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If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin?

If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin?

If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin?

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so I recently had someone comment on one of my videos if rice is so bad why are the Chinese so thin right well the Chinese are not as thin as you think from 1985 to 2015 that was a massive spike of obesity in children and I’m not even talking about being overweight I’m talking about classified as obese for boys it was an increase by 14 times and for girls the obesity increase was 11x that’s crazy I mean the Chinese once were considered one of the leanest populations of the entire world now it’s ranked second behind the u.s. I wonder why well because they’re eating like Americans so yes the Chinese always consumed rice okay but let’s just take a look at what they consumed in the early 90s versus right now it was a lot less sugar 1.7 kilograms of sugar now it’s 7.7 kilograms of sugar they consumed a lot more vegetables than they do now they consumed fish a lot of seafood food was primarily boiled as compared to now it’s fried they consumed more fermented foods like NATO miso kimchi now it’s a lot less and the western food and beverage companies helped shape the science and public policy and obesity in China so the recent trends in America of consuming liquid candy I’m sorry soda is actually going down so the beverage companies now are marketing heavily in other countries like Mexico and especially China so in China there is a lot more sugar being consumed a lot more snacking going on also the amount of soy back in 1995 14 tons of soy consumed and it was non-gmo now it’s actually 70 million tons with the majority of that being imported and it’s most of it’s going to be GMO China actually produces half of the world’s poor and most of the pigs are fed soy so in summary the Chinese are not getting thinner they’re getting fatter and it’s not because of the rice it’s because of the sugar and the refined carbohydrates and this soy products are also contributing to this problem as well if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin?.
If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin?

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Have you ever wondered, “why are Asians slim if they eat rice?” If rice is so bad, and the Asian diet or Chinese diet typically has a lot of rice in it, why are the Chinese skinny?

Well, the Chinese may not actually be as healthy or as skinny as you think.

From 1985 to 2015, there was actually a massive spike of obesity in children. I’m not even talking about overweight kids. I’m talking about actual obesity in China.

Yes, the Chinese once were considered one of the leanest populations in the world. Now, if you look at obesity in China vs. America, there is a lot less of a difference. China is ranked #2 behind the United States for obesity. Yes, the Chinese have always consumed rice. But, the Asian diet has also changed a lot over time.

How the Chinese diet has changed:

• They consume a lot more sugar
• They don’t consume as many vegetables
• They used to consume more fish and seafood
• There are more fried foods now instead of primarily boiled foods
• They don’t consume as many fermented foods
• Western food and beverage companies have helped shape the science and public policy on obesity in China.
• There is a lot more snacking going on
• There is a lot more GMO soy being consumed

The Chinese are not getting thinner. They are actually getting fatter. The obesity situation is not because of rice.

It’s because of:
• Sugar
• Refined carbs
• Soy products

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