco all day I just wish there was more flavor more seasoning the ground beef just oh no it just doesn’t have enough taco seasoning for me to really get into this bowl my wife Alyssa she’s wondering if adding the hot sauce is gonna make this bowl any better I guess we’re gonna find out add a little bit of the hot sauce I think the hot sauce is the best sauce that I’ve tried so far from Taco Bell even better than the fire sauce there’s more flavor that was really really good it took this bowl which is just it’s kind of mediocre and it elevated it to really good actually like quite delicious so another low carb keto Taco Bell menu item comes from the power menu it is this chicken power ball and let me tell you guys this is a ton of food this has got to be over a pound of food in here there’s guacamole pico de gallo chicken sour cream a cattle ranch dressing and a ton of lettuce I think this entire Bowl is only five dollars in nineteen cents if you get something like this from Chipotle I think you’re paying eight nine bucks I mean there is a ton of food here and I didn’t even mention the best part this whole thing is five net carbs and it’s really tough to believe that because I wish you could feel this and feel how good point babe I should show you like it is double the size so I think you’re getting a very good value from the chicken power bowl here and also at five net carbs really a great keto Taco Bell menu item the pro tip though is to make sure you order no rice and no beans in your power Bowl because obviously those have tons of carbs and we want to keep this low carb in Aikido friendly so no rice no beans get my fork out gonna dive in here I feel like I should mix everything up a little bit mmm I am a fan really good the only thing to this is that I do think it could use a little spice little spicy spice how so a little guac you’ll sour cream well chicken action and then I finish it off with the hot sauce no hot sauce mmm super tasty that is a ton of food though if you order this I think it’s like two meals this is definitely like or you’re really hungry for a big time lunch or this is just your entire dinner this is keto at Taco Bell these are all of the low carb keto Taco Bell menu items at least that I could find if you got a go-to maybe I didn’t go over it on today’s video let me let everybody else know in the comments below what your go-to s are at Taco Bell I hope you guys enjoyed today’s keto Taco Bell video and I will see you in the next one thank you so much babe for filming everything for being so patient with me I really appreciate you I love you and I will see you in the next video Alyssa will see in the next video – thanks for watching guys 

This Post Was All About KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought.
KETO at TACO BELL | I Ordered Every Keto Taco Bell Menu Item & This Is What I Thought

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Today I’m showing you how to order KETO at Taco Bell, and what I think about their low carb keto options. It’s actually surprisingly easy to make Taco Bell Keto friendly, and I hope some of my tips in today’s will help you out!

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