8 Dangerous Signs that Should NEVER Be Ignored

8 Dangerous Signs that Should NEVER Be Ignored

8 Dangerous Signs that Should NEVER Be Ignored

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More specifically, you want help with 8 Dangerous Signs that Should NEVER Be Ignored?

Let's talk about the eight dangerous signs that you should never ignore now before i begin let me just give you a disclaimer now make sure you check with your doctor before implementing the suggestion of checking with your doctor well maybe i don't need a disclaimer in this video .

But anyway if you've been watching my videos uh sometimes you might have got the impression that i'm against medicine or medical doctors that is absolutely not true i respect medical doctors i respect competent medical doctors when i busted my elbow in an accident they took me from a very serious situation where i had .

30 little pieces of bone fragments and put me back together again so i'm able to use my elbow so i highly respect competent medical professionals the challenge i have is with the system in general and just the lack of emphasis on your foods and nutrition it's just not taught in medical school and unfortunately big .

Pharma has too much control over the medical profession in which these drugs can be set up to last only 24 hours and then you got to take another drug and unfortunately it's this kind of setup where the patient is becoming an atm for big pharma but let me just get into the eight dangerous signs that you should .

Never ignore and you should go see your doctor to get more information number one excuse me um a cough now there is acute coughs which only lasts like three weeks and they usually go away by themselves you have sub-acute coughs that could last three to eight weeks okay then you have this chronic .

Cough and the person's like just always clearing their throat and they're coughing for a long period of time usually after eight weeks now if you've tried everything you've tried zinc you tried vitamin d you even tried calcium calcium lactate which is a non-dairy type of calcium .

Which works really good for these chronic coughs and if that still has not resolved the cough then you need to go get it checked out and get more information especially if there's difficulty swallowing if you have a fever if you check and your lymph nodes are still enlarged there's something going on and especially if the cough is .

Getting worse all right number two uh hold on a second let me just make sure you see this oh yeah loss of vision that was my dry sense of humor in one or both eyes that could potentially be a blood clot in the retinal artery okay which could mean various things it could mean that .

You had a tia which means you could have had a mini stroke or a transient ischemic attack now the problem with a mini stroke is that you may be at risk of getting a second stroke in fact if you had a mini stroke there's a 17 chance that you may have another stroke within 90 days so you want to get it checked out anytime you have a stroke .

You want to get to the emergency room as fast as possible so then they can give you a certain medication to thin the blood and prevent any further damage now it could be a brain tumor it could be glaucoma it could be any number of things i remember i had a patient whose husband was coming in with her and he just .

Had the worst diet in the world in fact one day he let me check him out and i had him lay on the table and i was chucking him out and his extremities his arms and his legs completely went dead his extremities just lost feeling and function okay that's a bad circulation problem you would think he would do something about it now he was .

An expert at ignoring these symptoms okay until eventually he came in uh blind well guess what he had diabetes and he didn't do anything about it it didn't change his diet he didn't do anything so now he's blind so a loss of vision could mean something related to diabetes as well .

All right next one drooping or weakness on one side of your body all right now that could either be that you had a stroke or it's an early sign that a stroke is on its way and over seven million people a year die of strokes .

Now there's an acronym uh fast we have f which is face droop okay a arm week s speech difficulty means t time to call an easy way to remember it all right number four let's say you have this changing mole okay .

This mole in your body that is starting to grow okay that means you need to get it checked out because you want to rule out something called a melanoma which is skin cancer now there's another acronym i'm going to show you it's a b c d e okay let's start with a is it asymmetrical so usually with a .

Mole you have a very symmetrical uh shape all right but with melanoma it's usually asymmetrical all right the border around a mole is very smooth and even but the border around a melanoma is very rough it's jagged it has a non-smooth border all right c a melanoma will have different colors okay a mole .

Pretty much stays consistently the same color kind of a brown or darker brown but a melanoma could turn like yellow blue green red so if you see your mole changing then get it checked out okay next one is diameter when you have a melanoma the size of it is usually greater than six millimeters okay that would be the about .

A fourth of an inch or the size of a pencil eraser but if you have a penny it's about a fourth of that because a penny is about i think it's 19 millimeters so it would be one-fourth of a penny so moles are smaller melanomas are larger all right e evolution is it changing is it evolving is it a growing suspect melanoma .

Get it checked now just so you know i did a video on melanomas and i talked about sun you can watch that video i'll put a link down below you know there's a lot of opinions on sun but sun has a lot of great therapeutic benefits but when you're out in the sun too long and you get burnt that's when you can .

Start increasing your risk for certain types of problems with the skin but if you're not letting your skin burn it can be very therapeutic in different ways because sometimes the people are so freaked out they stay in the house all the time to never go out in the sun and they don't realize there's a huge benefit of just being outside all right .

