9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine

9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine

9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine

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More specifically, you want help with 9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine?

all right we’re gonna have some fun with this one so I do so many videos I come up with all these like crazy little health hacks in each one of my videos right I come up with different nerdy things that you can do to get the most out of foods so why not compiled them into one super shorty video so you can just have some fun with this stuff and learn something new and if you guys like it I’ll make it a regular series so it can be just fun recaps I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little Bell icon to turn on notification so you always see when I’m posting videos all right let’s rock and roll number one when you cook garlic or when you use garlic chop it up and then let it sit for ten minutes before you do anything with it it’s a super simple hack but what it does is it brings up a lynnae’s activates that enzyme which ultimately converts to Alison and that is the strong anti-cancer component of garlic garlic has serious anti-cancer benefits but you have to activate the Alison so you chop it and then you let it sit for 10 minutes and then you use it it’s that simple okay next up avocado can very easily from a simple macro nutrient standpoint be a substitute for sour cream you mash it up you have a similar macronutrient profile except you’re getting the fiber but more importantly you’re getting the oliel ethanal of mine which is converted from the oleic acid in it which elevates your core body temperature basically it increases uncoupling proteins long story short you’re going to get a fat burning effect out of avocado that you’re not going to get out of sour cream and it tastes super super similar okay next up okay we all know the benefits of turmeric I talk about it all the time right turmeric school yes it’s very very anti-inflammatory it’s comparable to aspirin it’s comparable to ibuprofen that’s been proven in studies but you don’t absorb it and I’m not going to give you the simple black pepper trick because everybody knows that I’m gonna tell you something different if you eat it with radishes you increase the absorption because of the fulvic acid fulvic acid is a safer way to get absorption of turmeric because black pepper can disarm the liver we don’t want to do that all the time okay bio Perrine things like that use fulvic acid you could Google search different forms of fulvic acid but radishes are a very simple form next up calcium inhibits your iron absorption okay so in other words don’t mix meat and dairy if you can avoid it don’t mix you know a bunch of like sour cream on your steak or don’t have a glass of milk with your steak okay instead mix it up but on the same thing you got to remember is calcium also inhibits magnesium ok so calcium is exha Tory which means that it’s going to negate the calming effects of magnesium by the way I do want to mention down below there is a link for thrive market which an online membership based grocery store so if you want like foods that are rich in magnesium foods that are good for hormone optimization just before I forget there’s a link down below I’ve been able to create specific keto bundles fasting bundles all kinds of different grocery boxes with foods that I pick for those given scenarios so that way you just basically are like walking through the grocery store with me so make sure you check out thrive market down below in the description after this video it’s super super cool number five goat cheese is much easier to digest and second place is gonna be sheep and third place is gonna be buffalo mozzarella why because it has a to casein in it that is easier to break down and it doesn’t have a bioactive opioid in it that’s going to make you addicted to it goat cheese all the way that’s why I always put it in my dishes whenever I can number six advanced glycation end-products okay that is like when sugar it’s basically caramelizing inside your body and causing a serious issue we don’t want that and when you cook meats at a high temperature you have a high degree of advanced glycation end-products but quick tip if you literally just marinate your meat in lemon or vinegar for an hour to you cut the amount of advanced glycation in products in half the advanced glycation end-products will cause cellular damage they will trigger a bunch of reactive oxygen species and it’s a very toxic so simply cut it by marinating in some salad dressing that has a vinegar in it it’s that simple number seven cool down after your workout for five minutes and it’s not because of your body it’s because of your brain okay recent studies have shown that your memory of a workout is the strongest with what you do at the end so if you torture yourself on the leg press and you fry your legs and you’re burning and then you leave the gym right after that your fondest memory of the gym is going to be that painful experience so if you just go for a simple cooldown and you feel good and you walk out of the gym with a feeling of satisfaction and feeling good that’s gonna be your most recent better standing memory it’s gonna allow you to go back to the gym easier quick tip number eight don’t dilute your digestive enzymes if you’re gonna drink a bunch of water wait 30 minutes before you eat it makes a big difference in how you actual utilize the nutrients plain and simple lastly it’s goat cheese coming back again goat cheese is high in caprylic acid that’s what gives it the taste caprylic acid is a medium chain triglyceride so if you’re doing the ketogenic diet or you doing a low carb diet and you want your body to create more ketones eat goat cheese that’s your double whammy you get tasty cheese plus you get it to convert in the medium chain triglycerides which convert into ketones easier and voila you have more energy and more fat burning potential so mic drop easy health hacks if you like more of these comment down below and don’t forget to check out thrive market and please don’t forget to Like and subscribe see you soon 

This Post Was All About 9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine.
9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine

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9 Healthy Hacks to Use When We’re out of Quarantine – Thomas DeLauer


This is a simple, short and sweet HEALTH HACK video! I’ve combined some of my favorite HEALTH HACKS that I’ve spoken about on this channel over the years into a nice and concise video! If you like it, LIKE the video and let me know in the COMMENTS if I should do another one!

1) Garlic has anticancer properties that are even recognized by the National Cancer Institute. To optimize the anticancer potential of your garlic, chop or crush your garlic and then wait 10 minutes before cooking with it. Chopping/crushing activates the enzyme alliinase, which makes the anticancer compound, allicin. Allicin levels will peak 10 minutes after chopping/crushing.

2) Avocado can substitute in most recipes for sour cream.

3) Turmeric is the king of health spices, but it’s active compound, curcumin, isn’t very bioavailable. To increase bioavailability more than 2000%, eat it with black pepper.

4) Calcium and iron inhibit each other’s absorptions. Therefore, if you want to get the most nutrients out of your meals, it may be a good idea to not mix milk and meat. Good news if you’re Jewish!

5) Goat’s milk and cheeses are the easiest to digest. Sheep’s and buffalo’s dairy product are second and, if you have a dairy-sensitive stomach, avoid cow’s milk. Only cow’s milk has what’s called A1 casein, which can be converted into the opioid beta-7-casomorphine in your stomach, causing bloating and constipation.

6) Worried about toxic advanced glycation end products (AGEs)? Simply marinate your protein in lemon juice or vinegar prior to cooking. This will inhibit the Millard reaction and cut AGE production by 50%.

7) If you have issues with constipation, try investing in a “Squatty Potty.” When you sit normally on a toilet your “puborectalis muscle” chokes the bowels like a knot in a garden hose, preventing you from going. “Squatty Potty” fixes the problem by simply elevating your legs.

8) Make sure to cool down after a hard workout. Research on surgery subjects shows that the pain you experience at the end of an event (workout or surgery) influences your memory of the even more strongly than the total pain of the event. Therefore, when you cool down, you trick your brain into thinking the workout wasn’t as hard as it might have been and that may help you stay motivated keep making progress.

9) Don’t drink large amount of fluids right before or after meals because they will dilute your digestive enzymes. Leave about 30 – 60 minutes on each side of a meal before drinking.

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