7 Supplements People Doing Keto Should Consider Using

7 Supplements People Doing Keto Should Consider Using

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is it just me or does it seem like everyone and their brother has a different keto supplement out there right now it’s like they’re riding the keto bandwagon they know kiitos hot so yeah let’s create a supplement and try to market it to people I get it okay but the fact is with keto there’s only a few key things that you really need you should be getting adequate nutrients from the food that you’re eating if you’re doing keto right so this video is all about the basics I’m gonna give you seven key supplements that I think that anyone doing the ketogenic diet should be taking in and they’re moreso vitamins and minerals not even really supplements now of course you can expand and add a pond and you can add supplements I’m not saying that supplements are bad I just want to give you the core that you should be paying attention to and if the supplements that you use actually have these in them then more power to you but let’s break them down okay I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications you’re always locked in to my channel with new videos every single day all right number one and this is in no particular order magnesium magnesium is one of my favorite supplements out there in the universe simply because it is involved in over 300 different enzymatic processes within the body show me another mineral that is that powerful now all minerals are important but magnesium is like the epicenter for energy okay in order to just produce energy I didn’t seen triphosphate it’s technically bound to magnesium so magnesium adenosine triphosphate without magnesium we can’t even produce energy and when you’re on a ketogenic diet because you have low levels of insulin your kidneys expel water what that means is you’re losing electrolytes you’re losing minerals along with it so I recommend taking in between six hundred to a thousand milligrams of magnesium throughout the day now I recommend spacing it out if you can but also get like a chelated form if you can you can just research different chelated form so that means it’s gonna digest a little bit slower it’s not just gonna run right through you literally because magnesium will do that so the thing that’s the most important to me is that magnesium sort of cancels out calcium I’m not anti calcium but calcium belongs in the bones it doesn’t belong in the blood okay calcium is what is called exit Ori it is it triggers for lack of a better word anxiety okay it is high energy whereas magnesium is relaxing so when you look at a cell usually you have magnesium that sits on the edge of a cell acting as a gatekeeper to keep calcium and energy out to keep that extra energy out well if you’re deficient in magnesium all the calcium in the world can come on into a cell and trigger it and make you anxious okay I’m not trying to classify your diagnosis anything but the point is is that magnesium could contribute to a more calm mood which is something you definitely want when you’re on keto so anyhow that’s a very very important mineral which leads me to the next one vitamin k2 you know vitamin k2 I recommend getting usually in the ballpark of 300 micrograms again I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you exactly what to take this is a general recommendation based on what I would take okay now vitamin k2 you’re not going to find in food very few very few foods have it in fact firm into NATO from like Japanese cuisine is just about the only way that you’re gonna find it not everyone wants to eat that so it comes from a fermentation process now when we go back in time we look at Paleolithic era they probably had higher levels of k2 because they were more active and therefore had specific gut bacteria that would actually ferment and create k2 this day and age we’re not getting vitamin k2 in fact there’s a study that’s published in Nature Medicine in 2019 that found that runners people that were avid runners had higher levels of a specific bacteria that would create vitamin k2 within their body so we do have some proof within the pudding that activity generates a specific kind of bacteria which generates vitamin k2 so if we are lacking that gut bacteria we’re not gonna get vitamin k2 and I would argue that most people are not getting enough k2 from their diet or through the fermentation process within their body so vitamin k2 couples along with magnesium because vitamin k2 gets the calcium out of the blood and into the bones where we want it now if you’re concerned about heart health and cardiovascular health on a ketogenic diet you should be paying extra attention to this because it’s calcium in your arteries that can trigger an issue it’s calcium in your arteries that can mess up your heart we want that calcium out of the blood into the bones for a lot of different reasons now additionally it’s been found that vitamin k2 can help with insulin sensitivity essentially for lack of a better way of saying it it makes it so that the food that you eat actually gets into your cells a little bit better you also want to make sure when you’re shopping for any kind of k2 that you get the mk7 form mk7 has a longer half-life so it lasts in your body a little bit longer but also when it goes to the tissues it’s gonna break down into the mk4 form so no sense in buying it in mk4 form when you can get it in mk7 which is about the same price and it’s still gonna break down to MK 4 in your cells anyway