9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet

9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet

9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet

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so I’ve spent a lot of time studying why people fall off of diets okay why they start some healthy regimen and then fall off the wagon or why they start meal prepping and then suddenly stop and what I’ve found over the years is that it usually comes down to a few common denominators so I’ve broken down the nine things that in my opinion sabotage your meal prep there’s nothing wrong with meal prep okay some people are opposed to it because they feel like it’s not sustainable some people love it because it gives them something to follow okay but the truth of the matter is is that regardless of what you’re doing these things are going to apply okay whether you like to prep out all of your meals or whether you like to just eat on the run and just on the fly these things are still going to help you out but if you do prep your meals I think you’re gonna get a lot of a lot of benefit Attis so let’s start out then get rocking and rolling hey make sure that you hit that little red subscribe button and then also hit that little bell icon now you can turn on notifications know whenever I go live and all that fun stuff alright so the first one is going to be your preparing too much it sounds wild right you’re preparing too much food and I’m not talking about individual servings I’m talking about you’re preparing for yourself to eat six meals per day okay that involves a lot of Tupperware that involves a lot of food okay the journaled I battle Logica actually published a study okay they took a look at twelve weeks and they did six meals versus two so they had subjects either eat six meals per day or two meals per day eating the exact same amount of calories and they found that at the end of the study the group that ate six meals lost five pounds in the group that ate two meals lost eight so you actually lose more weight eating the same amount of calories but just divide it up into bigger meals so in this case don’t prep so much you can prep two meals per day that’s not that hard to do if you start dividing it up into six meals and you’re weighing this you’re weighing that and we it’s cumbersome it’s a pain in the butt heck I couldn’t keep up with it okay we also found that fasting glucose decrease when fasting glucose decreases we also have a decrease in insulin which means your body is able to start burning fat more so if we eat less frequently you burn more fat so you don’t need to be prepping it doesn’t matter you’re not going to lose muscle you don’t need to prep this much okay number two trying to go fresh all the time I talked to way too many people that spend so much money on fresh organic groceries and they say they sit in my fridge I put them in Tupperware I do anything and they go bad okay well what the heck use supposed to do there so the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published a study that found that frozen vegetables had just as many nutrients as fresh tip so the frozen the frozen food basically going to that freezing process preserves the nutrients quite a bit so what happens is when a vegetable or a fruit is that harvest it’s going to get picked and it’s going to get flash frozen which means it’s going to preserve all the nutrients gonna preserve a lot of the antioxidants it’s not going to get damaged by oxygen through travel and through shipment and all this stuff so frozen actually works out great so prep your food with frozen veggies the only thing that there was less of was riboflavin which I think you can live with a little less riboflavin it’s not a huge deal you can get it from something else okay so frozen you don’t have to go fresh make your life a little bit easier okay number three kind of a generic sounding one but it’s not having time okay hear me out on this people freak out when they have to prep on the weekly basis because not every week is the same as the week before it or after it one week I might have plenty of time to prep all of my food on a Sunday another week I’m like so just bamboozled with all kinds of things that I just don’t have time on Sunday and I’m like forget it I just don’t want to prep right well the thing is prep more on your quiet weeks take advantage of the times when you have just more time available if I have a Sunday where I’m just lazy hanging around I’ll prep for two weeks and guess what freezing your food is fine people think that freezing meat is not good because it doesn’t kill off the bacteria no studies have shown that freezing can kill camp below bacteria which is like the main bacteria that makes us sick for eating eating bad poultry right or eating undercooked poultry it’s the bacteria that grows on chicken a lot it’s probably the it’s the biggest foodborne illness in Canada as a matter of fact so this is a big deal so you can thaw and then refreeze it too and the bacteria is not going to grow as long as you’re following it out properly I recommend thawing it out in the fridge so it’s falling nice and slow room temperature can be a little bit damaging so put it in the fridge let it fall out nice and slow for a couple days you’re good so this is just kind of a just a strategy from a logistic standpoint to make your life a little bit easier so you don’t have to freak out if you know you’ve got a busy week coming up okay another one is going to be falling off the wagon and not getting back on okay let me give you an example you miss a week of meal prep okay so you allow yourself to just go completely off because you don’t have your food prep so you just eat whatever it happens to the best of us has happened to me so many times okay every time I was trying to get structured and someone threw a wrench in it and I couldn’t prep well then I would just eat whatever I wanted that week and I’d go one step forward five steps back it’s just horrible so get yourself something lined up in the way of like emergency meals for those kinds of situations okay whether they’re protein shakes or anything in this particular case I use ample ample is really great just because they’re great with the keto world okay so if you’re doing keto or you’re doing low-carb ample has these pre-made meal replacement drinks that are actually done right so you just add water add almond milk and you’re good to go so they’re blend of powdered fats they take like coconut oil and put it into a powder form they took all these healthy fats and put them into a powder form they also add fibers and they also add pre and probiotics and of course you’ve got your protein in there too and either a vegan formula or a wave formula so this works out really good for keto so I just have a couple of those laying around so that way if I do miss prep I at least I’m set there so I advise you to have something like that as a simple strategy if you guys are interested in trying ampel check them out they’re down in