7 Sneaky Viral Strategies that Hack Your Immune System

7 Sneaky Viral Strategies that Hack Your Immune System

7 Sneaky Viral Strategies that Hack Your Immune System

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let’s talk about the seven sneaky viral
strategies now these viruses are very very devious and a virus is much smaller
than a bacteria now are they alive not really are they dead not really it’s
one of those things where you have this this little sack with this tiny little
copy machine in here it’s like a genetic copy machine that has the
ability to copy itself over and over and over but it could only do that if it
invades your cells into the nucleus of the cell and then leech onto it and suck
the life out of your cell and then replicate that way certain cells that
don’t have the DNA they can’t really do anything like your red blood cells for
example so that’s what they do and they start reproducing and create a lot of
damage within your immune system because your immune system sees this foreign
invader now and it creates inflammation and it starts to create collateral
damage alright so number one viruses can infect your own immune cells the B and T
cells the monocytes and even your thymus and viral specific t-cells the thymus is
right above the heart and it’s a gland that help it’s like the training camp
for your white blood cells so it trains your white blood cells to defend against
pathogens so these little guys can invade the thymus and other immune cells
now what happens now is that virus kind of becomes part of your cell and it’s
viewed as your own cell by your own immune system so that’s one sneaky way
it goes underneath the radar and it doesn’t get detected all right number
four viruses have the ability to escape antibody response so think about this a
virus the shell of a virus has a little protein on it and it’s like a little
flag that your immune system can see and tag and go after right well these little
special proteins or little flags can be hidden by the virus so our own immune
system cannot find them and so you have this delayed immune response until after
the infection has set in very very sneaky all right here’s another scenario
number five you can have two viruses invade one cell and then what they do is
they work together to rearrange those proteins on the outside of the cell so
they can escaped attack from our own immune system all right number six
escaping what’s called cytokines which are signaling molecules for the immune
system they’re involved in inflammatory responses and viruses can sometimes
escape these little guys right here so there’s no inflammation there’s nothing
for your immune system to indicate that it is a virus there all right number seven
certain viruses can downgrade vitamin D receptors what does that mean
it means that it blocks your ability to absorb vitamin D and vitamin D is
intimately involved in controlling your immune system so without vitamin D
you’re going to be more susceptible to viruses and you don’t have that
protection anymore so viruses have one strategy of suppressing the immune
system by blocking vitamin D this is why you see so many diseases involved with the associated low vitamin D condition well that’s probably because there’s a
virus involved in that disease and if you haven’t seen my video on how to
bulletproof your immune system I put it up right here check it out 

This Post Was All About 7 Sneaky Viral Strategies that Hack Your Immune System.
7 Sneaky Viral Strategies that Hack Your Immune System

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These viral strategies may surprise you. Check this out. 


0:09 How viruses work
0:53 Virus and immune system 
1:06 7 viral strategies 

Today I want to cover 7 sneaky viral strategies. Viruses are very devious. They are much smaller than bacteria. Viruses are not really alive, but they also aren’t dead. 

A virus is like a small sack that has a genetic copy machine, and it has the ability to copy itself over and over. But, it can only do that if it invades your cells. It leeches on to the cell, sucks the life out of it, and replicates. However, certain cells, like your red blood cells, don’t have DNA, so the virus can’t leech on to them. 

Once they start to replicate, they begin to create a lot of damage within the immune system. The immune system sees this foreign invader and creates a lot of inflammation and more collateral damage. 

7 sneaky viral strategies:

1. Viruses can infect your B and T cells
2. Viruses can infect your monocytes 
3. Viruses can infect your thymus 
4. Viruses can escape the antibody response 
5. 2 viruses can invade one cell and escape the attack from the immune system
6. Viruses can escape cytokines 
7. Certain viruses can downgrade vitamin D receptors 

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