so that’s just a word to the wise okay the next one we got to talk about is one that you probably can get in lots of different supplements and that’s collagen and people think that collagen is just over marketed and to some degree it is but it’s very very important and it’s important that you try to get some vitamin C along with your collagen now the reason that I say collagen is important is because there are multiple studies that show that it does help with joint pain for a multitude of different reasons collagen is really complicated stuff the amino acid profile and the matrix and the different scaffolding that we create within ourselves and within our bones and with our muscles is very complex so we do need that collagen and there’s nothing in Quito that makes you necessarily deplete your collagen stores more but one thing that I’ve noticed happens and this is my own experience – is that with keto you lose muscle glycogen so you lose some contractile force to the muscle that’s on the tendons and on the joint so a lot of times people find their joints dry out and they get a little bit more joint pain well a study that was published in the current medical and research opinion Journal found that interestingly enough just 10 grams of collagen per day over the course of 24 weeks resulted in significantly lower levels of pain as marked by athlete scales and doctor scales okay so all markers of pain had gone away this means at rest it means while walking it means while working out so for one reason or another collagen does contribute to boosting our overall I don’t know lack of joint pain I should say if you’re looking for a good collagen one that I do generally recommend is perfect keto and I’ve put a link down below just because I recommend them all the time it’s just super bioavailable I’m a big fan of it it tastes good I mix it into my protein shakes I mix it with a lot of different things plus since I do a lot of work with them and they sponsor a good number of content for me I want to make sure that I extend the special discount that I would get so there’s a link down below so after you watch this video you can check out perfect kiddos college and get it in chocolate it’s salted caramel anyhow you’d have a little bit of fun with it I’m not trying to push a product heavily on you it’s just the one that I generally use alright now let’s go ahead and let’s move into the next one which is chlorella okay chlorella is one that’s overlooked we think chlorella is just kind of like oh I just want to get my greens in I want to be kind of a no hippie dippie person well chlorella is powerful on keto because it binds to heavy metals now here’s the thing if you’re doing keto you should be trying to consume a good amount of fish now consuming fish comes with a caveat right mercury levels heavy metal it is very important that you take in just a good amount of chlorella I usually would say like between 1 and 3 grams of chlorella a day is gonna be solid for you it’s really interesting though because it’s gonna bind heavy metals but also boost that insulin sensitivity again it’s a really powerful stuff there but it’s really good for your gut microbiota when you’re doing keto your gut changes your gut microbiome changes think about it you’re radically changing what you would normally eat so of course your gut biome is gonna change you have to take care of those little buddies inside your gut ok those guys do a lot way more than we even know in the research world so it’s been shown that we can support our gut microbiota by taking lean chlorella and there’s a really cool study for those of you that might have a drink every now and then a Japanese study that found that taking just a little bit of chlorella taking four to six grams of chlorella along with you know whenever you’re drinking might actually reduce hangovers in fact they found that 96% ended up having less hangovers when they took chlorella so that’s pretty powerful right then and there but honestly if you’re new in keto should probably keep it clean anyway all right then we have vitamin d3 so in the perfect world you’re getting vitamin D when you’re out in the Sun but we’re not out in the Sun that much we’re probably not living close to the equator if you’re watching this video and quite frankly we’re just not getting enough vitamin D from our diet either so if you’re consuming a lot of fish things like that then maybe are getting enough but I recommend getting 2,000 to 6,000 IU’s of vitamin D per day again I’m not a doctor this is just my recommendation based on what I’ve seen for me okay vitamin D is not only good for helping you absorb calcium from your food okay that’s like the old theory right okay let’s put vitamin D and fortify the milk so you can absorb the calcium okay come on that’s really like barely the tip of the iceberg and moved the world of vitamin D can actually do for you so what’s interesting is the Journal of diabetes published a study that found that vitamin d3 activates the pair of an tick Euler nucleus basically making it so that our glucose tolerance improves and so that we end up basically having less of an appetite so that pair of ventricular nucleus is responsible for how we metabolize and handling sugar but also of course our appetite so it’s interesting because in rats in this particular study they found that there was a thirty percent weight loss over the course of 30 days just by adding vitamin D into the mix does that mean that you’re gonna lose thirty percent of your body weight in 30 days no these are mice but the