the description below I went ahead and posted a link so that everyone can check them out and also get a special discount if you’re watching this video okay now number five space in the fridge sounds kind of funny right but it’s real so many people will not prep their food because they don’t have space in the fridge and it’s sort of a stimulus response you open the fridge you don’t have room you naturally aren’t going to prep food to put in the fridge I’ve done it myself in fact I won’t go and buy healthy food if I know my fridge is full it’s kind of funny it goes all the way back to our grocery store trips clean out your fridge just clean out your fridge trust me it’ll make prep easier and it won’t feel so convoluted and crazy alright now we move in to kids and family it’s simple get rid of your kids get rid of your husband or wife plain and simple no totally kidding right okay so when it comes down to kids and family obviously this is something that really messes people up they are prepping their food and then their kids want corn dogs or they feel like they’re not eating with the family okay I’ve seen it a lot of times where the wife starts the meal prep and the husband says well wait a minute like I used to miss like I miss having dinners together I used to like this just sitting down as family and eating the same kind of foods it feels like you’re on a whole different planet well there’s a way to fix that okay so you prep the sides for yourself okay so you get all your side dishes prepared for you because the side dishes are the ones that are the problem okay the side dishes you want to be controlled right you want the veggies maybe if you’re not doing keto you want sweet potatoes things like that you want to control those because the side dishes were there be the ones that are those are those totally derail you okay the mashed potatoes and the gravy and all those sides get your sides prep and cook the proteins for the family that way you and hubby or you and wife and kiddos are all eating fresh cooked nice chicken or a steak or salmon and you’re enjoying it as a family but you’ve got your sites prepped that way you’re still living your meal prep strategy where your family’s not having to jump on board with you or you’re not having to alienate yourself being on a different planet or sitting at a different table okay the sides that do the damage the next one is burn out you burn out you’re doing it too much you just get tired of it I want my Sundays back I don’t want to do this I want to hang out with my kids I want to watch TV with my kids a night I want to go for a walk I don’t want to spend three hours slaving over the grill I get it I’ve been there take a week off or take two weeks off but implement intermittent fasting when you do that okay make it easy on yourself I didn’t prep this week forget it I’m gonna fast this week I’m gonna do Monday I’m gonna fast until dinner and you just use the whole week and intermittent fast normally I don’t condone fasting every single day in a row but if you’re doing it for your own sanity do it okay it’s going to keep you just functioning it’s gonna make it so that by the time you get to the weekend you’re recharged you’re ready to go and pick up your prepping again also you’re exercising neuroplasticity whenever you change it up your brain develops new synapses okay it develops new pathways and you think more fresh and you think clearer because you’re developing new pathways so it’s actually good to change it up it’s like taking a different route to work one day number eight you’re packing snacks you’re accounting for prepping snacks when you shouldn’t even be doing that you’re prepping all your food and then you’re going out and you’re buying snacks you’re adding it into your daily regime okay I’ve got meal one I’ve got meal – I’ve got meal three and then I’ve got my snacks between me on and you’re overcomplicating it for something that’s actually friggin sabotaging you okay so when we look at this you’re doing extra work for a diminishing return here’s how it looks as far as a graph goes insulin every time insulin goes up the yellow or the orange line is insulin okay it goes up and it comes down okay glucagon is the hormone that allows fat burning to occur and glucagon goes up when insulin is low and goes down when insulin is high so a fat burning hormone or fat burning cascade starting hormone is up high and then it comes down when we eat with insulin inverse relationship insulin levels come back down and glucagon goes back up and fat burning so every time we eat we have a spike of insulin whether it’s a peanut or a whole you know five course meal okay so we want to make sure that we’re not having a bunch of spikes of insulin because then we’re not getting an opportunity for glucagon to kick into gear so don’t bother having the snacks anyway let alone complicating your meal prep strategy by having them in there just forget it two or three square meals is all you need okay but big one and this is one that I avoided for a long time was avoiding fish I didn’t want to I didn’t want to prep salmon I didn’t want to prep Cod didn’t want to prep good fish even halibut or even you know Chilean sea bass even good expensive fish I didn’t want to prep because I figured it would stink and I didn’t want to upset my wife and I didn’t want to be the guy on the airplane eating Tupperware full of nasty fish right it’s gross so the strategy that I came up with this was diving into a lot of research around the world of some of the canned fish okay can’t fished are a okay we’re talking mackerel sardines even canned salmon honestly when they’re canned they don’t smell as bad as when you reheat them and the canning process does not take away anything if anything it actually preserves a lot of the fish and it preserves it also we’re talking the highest omega-3 content in most of this canned fish mackerel and sardines are like the highest omega-3 content fish that you can find and omega-3s are gonna make it so you’re stimulating protein synthesis so you actually create more muscle mass and ultimately burn more fat by eating fish that are high in omega-3s plus it’s easy to prep you don’t have to cook anything so go ahead and lean on those okay have a pack of sardines a day or have a pack of sardines a couple times per week to give yourself a break save some money from cooking the chicken and cooking the beef but make it so that you’re actually enjoying it and getting a benefit too and remember just do not fall victim to skipping these meals and then just eating something that anything that’s there right that’s so easy to do I didn’t prep so I just dive into this and again that’s exactly where ample comes in so guys if you did watch this video go check them out down in the description they’ve saved my diet so many times anyhow to break it down for you the nine things sabotaging your meal prep thank you very much and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet.
9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet

