7 Weird Signs of a Zinc Deficiency

7 Weird Signs of a Zinc Deficiency

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so today we’re going to talk about zinc okay in the seven weird signs of a zinc deficiency zinc is a trace mineral which is different than a mineral and all that means is you need trace amounts very small amounts something usually below a hundred milligrams but you still need it it’s very very essential most people when they think of a zinc deficiency they may think of acne because of all the acne creams have zinc in it or maybe for sunburn to protect you against the UV light but it’s also involved with the loss of taste and smell slow wound healing hypogonadism which means that your testicles are smaller and you’re not producing testosterone it can come from a zinc deficiency arthritis any inflammatory condition could be a zinc deficiency but I want to talk about the seven kind of strange symptoms that maybe you’ve never heard about stretch marks could be a zinc deficiency poor hair and nail growth the white spots on your nails that could be a zinc deficiency which is interesting because if you see it right in the center and your nail it’s a grows every six months and it’s right in the center we pretty much know about three months ago you consumed a lot of carbohydrates you may have had a birthday party and you ate the whole cake because that sugar will pull zinc out and it leaves the little white spots number for high blood pressure could be related to a zinc deficiency cold extremities dwarfism hearing loss as you’re getting older could be a zinc deficiency so you could be zinc deficient not necessarily from not eating a certain amount of food left by eating the wrong foods processed foods refined foods especially we’re fine grains deplete your zinc whole grains will deplete your zinc because they have something called phytate in the fiber which actually binds with the zinc and you can’t absorb it cooking will dissolve the zinc and it goes out through the water refined sugar will actually block the absorption zinc stress will deplete your zinc liver damage like in fatty liver liver that’s has cirrhosis will block the absorption of zinc colon damage diverticulitis irritable syndrome things like that can block your absorption of zinc so the core essence of what zinc does it’s a coenzyme for many many things in the body okay many chemical reactions what does that mean coenzyme it means that it’s an essential element that makes the enzyme work and without it it’s not gonna work the enzymes do the work of the body so you can look at zinc as an essential thing that allows something to happen either approaching to be made or DNA to be synthesized or created it helps make DNA as you can see there’s so many different bad effects that can occur if you don’t have enough zinc the three primary areas that it’ll effect would be skin a lot of different skin issues immune system think about when you start getting run down or cold usually the cold remedies out there have zinc in them especially as a preventive action also the lining of your intestines alright how do you get zinc well seafood especially oysters okay high in zinc seaweed a very good source of zinc plant basic fish in general liver like grass-fed liver meats animal products veggies have some and nuts have some as well but you also want to avoid the things that deplete the zinc now lastly there’s a really cool test that you can get it’s called a zinc test and what you do is you put a little bit of zinc on your tongue and if you taste nothing that means you’re deficient in zinc okay but if you can taste a very strong metallic taste that means you have enough zinc so it’s a very simple test I’ll put a couple links down below of different brands that you might want to check out but it’s a very simple way to do a quick test to see if your zinc deficient alright I’ll see in the next video I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching my videos I really appreciate it and if you wouldn’t mind giving me a review I put a link down below

This Post Was All About 7 Weird Signs of a Zinc Deficiency.
7 Weird Signs of a Zinc Deficiency

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about zinc and the 7 weird signs of a zinc deficiency. You can be zinc deficient not necessarily from not eating a certain amount of food but by eating the wrong foods.
1. Stretch marks
2. Poor hair / Nail growth
3. White spots – nails
4. High blood pressure
5. Cold extremities
6. Dwarfism
7. Hearing loss – aging

Causes of Zinc Deficiency
• Processed Grains
• Whole Grains (Phytates)
• Cooking
• Sugar
• Stress
• Liver / Colon Damage

Functions of Zinc
1. Coenzyme
2. Makes DNA
3. Repair DNA
4. 3 Primary Areas: Skin, Immune System, Lining – Intestine

Best Source of Zinc
• Sea Food
• Sea Weed
• Fish
• Liver
• Meat
• Veggies
• Nuts

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