point is by acting upon that pair of ventricular nucleus it was able to change how much the mice would eat in a free feeding environment that’s a really cool stuff and it shows us that hey maybe vitamin D has a lot more links or overall waistline than we think it’s not just about healthy bones okay nobody gets excited about healthy bones until they’re already having osteoporosis anyway I know I personally don’t care but I still pay attention to it right okay I want to get you excited about vitamin D the best way to get you excited about that is to encourage all the benefits as far as your waistline goes and there are a lot of them okay two more that I want to end with that are very critical and I sound like broken records and I talk about them you must absolutely must be getting in a good amount of fish oil or omega-3s however you possibly can okay if you are vegan or vegetarian I recommend alcohol because you get the actual real DHA form you are not going to get omega-3 is from the alpha linoleic acid out of flax and chia to the degree that you really need them on a ketogenic diet you need that dhoka so hexanoic and the excess of pentanoic these are very important if you are not vegan or vegetarian I recommend a still algal oil or a good-quality small fish oil like anchovy or even better yet if you want to go krill oil because it’s got a form of DHA called a lie so DHA which gets into the brain a little bit more which again if you’re doing keto you get all the brain benefits so why is the omega-3 so important to us you’re eating a lot of fats on keto right which means you’re probably consuming a lot of canola oil you’re probably consuming a lot of grain fed meats you probably consuming a lot of all these other just oils that are inflammatory omega-6 fats right we’re supposed to have a 1 to 1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 so think about this way if you’re consuming a bunch more in the way of omega-6 is it’s exceptionally hard to balance that with a good amount of omega-3s like how do you do it right you more or less have to have it in a concentrated form simply because that’s the only way that you could get it cost rated enough to counteract all the omega sixes that are probably coming in it’s all about inflammation modulation and helping the body get more protein synthesis and getting the brain benefit and the overall just anti-inflammatory effect the ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory in and of itself so why not add the anti-inflammatory components of the omega-3s and not go backwards by consuming a bunch of omega sixes which to the next anti-inflammatory piece which is curcumin which is probably one of the most widely studied supplements and widely studied spices with over 1,800 different peer-reviewed journals that have been published surrounding the world of curcumin okay why is curcumin so powerful well let’s just pick one study out of the blue there was a 2019 meta-analysis which means they took a look at a bunch of different studies that found that overall curcumin strongly encouraged the improvement of anxiety and depression symptoms I don’t know about you but I deal with anxiety and anxiety sucks and if you’re on keto sometimes you have a tendency to get a little bit more anxious it’s different catecholamines an adrenalin that gets going it’s all part of the fat burning process which is great but it can lead you to be anxious and sometimes not sleep so curcumin seems to have an effect on this and it probably has to do with the modulation of nuclear factor Kappa B and the nlrp3 inflammasome those of you that are science nerds know that those are sort of high up on the food chain in terms of the hierarchy of inflammation within our body that inflammatory response what’s interesting is that the ketogenic diet naturally suppresses nlrp3 inflammasome and the nuclear factor kappa be set up but if we look at how curcumin affects that it possibly goes at it from a different angle so I usually recommend taking realistically probably one and a half to two grams of curcumin per day okay that’s going to help you out immensely you can sprinkle that on throughout the day or you can just have it in one sitting the point is is these are the core supplements could I find more could I tell you that other supplements are gonna be beneficial do I have supplements that are on the market do I work with other supplement coming yes of course I do but I also want to give you the pinnacle that you need the bare minimum to make sure that you can do this for a long long time so everything I talked about you can find on Amazon you don’t have to do anything crazy I just encourage you if you are gonna get the collagen you might as well go through my link because you’re gonna save a bunch of money that way anyhow as always keep it locked in here my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About 7 Supplements People Doing Keto Should Consider Using.
7 Supplements People Doing Keto Should Consider Using

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7 Supplements People Doing Keto Should Consider Using – Thomas DeLauer

The market is FLOODED with “Keto” labeled supplements and as we get deeper into the year, approaching summer, there’s only going to be more that hit the shelves. In reality, you really only need a few key things to make sure you are getting the most out of keto…but these key supplements can make a world of difference! So let’s dive into the science and I’ll see you in the comments!

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