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9 Things Sabotaging Your Meal Prep and Diet – Thomas DeLauer

1) Preparing Too Many Meals (rebut the 6 whole meals)

Published in the journal Diabetologia, researchers found that eating 2 larger meals a day (breakfast and lunch) is more effective than 6 smaller meals in a reduced-energy regimen (for patients with type 2 diabetes)

2) Trying to go Fresh

Study – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, compared the vitamin content in 8 different fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables – corn, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, green beans, strawberries and blueberries – and found no consistent differences overall between fresh and frozen

The vitamin content was occasionally higher in some frozen foods; frozen broccoli, for example, had more riboflavin (a B vitamin) than fresh broccoli

But frozen peas had less riboflavin than fresh peas; and frozen corn, green beans and blueberries had more vitamin C than their fresh counterparts

The researchers also analyzed the amount of fiber, levels of phenolic compounds (good sources of antioxidants) and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium in the same 8 fruits and vegetables – found no significant differences between the fresh and frozen varieties

3) Thinking You Need Time – Take a week where you DO Have time, and portion out meats, etc and then freeze them

4) Falling off the wagon and not prepping at all that week

5) Not Having Space in the Fridge

6) Kids/Family Throwing Off – Cook Meats or most difficult portions

7) Cooking/Reheating the Wrong Starches (Rs1 and Rs2)

RS1: starch that resists digestion because it’s trapped by intact plant cell walls (in legumes, grains, and seeds) – physically resists digestion because of a protective matrix or coating surrounding the granules

8) You Burn Out – Take a week off and do Fasting for a week

When you switch up your routine you’re exercising your brain’s neuroplasticity – essentially you’re improving your brain’s ability to connect the dots between different thoughts — thus increasing your creativity and problem-solving abilities

Our memory is associative, which means we connect various pieces of information based on their relationship to each other – the more “plastic” our brains become, the more creative thoughts and connections we’re able to have
9) Packing Snacks – Sabotages because EXTRA WORK, Plus Hurts Fat Loss

Whenever you eat food, your pancreas releases insulin into the blood – as the nutrients are slowly absorbed into cells, insulin levels drop, until finally all the nutrients are absorbed, and insulin levels then remain steady at a low, “baseline” level

So when you’re constantly eating, you’re consistently releasing insulin, which puts your body into its “absorptive phase”

10) Naturally Avoiding Fish – Don’t be afraid of Sardines, Mackerel


Sardines provide one of the highest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids and have 740 mg of DHA and 450 mg of EPA in a serving – more than 1000mg of omega 3’s combined (an average 3.75 oz can contains roughly 23g of protein)

Sardines canned in oil will contain more fat than sardines canned in water, so many people eating a high fat low carb diet opt for sardines in olive oil

However, sardines in water are more ideal if you are trying to optimize your omega balance as adding oil also adds omega-6’s

Sardines also contain high levels of selenium, with 87% of your daily needs in one can (3.20 oz)


This is a nutrient that’s a key component of a healthy thyroid gland and it reduces inflammation by inhibiting NF-kB and its activation of interleukin-6 and TNF-alpha production

Mackerel is also a fattier type of fish – 100 g of Atlantic mackerel (the most common type, and safest in terms of mercury) contain approx. 14 g of fat, 0 g carbs, 18.6 g protein and comes at 205 calories – more than 1,000mg of omega 3’s

Note: some types of mackerel have high amounts of mercury (king mackerel has the highest, followed by spanish and gulf) so opt for north atlantic mackerel when possible

It’s very high in vitamin D, and is one of the few food sources of it – 100 g contain 360 IU of it, or 90% of the daily recommended value

T cells rely on vitamin D in order to activate and they would remain dormant, ‘naïve’ to the possibility of threat if vitamin D is lacking in the blood

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