Number five let's say you start getting a frequent and excessive thirst okay you're extremely thirsty just out of the blue your mouth is dry you didn't exercise it's not hot out you're not taking a lot of potassium or an electrolyte and also you're not taking a diuretic but you're extremely thirsty and you .

Have to pee a lot well that could mean that you have diabetes because what's happening is the kidneys are going to dump this excess sugar and wherever the sugar goes the water goes so get it checked check your blood sugars of course if you've been watching my channel you probably are not going to .

Have this because you've been implementing all these wonderful ideas about going on a ketogenic diet and doing intermittent fasting so this is really about you know your friends and family that might have this symptom just because i've heard stories about people having super high levels of blood sugars but not knowing it and then having all .

These symptoms i mean you can literally go into a coma if your blood sugars are too high so you won't have to worry about that if you keep your carbs on the low side okay number six resting tremors okay now that can happen .

Because you're tired it can happen because you haven't slept that well it can happen right after exercise but it could also potentially be the early signs of parkinson's disease okay so if you start noticing a resting tremor and your gait is slowed down and you become very very stiff and rigid and you have a masked face where your face it looks .

Very very serious or very depressed yet you're not depressed or serious that could be early signs of parkinson's but also it could be that you have what's called metabolic alkalosis so your ph your blood ph is on the alkaline side okay tremors is one of the symptoms and so if you also have like tetany like .

Twitching or muscle cramps it just could be a ph problem so it's just something good to get checked out all right number seven some changes in the breast tissue so let's say you're female and you notice a lump in the breast or in your armpit you might want to get that checked out because that could be the early signs of .

A tumor but here's the thing there's a thing called fibrocystic breast okay where there's a cyst developing in the breast tissue and it's not necessarily cancer but it is a cyst which is different so i just want to mention this because the most powerful remedy for that it .

Seems to work like nearly 100 of the time is seek help okay because the iodine in seek help helps to modulate or control estrogen dominance in the body and so it really dramatically will get rid of .

Ovarian cysts and cysts in the breast tissue so if you do have some lump and you take sea kelp and it doesn't go away get it checked out last one let's say you have blood in the stool okay you don't want to ignore that but realize it could be a hemorrhoid it .

Could be some ulcer in your large intestine let's see you have some type of inflammation and in your large intestine or even your small intestine that can create blood in the stool or let's not rule out that you just had some beets that can make your stool red or it could be colorectal cancer and so .

It's very good to know about this as early as possible so you can do something about it so the point of this video is not to ignore your body's communication to you but to get more data in your evaluation so you can have knowledge and do something about it now if you .

Haven't seen my video on how to get so healthy that you can prevent and avoid all these things right here i put it right here check it out you

This Post Was All About 8 Dangerous Signs that Should NEVER Be Ignored.
8 Dangerous Signs that Should NEVER Be Ignored

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Learn about these eight dangerous signs that you should seek medical attention right away.

Does the Sun Cause or Prevent Melanomas?
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1:22 1. Chronic cough
2:14 2. Loss of vision
3:55 3. Drooping/weakness on one side
4:29 4. Changing moles
6:37 5. Frequent and excessive thirst
7:48 6. Tremors while resting
8:44 7. Changes in breasts
9:45 8. Blood in stool
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In this video, we’re going to talk about the 8 dangerous signs that you should never ignore.

Never ignore these 8 dangerous signs—ALWAYS see your doctor or head to the emergency room:

1. Chronic cough
If zinc, vitamin D, and calcium do not help resolve a cough within a few weeks, there could be a more serious problem—especially if you experience difficulty swallowing, a fever, swollen lymph nodes, or worsening symptoms.

2. Loss of vision
This could be a sign of a blood clot, diabetes, or another serious issue.

3. Drooping/weakness on one side
This is a tell-tale sign of stroke. Use this acronym:
F – Face drooping
A – Arm weakness
S – Speech difficulty
T – Time to call 911

4. Changing moles
Moles that grow or change shape or color could be melanomas. Use this acronym to tell the signs of melanoma:
A – Asymmetrical
B – Border (melanomas often don’t have smooth or rounded borders)
C – Colors (melanomas can change colors)
D – Diameter (melanomas are often greater than 6mm, or a pencil eraser)
E – Evolution (melanomas change, grow, or evolve)

5. Frequent and excessive thirst
If you experience extreme thirst and dry mouth without exercise, being hot, or taking potassium or diuretics, this could be a sign of diabetes.

6. Tremors while resting
This could be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease.

7. Changes in breasts
Changes in your breast tissue, such as lumps, can be a sign of breast cancer.

8. Blood in stool
This could be a sign of hemorrhoids, ulcers, or colorectal cancer. Keep in mind that beets can make your stool red and appear bloody.


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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain the 8 warning signs you should never ignore (go see your doctor!). I’ll see you in the next video.

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